How to Prepare Your iPhone for the IOS Upgrade?

The people who are using iPhone they can update the latest version of the mobile operating system for your device. Before you upgrade your device you need to backup your device. Here below you can get how to prepare your iPhone for the iOS upgrade. The first you need to check is your phone compatible with latest iOS version. With the help of CompareRaja, you can compare the price of mobiles. In July 2012 this site was established and it is leading price comparison site in India.

Delete apps and clean up photos

The iOS is the best to update on your device to perform well. It not only free up some storage space but also used to remove some unwanted apps which have been on your screen. To upgrade iOS to the device you need to delete apps. After deleting unwanted apps then go through the photos app and deleted the photos and videos. Or else you can save your photos and videos on the computer or laptop.

Update your apps

Then you need to update the apps on your device to run iOS version without any problem. You can open the App Store app, and then in the right corner click on the Updates button and tap the entire Update All button. If you need to turn on automatic app updates, go to the settings > iTunes and App store and tap the Updates in the Automatic Downloads section

Back it up

Backing up on your device is a most important step before you perform a major iOS update. You have two options to back up i.e. iCloud or iTunes. So below you can get a guide to backing up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud. After back up your device newly backed up with unwanted your photos and videos documents and apps removed. After this, your device is upgraded to iOS. You are able to update to iOS directly from your device through

Settings > General > Software Update or iTunes.

Update your device using iTunes

On your iOS device, if you can’t update wirelessly, you can update yourself by using iTunes on a phone which you trust. If your phone is using Personal Hotspot on the iOS device which you’re updating, connect your phone to a different Ethernet network or Wi-Fi before you update your device. If you want to upgrade your device CompareRaja is the best place.