How and why to use online pay stub makers

The pay stubs are an essential part of the paycheck as it allows the employee to understand their drawable salary and also makes them aware of their deductibles and benefits. Also, these are helpful in identifying any payroll errors and resolving confusion between parties. However, these paystubs aren’t a one time thing, rather based upon the pay frequency of an organization these are to be generated with each paycheck. Hence, if you are an employer, you would need a reliable paystub generator to help you with the task.

While the very big organizations can afford to invest in sophisticated payroll systems, for small-scale businesses this wouldn’t be a logical step. So, there are a number of online paystub makers that can help these businesses.

Let’s talk about the benefits of using an online paystub portal

  1. Hassle free stub generation
    Designing a paystub template is one of the most time-consuming process and one needs to spend a significant effort in looking into legal regulations and design specifications. Many online portals have predefined templates to choose as per one’s requirement and all you need is to feed in the details and you would have your paystubs prepared in no time. Also, if you need some cosmetic changes, it can be done pretty easily.
  2. Cost saving
    The greatest benefit of using an online tool is the massive cost savings. You wouldn’t have to burn your money on appointing professionals to perform financial calculations and setting up your own payslip generation system. One can easily subscribe for the online tools at an affordable price.
  3. Easy management
    There are too many calculations involved with a paystub like YTD calculations, deduction estimates, gross pay computations based on employment terms and rates etc. Online tools provide you with an easy escape and do the heavy lifting themselves, hence making it a seamless process for you. Also, you can keep a record of the generated paystubs and send out then generated documents to the recipients.

How to use an online paystub maker?

Using an online paystub tool can be way easier than using a custom made tool and it comes with a variety of exciting features. Though every tool might differ a little, the basic steps remain the same.

  1. For most online portals, you start by picking a template followed by entries the generic details like company name, address etc. This would also allow the tool to choose the appropriate legal regulations and state specific deductions for the specified location. For the free ones, you might not get an option to choose a template of your liking.
  2. Next comes the employment details which include the basic employee information, the pay cycle for the paystub, pay frequency, rates etc. and the generator will perform all necessary computations – for taxes, benefits and other deductions.
  3. If you have any additional list items, you can add to the generated preview. Followed by downloading, printing or emailing the generated paystub.

If you are looking for an economical and easy to use online pay stub generator for your employees, use Check Stub Maker and simplify this tedious task for yourself.