The Benefits of Door to Door Luggage Shipping Services

Whether you’re planning a skiing trip to Switzerland, a hiking trip in France, a golf trip in Italy or heading out on the high seas on a cruise ship, you can have your luggage shipped to your destination by using a door to door luggage shipping service. When you go on vacation instead of taking your luggage and suitcases to the airport, have them delivered to your destination and hotel where they will be waiting for you upon arrival. This has many extended benefits and can free-up more time to deal with other important travel plans, not to mention, it’s easier on the wallet. 

Benefits of Door to Door Luggage Shipping 

Time Saved: Shipping your luggage forward will save a considerable amount of time and a few Excedrin’s for those headaches caused by stressful situations. Going on vacation is meant to be enjoyable and it only gets worse when you factor in the children and their luggage. Getting around on a mini-bus or taxi after your flight, means taking your luggage with you everywhere you go. This is such a major inconvenience, especially if you’re traveling with a family of four or more. 

Lost Luggage: How many times have people stood at airport carousels and waited for their luggage to show up. They stand there in anticipation, praying their luggage shows up, isn’t damaged or worst yet, stolen. Over 29 million people lose their luggage or have it stolen on a yearly basis, and this is where you can be guaranteed that you will not be a statistic in next year’s projections by using a door to door luggage shipping service. Not having your luggage while on vacation is a total nightmare and it’s not the kind of vacation you deserve. 

Baggage Fees: Domestic and international airlines companies are killing it with the constant increases in baggage fees and checked luggage. There used to be a day where you could simply buy a plane ticket, tag your luggage, take your carry-on luggage onboard, and be on your way. Well, that certainly isn’t the case in 2018, it is now a cash crop for airlines and the expense is carried over to the passengers. 

Now, let’s factor in weight restrictions that most airlines impose. A lot of travelers leave behind items they wish they could have taken with them. Have you ever paid to ship a set of golf clubs in the caddy or a mountain bike on an airline? The cost is ridiculous and there is a chance that it could get damaged. 

Erase the Stress From Your Vacation 

When you use a door to door luggage shipping company, all of these worries are washed away and you can enjoy your long-awaited vacation. Most reputable luggage shipping companies will guarantee on-time delivery and provide coverage for your package plus $500 as an added benefit if your luggage doesn’t show up at its destination on time. The bottom line is this, the cost of shipping your luggage on an airline is expensive and there’s no guarantee it will show up. Shipping your luggage with a door to door shipping company will save you money, time, and a ton of stress.