5 Benefits to Being a Security Guard

Almost 8 million human residents occupy the planet, and at least half of those residents live in countries where private security personnel outnumber active police officers. America is one of the top countries for security guards and with good reason. Michigan security needs require a customized solution to minimize loss and encourage professional growth. As business and potential criminal threats increase, the need for qualified guards will reflect those trends. Electronic security systems do pose a threat to the growth of the human aspect of the security industry, yet industry experts insist the number of guards will continue growing. But what are the main benefits of being a professional security guard?

Avoid a Boring or Sedentary Career

Security guard duties involve a lot of foot duty. So whether you’ll be patrolling secure areas after hours, patrolling retail space for conflict or shoplifters, or helping a customer find their way to their vehicle, many job requirements will keep you moving. Of course, if you prefer a desk job or to work behind the scenes those options are available as well. Most of the time, the responsibilities will be repetitive, but the work can also be challenging and exciting. A professional security guard needs to be ready to react, think on their feet, and outsmart criminals at any moment.

You’ll Be Able to Connect with People

The security guard field is great for extroverts or just those who like to help people. As a uniformed guard, you’ll be a beacon for customers and employees alike. You’ll be able to answer questions, offer assistance or protection when needed, help people find their way around, and guide them to safety. If you prefer not to be in the public eye, opt for a private patrolling or video monitoring position.

Training Requirements Are Realistic

Training of some kind is required to become a professional security guard, but that training is usually minimal unless you want or need to be armed. Training is offered via your employer and more can be obtained on a statewide basis. Skills such as investigation and observation, first aid, and crisis management can be learned without formal college courses. As long as you’re at least 19 with a clean record, training can be completed in most cases within 20 class hours.

Security Guard Experience Can Pave Your Future

Whether looking to become a permanent professional security guard or using the position to prop the door open for other higher-paying security positions, the right security guard experience can pave your way to future success. Pad your resume with the essential work experience you’ll need while discovering whether that’s the right field for your future or whether you want to expand into future roles such as criminal justice, investigative, management, or technological options.

Security Guards Will Always Be Needed

The world is becoming more dangerous on a daily basis. Electronic security devices go a long way towards protecting assets and minimizing business theft, but a professional security guard can add a physical element make that success soar. According to industry-wide analysis, the global market for private security services is expected to grow to over $240 billion by 2020 and keep growing into the future. So as long as you perform your duties accordingly, you should have a long and solid career as a professional security guard.