5 SEO Tips to Start The Year 2018

Every year, the way the internet works keeps changing. The way the search engines crawl a website has changed. Algorithms are updated. Even the how people surf the web changes.

As a business or a content marketer, you have to arm yourself with the latest SEO updates. In this article, we have outlined the SEO Tips for this year 2018.

1. Installing Google’s AMP is a must

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a project backed by Google and designed to help your pages load faster on mobile phones. It is Google’s initiative to create user-friendly web pages. As most of the internet searches are from mobile devices, Google introduced the AMP as somewhat a lighter and simpler HTML version. Pages with the AMP installed have shown a quicker loading time on mobile devices compared to those who don’t. AMP pages load faster and perform better in CTR and rankings.

2. Use Social Media

The different search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google are now indexing more contents from social media. When it comes to SEO strategies, this move has made social media and the web closer to each other. Prepare yourself by collecting and using your most valued social media content in your page optimizations. The various social media profiles rank on top in search listings, especially for brand names. Install the Facebook Instant Articles to boost your social and blog’s visibility four times in a week.

3. 301 Redirects

Redirects are used to send search engines and users to another URL different from their original request. It passes around 90-99% of ranking power to a redirected page. If you’re looking for the best method to implement redirects on your website, choose the 301 redirect.

Google has announced that there will be no decrease in page rank with redirects. So feel free to use any 301 redirects. However, you have to keep in mind that it may damage your SEO when it interferes with the way pages pass their relevance using anchor texts.

4. HTTPS is a Ranking Factor

A lot of organizations including Google have expressed their concern over security in the web. As such, they have implemented HTTPS as a way to rank. Furthermore, the search engines indexed secure pages over the ones that aren’t. Keep your web page secure and increase your rankings in the process.

5. Integrate These Tips

Finally, don’t ignore the small things. Avoid putting irrelevant links on your web page. Google is now smarter and can detect spammy links. Then, make sure you answer your user’s needs and their intent. Personalize your keywords and make them location specific. Local SEO is more prominent nowadays than before, so focus on a local area.

If you’re an ecommerce website, optimize your content and target the rich snippets of Google. Avoid short articles and create high-quality content. Remember quality over quantity. Lastly, ask for a professional’s help such as SEO Houston Pros. There’s no one better than an SEO specialist to help you boost your rankings.

All in all, if you want to rank higher, you have to stay updated. Keep optimizing your website. Always check how your page is doing and fix any errors or problems along the way.