Why Guaranteed SEO Is The Best?

SEO is when Google ranks your content among its top relevant searches and when you yourself or when you hire someone to for Guaranteed SEO Services for you and they ensure you that what they have written will 100% stay on top of the relevant search page; it is called “Guaranteed SEO”.

Guaranteed SEO helps you in increasing the traffic on your site to gain popularity and money; it also increases the visibility of your site and places it on the top of the searches. But to achieve all this you must follow certain rules like the exact number of keywords, the choice of topics, etc.

However, when you hire someone and ask them to do SEO writing for you and pay them handsome amount of money just to find out that their claim of guaranteed SEO writing was a fraud  you are left heartbroken., there is one thing that you should know; no company can exactly ensure you “guaranteed SEO” because none of them is exactly sure how Google controls and ranks SEO sites and when they change their policies regarding it, any organization that promises you a place on the first page of Google can be a BIG FRAUD and you should be aware of them, however try to do their best by studying and finding out about the strategies of Google relating to their SEO policies.  Some companies that are providing SEOs are actually trying everything they can to get your content on the top like keeping an eye on the algorithm of ranking and making sure they provide the best content to their customers, their services can include:

  • Easy language,
  • Trending topics,
  • The right amount of keywords,
  • Link developments,
  • Quality and quantity of inbound links,
  • Testimonials,
  • Impressive titles, headings, and keywords,
  • Mention of social media and easy ways to share stuff on them,
  • Structure of the site- how user-friendly it is.

These things can not ensure top ranking on Google, however (if executed properly) it can surely increase the chances of better and higher ranking. There are two ways in which Google ranks, i.e. paid way an unpaid way. For paid contents the site pays to Google some percent on every click (pay per click) and for unpaid or natural ranking; Google ranks the sites itself which contain enough outside links, keywords and is more frequently visited.

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