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Does Your Small Business Need Protection?

Does Your Small Business Need Protection?

Data and information is at the heart of virtually every organization. Companies rely on safe data handling and storage practices to protect the integrity in the market. The recent rise in cases of cyber theft has put companies on the receiving end as far as data protection is concerned. Businesses, organizations, and companies are therefore compelled to put in place the necessary set of actions required to safeguard their data from a potential breach. There are various reasons as to why your business is no exception to the concept of data protection as hereby outlined.

Adherence to legal guidelines

In recognition of the rising cases of cyber theft, governments have put in place strict legal guidelines binding any organization that deals with customer data to ensure proper data protection mechanisms are put in place. Different countries have different sets of guidelines thereof. In the United States, for example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act stipulates that businesses should have a proper data protection policy that should be adhered to at all time.

The European Union recently put in place the General Data Protection Regulation which similarly binds companies handling European citizens’ data to roll out suitable data protection measures targeting the prevention of cyber theft. These laws outline, among other things, legal repercussions for businesses, including yours, that do not have a proper a data protection layout. It is considered an act of contravening the law to run your business without a functional cyber security framework.

Rising trend and thresholds of cyber security

The world today is experiencing a rising level of cyber security issues where hackers are using advanced cyber threat ransomware and viruses targeting infiltrating even the most well-secured data held by organizations. The evolution of ransomware has, for example, seen a 36% rise of successful cyber-attacks on businesses around the globe. This threshold of cybersecurity threats should, therefore, prompt you to implement the highest level of data protection necessary to safeguard your business from being a victim.

Good reputation

Hackers have been revealed to focus on businesses holding customers’ data that relates to sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank accounts, and health information. The infiltration of such data through hacking can be costly to your business, especially since customers will no longer trust you with their sensitive information. The consequent loss of reputation can significantly impair the ability of your business to compete favorably in the market. Implementing data protection mechanisms will, therefore, help safeguard your legacy by giving customers a reason to feel safe when and trusting your business with their data.

Incorporate the latest endpoint security

As a business, you may be already in the process establishing branches and integrated connectivity between different branches to enhance data sharing. Whereas this idea is revolutionary, it exposes your business to endpoint cyber-attacks where hackers can remotely infiltrate your business data through various devices connected to the main network. To protect yourself and your business from such infiltration, you certainly need to secure the latest endpoint protection services which generally protect your network by mediating every connection request using a high-end firewall and host intrusion prevention systems.


In conclusion, cyber theft can easily bring down your business, especially in situations where you have not laid in place the necessary cyber security mechanisms to prevent hacking-based infiltration. With hackers using latest technologies that guarantee high levels of accuracy and success, you need to upgrade your cyber protection mechanisms to include advanced endpoint protection.

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Useful Ideas on Effective Business Card Printing

If you possess an organization today, after that you need to acquaint on your own with a couple of cost-efficient methods of marketing your service. The raising expense of manufacturing and also circulation has actually required several company owners to overlook advertising and marketing in order to decrease their everyday expense. Nonetheless, this will certainly constantly have an adverse result for sale mainly due to the fact that extremely couple of individuals knows their product and services. It is consequently that you need to discover much more cost-efficient techniques of marketing such as calling card printing to assist you advertise your organization. Kiasuprint Business cards have actually shown to be fairly reliable in assisting local business owner market their product and services without spending beyond your means.

Calling card printing has actually come to be an essential component of numerous organizations today generally due to the fact that it assists company owner to make adequate cost savings on their advertising tasks. You can make your services or products understood to a variety of potential consumers by utilizing top quality as well as skillfully published calling card. What are even more, these cards are provided straight to the targeted clients as well as for that reason they are a lot more tailored than costly TELEVISION commercial. With these cards, you are ensured to connect to possible consumers. Likewise, these cards can last for several years as well as for this reason aid you in advertising your product and services for a long period of time.

Nevertheless, for you to delight in these advantages you need to make your calling card eye-catching as well as expert. This is just one of one of the toughest jobs for the majority of entrepreneur. Actually, the majority of them choose to employ seasoned card printing professionals. Although this assurances you premium quality outcomes, it is really pricey. So you must attempt to discover a couple of means of printing premium cards. Fortunately, there are numerous resources of details on this kind of printing. Below are some valuable suggestions on exactly how to publish reliable calling card:

– Select the very best Layout: For your calling card to be helpful, they ought to have extremely excellent styles. This needs you to invest at some point investigating on the very best styles. The good news is, there are a lot of web sites that provide totally free layout concepts for these and also various other sorts of cards. You can consequently make your printing job simpler by investigating online.

– Budget plan: Understanding just how much you are most likely to invest publishing your calling card is very important considering that it allows you to select printing concepts that are within your spending plan. As a company owner, you need to make sure that you minimize all your advertising and marketing tasks. FInd Singapore Cheapest Name Card / Business Card Printing on

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Starting the Soap Business is simple – 5 Methods

Starting the low-cost cleaning soap business entails several actions, just such as beginning a number of other home-based companies. Because you’ll be producing an item, as nicely as advertising it, to succeed you have to do several duties well. Nevertheless, getting the soap advertising effort heading, may be among the easier company ideas you could attempt.

Here tend to be 5 methods this business is simpler than many more.

Little Money Is needed to Start

Many possibly profitable small company ideas consider large opportunities just to begin. You may sink the pile associated with money in to something and never see any kind of profits for a long period. Not just that, but you may want to keep pouring profit for a long time until the company finally creates cash you are able to take away.

That’s frightening.

On another hand, producing and promoting soap, or even other associated personal treatment items, takes only a small investment to get going. The gear required is actually minimal. Supplies needed can be purchased in little quantities. That way you can begin for slightly, and after that expand upon earnings.

Production Demands Just A few days To Discover

Some abilities take years to understand, at least to the stage that can be done professional function. Soap producing takes time for you to develop additionally. But time required is extremely small, when compared with many projects or deals. That does not mean there is not much to become learned. You are able to continue in order to refine your own skills associated with production for a long time, and even while build products which are higher within quality and much more interesting too.

Built-In Cleaning soap Demand

Others possess gone before you decide to.

Many people know that hand crafted soap could be better in a number of ways compared to commercial items. That implies that many potential prospects already are searching for what you are able to produce.

In addition, soap buyers search for something new and various too. That’s where your own touch as well as creativity can create a product which sells, even though many more want to sell cleaning soap too.

Market It A number of Ways

Though numerous soapmakers sell soap, especially on the web, soap is basically a nearby market. You may sell it where you stand, because you’ve contacts which others don’t. There tend to be many methods to find clients locally. Then a number of other ways exist to follow along with up with people who try your own goods, and gives them much more of that which you have. Fortunately, soap is really a consumable great. If they enjoy it, they purchase more.

Replicate Buys Imply More Earnings

Since cleaning soap gets consumed, if a person stay touching customers, you may sell towards the same customers again and again. Reach them one of many ways and you will build a genuine business, and make a lot of those sales without having ever departing home.

It’s not hard to produce advertising materials your self and sell towards the same individuals multiple occasions. They obtain quality products in a fair cost, and you’re able to keep producing soap as well as money as well.

Starting the soap business is simpler to perform than it may seem. It’s the low-risk endeavor with possibility of a pretty quick part-time earnings, based upon part-time function. It may also be expanded rapidly, if you prefer making cleaning soap and promoting in big volumes.

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Small Company Phone Systems For the Business

You need to definitely obtain a digital telephone, as in opposition to an analog program. Refurbished phones will save you money too. Just ensure that each restored phone is really a 2 collection phone, because your own phones must have the ability to handle several incoming as well as outgoing calls at the same time.

Make local telephone calls with all of your two collection phones. Together with your 2 collection phones you need to look in to telephone VOIP cell phones.

Larger multi-line techniques, such since the NEC phone systems, are great for those who have a bigger office as well as need big office phone systems. Your electronic system will reduce your telephone prices simply because your IP phone doesn’t need separate telephone lines from the PBX phone carrier. Your company telephone program may have an workplace telephone which will work like a local telephone along with a two collection phone whenever needed. You should check out the NEC telephone, the Toshiba program, and the actual Cisco telephone system because options.

Many individuals argue that the system because VOIP isn’t what you want because your own phone voip program will reduce in as well as out when you’re talking in order to people.

You are able to look in to buying a good office phone setup through Samsung or even Toshiba too. These bigger systems require lots of set upward, and can be very costly, but should you plan this out properly, you may save lots of money.

Chicago phone setups, like the nec dterm telephone, are utilized by people within the telephone biz in order to service people who need the telephone charging setup. Vodavi, Samsung, or Inter tel telephone systems are for sale to people who wish to run the telephone company. You can buy iwatsu, lucent, nec, comdial, att, inter tel, toshiba, lucent, intertel, or even atlas.

Companies appear to really such as the Comdial setups, however they are within the same class as Intertel telelphones. The comdial effect phone is actually something you need to seriously think about.

The telephone system price of the greatest small company phone system could be pretty costly. You should locate a digital program that functions for resort phones.

If you want a program, office techniques you investigate also needs to have cord-less phone capacity. A two line cord-less system, along with cordless abilities, are popular as resort telephones and may commonly supply as small company telephone techniques. The greatest system might be way too costly because the very best phone techniques, such because those that you could purchase out of your telephone telephone supplier that has business phones available might be created for higher-end utilizes, such because hotels.

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Top 5 Tips for Local Businesses to Rule the Local SEO Competition!

More and more people using Google search are seeing more local results thrown up on the top. They are bombarded with local options for nearly everything they search especially when on a mobile device. Hence now it is more important for businesses with a local base targeting to target and top the local search metrics. Here we are listing top 5 Tips for local SEO to top local search results and boost their traffic and business.

1) Claim Your Online Listing: This is the first and the most important step. You need to claim your listing on Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo Local. Once you fill out your details after creating an account on these platforms, you will need to verify your business details through a straight forward process of post card verification or a phone call. Once it is done you are ready for the next steps. If you don’t have a physical address on some location or don’t want people to know your real business address and have reason to keep it discreet you can use certain services which provide you with business mail forwarding and other services (please keep in mind that use of these services is in the grey area and should be avoided for all practical purposes.


2) Optimize your Listings: Putting in accurate and detailed business information such as address and phone number, is of utmost importance. Opening closing times and days of operation etc. are required. Description of your business activities is very important as well as using your keywords in the text as well. Use high quality images and videos of your business. This is of utmost importance as it plays a major role in enhancing user experience. Leaving any of the important field in the listings blank is not recommended. Accurate information that is optimized to help you rank well and also to attract your potential clients and impress them is the key to proper local SEO.

3) Online Business Reviews: Reviews are another important part of your local Listing. Reviews play a super crucial role in local SEO and most of the local listing sites are completely fine with businesses requesting their customers to leave a review. You should request your customers for writing a review through e-mails, invoices, contact form and thank you pages, among other places. Keep in mind any review is good for business, even negative ones. However keep in mind not to have too many bad reviews. No business is perfect and negative reviews are part of business life. Many businesses are afraid of bad reviews, but keep in mind no company can keep 100% of their customers happy. Another important thing to remember is that many potential customers may find it suspicious if a company only has positive reviews.

4) Optimizing your Website: Optimizing your website is also crucial. Display a local phone number prominently on your homepage and landing page in text format (don’t use image) and mention your local business address again in text format only. Make sure that the phone number is a real working local phone number with local dialing code mentioned and not an 1800/800 type of number. Also make sure to use the full mailing address of your business and make sure that the details are same as used on the listing and there is no difference. Make use of schema to optimize your website. Use multiple landing pages if your business caters to different geo locations. Optimize each page according to the targeted location.

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Google Local Business Center – 5 Reasons You Must Put the Power of Google Behind Your Local Business

The Google Local Business Center is a tool that enables business owners to more effectively connect with customers searching on Google for information about local business. It puts business owners in control of their business listings and helps them to provide information about their businesses that is authoritative, helpful, and, timely.

The Local Business Center (LBC) is even useful for businesses that do not have Websites as Google’s LBC makes it possible for them to use the local business listing as their presence on the Web.

Signing up for an account with the LBC – and adding or claiming your local business listing – should be a top priority for your business for five key reasons:

1- Your Customers and Competitors’ Customers Search Google to find Local Businesses

The Google Local Business search engine – which you can find at either or (maps is, by far, the more popular of the two) – gets an average of more than 50 million unique visitors every month.

That’s a lot of people searching every month for, among other things, local businesses to buy from.

And although it’s advisable to sign up for local business accounts at Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, a Google Local Business account should be your immediate priority because Google is the runaway leader in local business search market share, with more than double the local business search market share of,, and combined.

Please note that all links, images and videos can be found on the author’s Website – the address for which appears in the Resource Box of this article.


Of course, in spite of Google’s best efforts to promote the LBC – and the utilization of – there are many millions of people who still use the Website, even when searching for local business information. And, as you’ll learn in the next section, that gives local businesses an opportunity to capture some space at the top of Google’s “traditional” Web search results.

2- A Google Local Business Listing Can Take You to the Top of Google

Google’s launch of universal search in May 2007 meant that content from Google Images, Google Local/Maps, Google Video, and so forth could be integrated into its “traditional” Web search results pages.

This means that Google can – and often does – serve up local business listings as part of the Web search results even if location is not specified (it appears that Google’s search algorithm is able to detect “local intent”).

It’s increasingly common to find Google local business listings on the first page of search results – often at the top – as the “Google Local Business Seven-Pack” (a reference, obviously, to the fact that Google displays the top seven local business search results in a cluster of seven).

Alternatively, Google may display a search query box at the top of the search results page that asks searchers: Looking for local results for keyword?

Either way, a Google Local Business listing can put a business on the fast-track to a coveted position at the top of Google’s search results that may have been impossible to capture otherwise.

3 – People Who Search Google for Local Businesses Take Action

A Google-sponsored, study that looked at the importance of search in influencing offline buying behaviour found that 25% of searchers purchased an item directly related to their search queries, and that, of those buyers, 37% completed their purchases online while an even greater 63% completed their purchases offline following their search activity.

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Millions Now Find Local Business on the Internet Even Though Yellow Pages Lie on a Shelf in a Closet


What keeps you awake at night, indigestion boiling up your esophagus, eyes open, staring at the ceiling? What do you secretly, ardently most desire? Is your business growing to satisfy all of your needs?

Is your local business getting enough phone calls?

With the radical changes in the economy and people moving away from Yellow Pages, newspaper ads and other old school advertising media, your customers are looking on the Internet for you. They search the Internet, and then they go down the street and buy what they want and need. If they don’t find your Local Business in their search, they are not buying from you.

Times have changed, indeed. The Internet is still new; but, it is everywhere, and it is not going away anytime soon. The Internet has transformed our world, shrunk the whole world into a computer you hold in your hand, heretofore known as a cell phone. If you don’t get your business in position to be seen on that small screen, your customers are going someplace else.

WARNING: Your customers are looking for you online right now!

If your Local Business is found on the Internet, you can sell. If…

Perhaps, a few statistics will shed light on this mystery:

Over 1 Billion local searches performed every month — growing over 50% a year
80% American consumers are using the Internet [2009]
80% of people first search online before making a purchase
97% Internet users use the Internet to shop [NPD Group]
90% Internet searches result in offline brick & mortar purchases [Comscore]
82% Internet searches result in calls & contact with businesses [Comscore]
74% Internet users perform local searches [Kelsey Group]
73% Internet searches are related to local content [Google]
66% Internet users use Internet for local searches [Comscore / TMP]
25% Internet searches have purely local commercial focus [ Kelsey / Bizrate]
Pepsi, FedEx pass on 2010 Super Bowl ads — shift ad dollars to new marketing efforts mostly online.


What are your customers looking for?

Old school marketing is still King. Times have changed, and media change, too. None of us alive today remember the King’s herald announcing news from the official scroll. Some of us recall barkers calling out theater or carnival sideshow attractions to passers-by. Most of us have bought something from a newspaper advertisement, or called to order something prompted by a Yellow Page spread.

The Internet and computing devices are new media. Applying old school marketing principles to new media is a wise idea. That’s exactly what we are about to show you here.

Can your customers find your Local Business on the Internet?

Local Business Search Results

Don’t worry — if you’re a Fortune Multi-National Conglomerate, you don’t need to appear in the Local Business Results.

One of the best kept local Internet marketing secrets is the Google Local Business Center. Until your business is registered here, it cannot be found in the search results map. Google implemented this feature in early 2009, and it’s been evolving ever since. For those buying locally, however, this is the first thing most searchers see… and probably the first links on which they will click. Once here, not only are you at the top of Page One — look at that map! They now know where you are and how to get to you…

If you’ve seen maps and GPS on cell phones, this is how your Local Business shows up on mobile devices. The Mobile Market is enormous and truly the wave of the future.

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Mobile Coupons and Google Local Business Listings Change Coupon Industry

Local business listings have become a significant local marketing tool that is showing the demise of the traditional yellow pages and equally the traditional coupons. The famous Stars Wars quote comes to mind “This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi, and will soon see the end of the Rebellion.

With the onset of mobile devices and mobile applications becoming a more useful tool to the local consumers, we have to wonder how this will affect the traditional coupons that are printed and cut using scissors. The impact we are discussing comes in three forms and we’re not talking about the convenience to the local consumer.

The first is the cost reduction for the local business from having to pay for their coupons to be printed and distributed. The cost reduction goes down to $0 (zero)!
The second is the impact upon companies whose business is reliant on printing and distributing these coupons. This would include large corporations like Valassis and Val-Pak all the way down to the small local coupon company.
The third impact is one we have discussed before related to the traditional yellow pages. Local business listings are already having an impact upon the usage of the traditional yellow pages and its effectiveness for the local business has been dwindling for years.


The reason the cost to the local business is going to go down to zero is because the local business can post their coupons to their local business listing for free. Particularly with Google, although, electronic coupons through local business listings will all reduce the costs for the local business. Not only will they be able to reduce their costs, but they will see their coupons have a larger reach geographically without any additional costs.

Local business listings and business directories have been on the web for quite some time. This part is nothing new and neither is the ability for the local business to post their coupons electronically. The primary difference comes in the local consumers having the ability to obtain these coupons electronically to their mobile devices while they are about town. No longer do we need to print the coupons before we leave the house, we will have them at our finger tips when we arrive at a store. We don’t’ even need to plan ahead. When you arrive at a store you will be able to bring up their local business listing to see if there is a coupon available.

While this process has a significant impact upon the coupon companies (especially if they are not planning for this existing change to their business), for the local business this is good news and in order to take advantage of this cost reduction they will need to engage in their local business listing at multiple local listing websites.

Local listings are a local business marketing tool for the local business to reach the local consumer through web searches and mobile searches. As a local business or small business dependent upon the local consumer for your revenue you can tap into a free marketing tool with search engines, social communities, 411 websites and GPS websites.

Tapping into local listings as a business marketing tool starts by setting up accounts and claiming your listing at multiple local listing websites. Please do not be fooled by companies that provide a “get listed” service, because most businesses are already listed. Of course, the majority of local listings are not claimed by the business and they have incomplete or incorrect information. Your competitors therefore become the next best choice for the local consumer.

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5 Reasons Why You Will Outsource Local Business Listing Management

Does your business standout to local consumers through local business listings? Is your business dependent upon the local geography for your revenue? If you’re not using local business listings as an additional marketing tool to reach consumers then you are missing out on a significant local marketing tool.

Considering that local business listings show up on the first page of search results, in mobile searches and in mobile applications this is a free local marketing tool you don’t want to ignore.

The only way local listings show up in these various search results is if you have managed your listings by entering marketing information. If you’re wondering how to enter your marketing information it begins by claiming your listing.

By no means should you think this process starts and ends with Google. There are multiple search engines, social communities, 411 websites, GPS websites and various other business directories that are in this space of yellow page listings for consumers and mobile application developers.

It is equally important to keep in mind that this is not a one time process. You have to manage these listings by updating your keywords, photos (products, services, company), videos (TV commercials and others), coupons (discounts, offers) and events (promotions) on a regular basis. After all, these are the interactive yellow pages of the 21st century for businesses and you can update your marketing information 24x7x365.

If you’re wondering what I mean by “interactive” keep in mind that consumers get to post their reviews about your business, products or services. As the business owner it is important to get satisfied customers to post their feedback in order to negate any negative reviews. If you do get negative reviews, there is a process that allows you to dispute them either as a rebuttal, an apology or an acknowledgement. This process adds a new layer of public relations at the local business level.


Local business is defined as any business dependent upon the local consumer for their revenue. Local business does not just mean small business or franchise business but also includes national companies that have a presence in local markets.

Let’s take a look at the five reasons why you probably want to outsource having a subject matter expert company with experience and expertise to manage this for your company at multiple local listing websites.

Local Business

3 Great Methods to Promote Your site to Nearby Business

With a lot of deadlines to satisfy, places to visit and things you can do, we rarely possess the time to prevent and say thanks to the those who have helped all of us achieve the goals on the way. It is perfect for many reasons such as this, and much more, that we’ve come up with this 3 great methods to promote your site to nearby businesses research guide.

A obvious concern that people continually see with this clients is how you can answer the actual question of how you can best unify the actual offline business world online? This can be the #1 in our most faq’s. To successfully make use of the ‘tools associated with technology’, you have to follow this particular distinct, 3 action roadmap or even you’re condemned!

1. Have An internet site That Each Looks As well as Functions Using the Times- There isn’t any nice method to say this particular, but would you like to drive the “junk-box” or perhaps a high overall performance vehicle for the website item? I request this because generally, most entrepreneurs’ infrastructures aren’t using the times.

Getting a DECENT web design service is simple, but getting a proven individual or firm to promote your web site is a daunting job. Get educated relating to this “new age” period or get amazed by every one of your competition.

2. Learn to Effectively Advertise Your site With Other Business people In The local Marketplace — We always obtain a chuckle from our traditional business companions (a number of our clients) simply because they have turn out to be extremely programmed using the “dog consume dog attitude. ”

Honestly, the internet is about aligning causes with additional influential companies in where you live and combined venturing the right path to achievement. Using every other’s ‘raving enthusiast list’ is definitely an extremely fast method to prosper nowadays.

Here’s the thought; Instead associated with “ruling out” other business people in your town, create methods to involve them inside your endeavors, potentially helping all of them grow their own businesses… even though you may not really benefit around they perform – a person give, you receive is the actual universal theory to follow-on that one.

3. Give Aside Free Reports Which are Extremely Subject Targeted- Among the largest trustworthiness indicators which we’ve run into in the neighborhood marketplace which local business people search with regard to is exactly how relatable your company, product or even service is actually? Many occasions it’s never, thus absolutely no takers.

When building great methods to promote your site to local business people, you need to speak the actual conversation happening in their own head, it doesn’t matter what you tend to be hoping and planning to occur to have an outcome.

Once we conclude with this reference manual, I can not be forthright sufficient in stating that busting the provides with traditionalism isn’t easy. “Traditional” business people are persistent, very rigid and never all which “socially savvy” about how exactly or why they have to alter that they view online, but when you “crack-the-code” hang on for expensive life because these things is infectious and it is a thrilling time!