How To Boost Employee Morale And Sales Through Sports Strategy

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to find sales motivation through sports strategies?

As a popular sports anecdote goes: “A team is only as good as its weakest player.”

This quote emphasises the fact that not only the star players light the way to success but it is the whole team that leads one another towards the final goal. All the star matches of the season are only possible because the entire team together has set the stage for the winning shot – and not just the main goal scorer.

So, as you can see, sports is not much different from business sales on the face of it. Both have an end goal – that is to win. Other similarities are a coach or team leader, game plans and strategies, goals, records, high stakes, skill sets, discipline, persistence, great attitudes and probably a little luck too.

What can you do if some of your team members lose their sales motivation?

Sometimes, to get the entire team back on track, the team leader has to step up and make some extra effort to bring out the creativity in their team. You can engage your team in several team building events and activities that will help boost productivity and motivation levels.

For instance, many small businesses in the UK are engaging their employees in pit-stop challenges. If you want to find out more about pit stop challenges, then research online or meet up with a driving simulator event organiser.

Apart from this, there are some exciting strategies that a team leader can pull off, especially when tackling the art of building sales motivation.

Following are the three strategies that will help you boost employee morale and sales.

1: Reward your sales team with unconventional incentives

Do not restrict yourself to cash incentives or the same list of gift cards to motivate your team members. You need to spice things up!

What if you make your incentives fun and personalised?

Look for things that your team is interested in. It can be anything from a musical play, a big concert or a day full of activities. Buy tickets or make bookings before, and let this be your incentive coming year.

Moreover, you can make such rewards a group effort. Take your entire team to a musical, concert, amusement park or a local event, after they meet their deadlines for the month. When you reward your employees with fun activities and events and not just cash, it will lead to your employees building strong bonds and relationships at work.

2: Have honest and meaningful conversations

Do you really know all your team members well? Have you ever tried asking them about their interests?

We know that asking such questions might sound awkward, but having a one on one conversation with your employees and asking them specific questions, such as, “What motivates you?”, can help you understand them and find a way to boost their morale.

Chances are that you might be using too much positive but vague encouragements. So motivate your team members with more concrete tactics such as sharing results and numbers with the team or brainstorming sessions the entire team. You can also motivate them by recognising and appreciating their efforts time and again and by giving them opportunities to learn new skills or upgrade their existing ones.

Allow your team to tell you how they learn things. Ask them questions such as,

  • What gets you going?
  • What do they love about their job?
  • Do they plan to improvise on their skills?
  • Will they need help in doing so?
  • Aside from earning a living, what motivates them to work?

All these questions will remind them of their passion. Moreover, it will help you understand, manage and lead your team in a better direction.

3: Offer additional training or learning opportunities

Everyone gets bored of the routine no matter how much they love their work. Your employees must have mastered the art of how to do their job, how to do it exceptionally well and how they are just going through the motions. But for creative people, this monotony is the worst, especially if your team has millennials.

Boredom at the workplace can be a huge demotivator for everyone. To liven up the environment, offer your team a challenge. You can also enrol them in conferences regarding interaction, riveting discussions and building motivations. Ask your employees to conduct research on your upcoming projects.

This will get them engaged with fresh ideas and new people, allowing them to stretch their mind towards what is possible and return to their desk all fired up. Another option is to create a library of popular novels for them to read and relax.