Effective Ways To Manage A Construction Site

In most fields of work, practical experience holds more accountability when compared to theoretical knowledge. The same is required if you intend to work as a manager at a construction site.

As a matter of fact, management is considered to be one of the most engaging and difficult tasks in the field of construction. Management is commonly referred to as ‘people management’ since you have to get work done through varied personalities, which is certainly a difficult task.

Unlike other fields where it is easier to make people understand their roles and responsibilities clearly, providing explanations to staff at a construction site has proven to be altogether a lot more complicated.

Taking into account this fact, we have shortlisted strategies that most construction managers can adopt to carry out all their functions smoothly. Discussed below are five effective strategies which you can implement as a project manager.

Observe and Enquire

Irrespective of the field you belong to, you will never notice a manager idling away time at their desk. A project manager is an integral part of the entire operation and therefore they have to be updated about the overall work progress, the staff and other activities running alongside.

But, when we are talking specifically about construction managers, they need to pay extra attention because they deal with labour or more of physical activity. A minor change can drastically affect the entire project.

The more time you spend on the site the easier it will become for you to understand how to deal with people. At times, you need to enquire about worker whereabouts to make sure that everybody is putting in the same amount effort.

Communication is the key

Communication acts as an ice-breaker wherever you go or in any field. Comprehensive and in-depth briefings will give your workers a clear picture of what is expected from them and how they are supposed to achieve it.

Transparency in work minimises miscommunication and smoothens the entire process. Proper scheduling, budget, description and news evaluation is considered to be the simplest form of communication.

Irrespective of whether it is good news or bad news it is important to communicate it amongst your team members. This ensures that you have sufficient time to search for a suitable solution to deal with any crisis.

Use tools to manage your budget

For the most part of any management process, the manager is constantly in search of mediums through which the cost could be minimised or additional construction finance could be attained.

If you look at the list of responsibilities of a project manager, you will see that the tasks just keep piling up and finding extra sources of finance in such a situation is not an easy job. This is the main reason why you should install software that could act as an assistant and make managing finance a hassle free task for managers.

A good software includes input costs, budget changes, important calculations, flow of raw materials and other important financial calculations related to the project. This way, the manager does not have to wait for invoices to get signed by contractors. Instead, they can carry out their tasks smoothly without any delay.

A continuous process

Planning the process right at the start and sticking to it may not necessarily work for each and every project. Sometimes, there are unexpected man-made and natural hurdles which obstruct your project. Weather change, soil erosion or a natural calamity, among others are counted as natural hurdles. Changes in the price of raw materials, reduced manpower or lack of machinery amongst several other factors are considered as man-made hurdles.

If at all any of the above mentioned hurdles comes your way, as a manager you need to understand the current scenario and alter your plan accordingly. As a manager you have to make sure that you revise the plan on a timely basis and look to foresee potential hurdles. This way, they can amend the plan as per the predicted fluctuations and can avoid/ minimise the loss or problem that could potentially occur.

At times, contractors back out at the last moment, which results in you having to to look for alternative solutions. Sometimes, equipment failure can also be a cause for delay in the project but a manager needs to search for a way to catch-up with any lost time.

Implement an automated reporting system

Managers receive emails in bulk and it is extremely difficult for them to sit and reply to each and every mail. An automated reporting system will ensure that all the mails are replied to and that all the important mails are brought to the manager’s attention.

A smart software tool can help you to work in a more efficient manner. A smart tool can also give you a quick summary of all the necessary details which can minimise the effort required in completing most manual tasks.

All these strategies cannot be executed overnight and instead it should be viewed as a process that needs to be implemented gradually. Therefore, managers need to understand their role and be willing to bend as per the needs of a particular situation.