Breaking new grounds, relevant expertise, perfect machinery, suitable techniques, risk management, thorough understanding research is all that pertains to any kind of discovery and invention made or will ever happen. This is not unique to discovering oil resources and hydrocarbon exploration.

Total provides a full package of the above to ensure high potential exploration. Its strategy is based on a careful selection of high potential geographical and geological environments with economic profitability criteria considered very early in the process. Hence a balanced exposure to risk and optimum value creation. For reserve replacements total aims at the discovery of more than four hundred million oil barrels equivalent per year. Total engages tightly integrated and leading edge expertise in the geological exploration. Reservoir management experts, economists are also involved in analyzing the economic value of every project and providing optimized management of uncertainties.

Total utilizes the study of petroleum basins for a well balanced and strong exploration portfolio. The use of digital advanced modeling tools to access potential more accurately. Reservoir management is fundamental for maximum productivity of the identified potential wells. This develops and brings the wells on stream in an optimal manner from the time they are discovered until they are abandoned optimizing hydrocarbon recovery while reducing cost and time.

The Platform for Experimental Research knowledge in physical chemistry has become a major asset for Total to help improve oil recovery. This includes the use of chemical boosters to push the limits of oil recovery. The chemical eor that is  addition of  tailor made chemical formulations to injection water making it more viscous hence more efficient flushing of the oil reservoir on a macroscopic level can lead to an increase of five recovery points. This can even get better by taking action at the microscopic level of physical chemical processes. This involves the use of surfactants and alkalis as they get target trapped oil in the smallest pores of the rock matrix that is unreachable by convention means.