Does Google AdWords Certification Really Matter?

If you want to make your presence felt in the current and the upcoming world; the Internet is a weapon that you must have in your arsenal because for reaching out to the entire world; you need to be online. Whether you are selling products, services or writing content, online advertising is the best medium to attract traffic to your website. In the kingdom of paid advertising, undoubtedly, Google AdWords sits on the throne.

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What exactly is Google AdWords Certification?

Basically, in common terms, AdWords Certification is an official test conducted by Google for checking your manageability for AdWords. Your knowledge and cognition of Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing along with awareness regarding best methods and practices in the Pay per Click field is tested. It is necessary to pass minimum two tests for achieving the required certification. You need to make sure that you achieve a minimum of 80% to get passed. Google provides you enough resources to pass the tests with flying colors. Before you go ahead and give the exam you need to take a complete overview of Google AdWords certification.

Is Google AdWords Certification Worth It?

Perhaps, the first question which might come to your mind is that whether Google AdWords Certification is essential or not. Following are some fantastic points which will answer this question for you.

  • Gain a Personal Identity

Post completing the test with flying colors; you will get a Google accreditation. Moreover, if you own a marketing firm, you will receive a Google Partner badge which you can flaunt on your website or blog. Google, undoubtedly, is one of the most trusted brands all over the world. There is none compared to Google in terms of popularity, recognition, and credibility and once you get Google AdWords certified you get to enjoy all three for your website or blog. People will lay down their trust in you.

  • Great for Beginners to Get Good Knowledge

If you are just beginning out in the field of PPC; you, definitely, need to go for the Google AdWords Certification to get some great knowledge and skills in the relative field. Not only the beginners; even if you are already working in PPC field; getting certified for Google AdWords will give you new ways to implement your skills.

  • You will always stay updated

Google AdWords Certification is not just once in a lifetime. Instead, you need to train yourself after every one year, in order to stay up to date with the latest trends and practices. This will help you employ the best of methods in your PPC campaigns.

  • Experience becomes secondary

If one person has a good experience in PPC but doesn’t have an AdWords Certification he/she is most likely to be rejected by the employers when he/she attends a job interview. However, if you don’t have much experience but are in possession of Google AdWords Certification your prospects of getting hired for the job increase drastically. Some employers won’t even look at the CV if the CV holder doesn’t have AdWords certification.

Moreover, Google always aids and assists the advertisers to search a certified AdWords professional. Hence, if you are AdWords Certified; Google can recommend advertisers your name in the list too, provided you meet the budget criteria of the concerned advertiser. Hence, you always stand a good chance to make some bucks.

  • Easy, Quick & Free

Provided you go through the resources provided by Google properly; the AdWords test is pretty easy to crack. It is quite speedy too as you only require to shell out two days out of your life to give and complete the test. Google AdWords Certification Test is completely free. Google doesn’t charge anything from the people who desire to give the test. Hence, you don’t even need to look at your budget if you are thinking to give the AdWords test.

Are there any negative aspects of Google AdWords Certification Test?

Along with the above-mentioned positive points, there are certain negative aspects too in regard to the AdWords Certification Test.

  • Cheating is completely possible

This is the biggest negative of the AdWords test. If you wish you can easily open another laptop and use Google for answers. Moreover, you can happily open the Google Support Page in the same browser and comfortably look for answers. The only thing that you need to remember is that you have only 120 minutes to complete the exam.

Nobody is saying that you will cheat, but people around you might use the course of cheating. This way there is no value to the grade which you achieved with your hard work as the same grade is achieved by some other person who cheated for clearing the exam.

  • You get to know only the basics

Being AdWords certified, doesn’t mean that you have become the king of PPC marketing. You will just know the basics. You will be having a good foundation upon which, if you work hard, you can construct a great building of success. Many of the skills you will actually learn when you actively start doing PPC advertising. It is just like knowing the things theoretically without any practical knowledge of the subject.


Upon observing the above negative aspects; it can be safely said that the disadvantages don’t really matter in front of the list of advantages of obtaining a Google AdWords Certification. So, if you are a beginner the AdWords Certification is must for you in order to build the basic foundation of PPC field; and if you are a professional, with good experience in PPC campaigns; then also, if you go for an AdWords certification you will get to know the latest PPC practices. Moreover, since it is required to give the exam every year; this retraining helps to stay up to date with the latest trends which hold a considerable importance both for a beginner as well as a professional.  Last, but not the least, it feels wonderful in ourselves when we have the AdWords certification and the partner badge.