Flyers vs. Brochures: Which Works Best?

Marketing campaigns require the use of a lot of promotional material like flyers, brochures, posters etc. Both Flyers and Brochures share equal importance in conveying information about the brand. Yet when you’re marketing activity is constrained by a budget, it is time to choose either one of them – Flyers or Brochures – depending on which works best.

To decide this, let us analyze the features of Flyers and Brochures to determine which works best.

Basic Differences between Flyers and Brochures

Here are the elements where flyers and brochures differ.

  1. Description

A Flyer is a single sheet of printed material which is typically unfolded. It is also called handbill as it is handed out easily like bills or inserted between newspapers or magazines.

A Brochure is a form of printed material with folds. It always has 2 folds at the minimum.

  1. Sides

A  Flyer may be printed on one or both sides. It is a flat piece of paper.

A Brochure is always printed on both sides. Brochures are also folded to have four sides, six sides, or even more.

  1. Size

Flyers are usually printed in A4 or smaller sizes to enable easy handling and distribution.

A Brochure can be of any size and has many sheets. Unlike a booklet, it is never bound.

  1. Material

Flyers are made of glossy or matte paper with lesser grammage. They are super thin.

A Brochure may be made of thicker paper with higher grammage and sometimes uses even card stock.

  1. Distribution

Flyers are usually handed out or used as paper-inserts.

Brochures are handed out or mailed to people.

  1. Usage

Flyers are meant for single-use while.

Brochures are intended for long-term use and may be passed on from one person to the next.

Keep in mind these subtle yet significant differences while choosing between Flyers to understand which works best.

Flyers or Brochures- Which is to be used?

A time will come when you have to choose between flyers and brochures. Here are the best case scenarios for when you should use one over the other.

When to Use Flyers

Flyers, also known as pamphlets or leaflets, are generally used for quick marketing campaigns and short-term promotions. This is why they are designed as single sheets and made with paper of low thickness.

Flyers are used in the following instances:

  • Events – to make announcements of offers or create brand visibility
  • Store or Product Launches – to provide information about the product or store and to promote inaugural offers
  • Trade shows and Conferences – as fact sheets
  • Marketing campaigns – to boost brand visibility and to promote campaign offers and discounts.
  • Local Advertising– to create a hype in the local market

Flyers are of different types depending on where they are used

  • Standard Flyer – this has 135 gsm grammage which is ideal for low budget distribution
  • Business Flyer – this has 170 gsm thickness and is used at tradeshows and conferences
  • Executive Flyer – this is used by the hospitality industry and is of 250 gsm thickness with a robust and thick feel.
  • Premium Flyers – this has 400 gsm thickness and is as thick as a postcard and can be preserved for life.

When to Use Brochures

Brochures are intended to be used as long-term information materials to be preserved for future use. Once printed, they are used repeatedly for all marketing campaigns and are valid for multiple usages. Unless there is a case of rebranding or a need for updating the product features, there is no need to redesign a brochure.

 Brochures are used as

  1. Promotional materials to elaborate on the campaign benefits
  2. Information material to describe the entire product range
  3. Launch material to highlight features of the new product
  4. Reference material for employees and consumers.

Brochures are printed usually on 170-300 gsm paper with a glossy or matte finish. They are best printed on cardstock to prevent moisture, fading, tearing, crinkling etc.

Flyers or Brochures – Which is Best?

  1. Flyers are best for “quickie” seasonal campaigns to promote festival offers, discounts or for product launches. Brochures are best for long-term use and all campaigns.
  2. Flyers are of single-use while Brochures are for long shelf-life.
  3. Flyers are usually handed out as single bills while Brochures are best mailed or handed out enclosed in envelopes.

Point to note: For both flyers and brochures, glossy finish is best if you have a lot of visuals, and the matte finish is best if you have a lot of text.

Understand the nuances of using Flyers or Brochures by perusing the above points and decide which works best for you based on your need, purpose and budget.

Flyer or Brochure – hire the right print provider for flawless results and fashionable designs.