COVID-19 Best Practices for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the worst hit during any crisis, so it’s not surprising that the coronavirus has affected them so much already. Since there’s no clear end for the global pandemic, small business owners across the country are shutting down. It’s essential to ensure your business has all the tools to survive.

Some of the easiest ways to do this are to ensure that your company stays sanitized and clean enough to remain open and operational. Protecting your employees’ health and safety is another way to ensure your business can continue to operate during these uncertain times.

Ensure your office is clean.

Nothing is more devastating for a business than having to go into repeated lockdowns. While it’s often necessary to do so, you can prevent another shutdown by keeping your office clean. Hire a cleaning service to ensure your office is free from any contaminants that can spread the virus. Do a background check so you can ensure the cleaning service you hire is the best one.

An easy way to ensure efficient, regular cleaning is to hire a local company or cleaner. For example, if you’re in Tampa, consider a cleaning service like Dappir Clean. They’re reputable, reliable, and provide everything from residential cleaning to office cleaning services at a fair price.

It’s also important to focus on cleaning the office yourself. Disinfect surfaces regularly, set up hand sanitizer stations, and wear shoe covers around the office. Also, make sure team members practice social distancing and wear masks to prevent germs and contaminants.

Move to a virtual workspace.


You can save on rent for office space and increase productivity if you embrace remote work options. You can maintain the same productivity and conduct everything from a performance review to a weekly check-in with virtual workspace options. Try integrating an OKR process into your regular business template as well. OKRs can help a small business immensely during this time.

With an OKR—or objectives and key results software—you can set quarterly goals, review team member performance through a key performance indicator, and measure progress. An OKR framework can help you put the best practices into motion for your company, and you can view a set of key results through their templates. Remote goal setting, business objectives, and team goals are easier for a small business with an OKR framework.

Increase your customer interaction.

This may not come as much of a surprise to most business owners. However, since keeping businesses running is the top priority, many business owners may forget about their customers. Increasing customer interaction is a good company strategy for any small business, especially right now. The more visibility your small business has, the better chances it has to survive the pandemic.

Customer engagement and interaction are your best practices. Engage with customers on social media. Set up online promotions, and keep customers updated about your business goals and your company objectives. It may surprise you to see the support you receive if your entire company has an excellent online presence.

Focus more on employees.


Are you worried that productivity will fall because of the coronavirus pandemic? An excellent way to ensure success is to reduce turnover and increase productivity. However, stricter rules and harsher strategies won’t work to improve performance or commitment from your employees during COVID-19.

Instead, consider a lighter hand with team members. Employee engagement is not about checking whether their meeting company goals and using the best practices. It’s also about regular check-ins about their wellness and asking how they’re doing on a more personal level.

Focus on your finances.


It’s not easy for all small businesses to get loans and financial relief during the coronavirus. However, it’s essential to put some measurable steps in place to ensure your business stays afloat. Try to cut costs, save money, and set up a financial plan to cover unexpected expenses. Consider hiring a financial advisor if you can afford to do so. Also, consider salary cuts on the executive level to ensure you don’t have a labor shortage that affects productivity.


How to select corporate gift vouchers for your clients & employees?

With festivals, arrives the frenzy of gifting and the time for gift vouchers. Large shopping chains and e-commerce sites are offering gift vouchers to help customers with a timely gifting. Right from relatives, to retail stores, everyone has started the practice of presenting gift vouchers. And Companies are no exception to this. Business enterprises have started offering corporate gift vouchers to their clients & employees.

This year, you too can think of creating corporate gift vouchers for your company. But how to select corporate gift vouchers? Here are some ideas.

Why should you select corporate gift vouchers for your clients and employees?

Both clients and employees love to accept gift vouchers because they give them the freedom to do their own shopping, and buy the things they need. But you just cannot get a blank voucher card with only QR code and the company logo. It would look so dull and would damage the reputation of the company. Worst of all, the gift voucher might easily get lost or fall into the wrong hands. This defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? That is why you must always design your corporate gift vouchers attractively using the best print specialist. Or you can choose eye-catching designs from the corporate gift voucher templates that your print provider has.

But remember one thing, your corporate gift vouchers must be so attractive that they should be sought-after and be in demand every year. They should also benefit your company status and resonate your company’s message. Keep this in mind while selecting the design for your corporate gift vouchers.

How to select corporate gift vouchers for your clients & employees?

Use the following tips to select corporate gift vouchers for your clients & employees.

  1. Bright and festive design

Your company is offering corporate gift vouchers for your clients & employees as a festival gift. Secondly, receiving your gift voucher should be a celebration in itself. This makes it all the more important to choose a bright and festive design for your corporate gift vouchers. Let the design of your corporate gift vouchers dazzle your clients & employees and make them treasure it.

  1. Vivid colors

The vibrant color of the corporate gift vouchers is what captures the attention of your clients & employees. So choose bright and vivid colors like red and golden, violet and white, or red and green to lure your customers and employees.

  1. Select a design that symbolizes good luck or prosperity

Your customers and employees are your true wealth. Please them by gifting corporate gift vouchers that symbolize good luck or prosperity. Choose such favorable themes with auspicious messages, Your customers and employees will be thrilled and will truly appreciate your corporate gift vouchers.

  1. Unique designs for each occasion

Never forget to print gift vouchers during festive occasions. Gift vouchers are handed out more during Diwali and Christmas like never before.  Create seasonal gift vouchers for each festival to add value to them. Let your “Diwali” vouchers be different in the design and the deals offered,  from your “Christmas” voucher.

  1. Choose the right size

Corporate gift vouchers are printed attractively with the Company name and Logo.  But most importantly, they should be of the correct to fit perfectly into the purse or wallet.

Corporate Gift vouchers add value to the company’s reputation and earn loyalty from both customers and employees. Select the right supplier to design and print your corporate gift voucher attractively. Use these corporate gift vouchers to impress your clients and customers today.


CBD Oil is the Best Remedy to Get Relief from Migraine Pain

Cannabidiol which is derived from the hemp and cannabis plant of marijuana group is used for various ailments. Earlier people were afraid of using it as it was considered a drug and even FDA didn’t approve it. However, a recent study shows that the popularity of CBD is increasing every day due to its property of treating chronic pain and severe ailments like depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, etc.

There are various CBD products available in the market that contains CBD oil. Still, just buying from any store cannot assure its safety and authenticity. JustCBD is an online store that ships its authentic products all over the US. JustCBD founded in 2017, believes in clarity between customers and business about products. Their products are bought by adults who’re 18 years and above.

Cannabidiol is one of the components present in the cannabis plant.  Here are many other components that are derived from leaves, stem, and roots, to serve other benefits. CBD Isolate is the pure form of CBD which means THC is extracted after processing. THC produces a psychoactive effect which is why it is hardly used by people in their daily life.

CBD tinctures are used in –

  • Dust form to infuse or spray-on edibles and drinks.
  • Capsule form to avoid its nasty flavor.
  • Liquid form that is tried with e-cigarettes or vapors.
  • Topical form which is a kind of ream, ointment, save that is applied on external skin.
  • Drops or sprays that are applied to affected areas or kept under the tongue to dissolve in the blood.

In all ways, CBD is used for avoiding majorly any type of pain like arthritis, osteoporosis, burns, wounds, surgeries, etc. Since it is beneficial for nerve and muscle pain, therefore people also use it during migraine attacks. People have been using cannabidiol oil for headaches for ages. It is the best way of reducing opioid consumption due to any pain. Instead of taking painkillers or opioids, using cannabidiol oil externally is better.

Not all sorts of CBD products are legal in every place. Only those without THC are approved by the FDA. This means before using any product, you should take reference form your doctor. There is lack of evidence, if CBD is helpful in migraine, still as it is assumed, if it is helpful in certain severe muscle and nerve pains, then it can benefit in migraine as well.

If you want to avoid any medication you should always go for other methods that are natural and help in reducing migraine pain –

  • Take proper hours of sleep to avoid any headache and uneasiness.
  • Avoid bright lights that irritate eyes
  • Avoid allergens
  • Stress management

Migraine shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a severe pain that takes a week or even more to subside. If you have severe pain you can always refer to a doctor. Otherwise, check the best pain balm or lotion that helps in giving relief.

CBD has always been a remedy for different kinds of diseases. However, trying to look for a reliable store can also be a challenge. If you know someone who takes CBD products and is a regular customer of a particular store, then try your hands there.


Real Estate business challenges to attract Chiense investors

The facts demonstrate that real estate contributing is one of the most secure approaches to make benefit in the medium and long haul. Notwithstanding, don’t be confounded. Turning into a real estate investor accompanies a ton of challenges – it’s anything but a simple assignment. Beneath we are summing up for you probably the most widely recognized real estate challenges and potential answers for tackle them.

Real Estate Contributing Test #1: Meeting all requirements for a Bank Credit

Despite the fact that we are confronting the absolute most minimal financing costs ever, numerous individuals are making some hard memories fitting the bill for a credit from the bank. This holds particularly valid for the independently employed. It is additionally valid for individuals who have quite recently begun their activity, have poor record of loan repayment, as well as have an obligation. The issue of fitting the bill for and getting credit is an enormous one as you should have the option to buy an investment property so as to be a piece of the real estate contributing world.

Arrangement: To be straightforward, there is no supernatural occurrence answer for this test. There is consistently the alternative of paying in real money, yet that requires either being rich or setting something aside for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time. On the off chance that you intend to purchase a speculation property, you should work to improve and ensure your financial assessment so as to have the option to take a credit. In the event that you have an obligation, ensure you pay it down. Different alternatives incorporate exchanging some different belongings (like another real estate property or a vehicle), wholesaling, and renting with choice of purchasing. Or then again you could obtain cash from a private investor, a relative, or a companion. The drawback is that for this situation the private investor will settle on the financing cost, to a great extent relying upon the sort of connection among you.

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Real Estate Contributing Test #2: Managing a Decent Up front installment

The subsequent regular test to real estate contributing is again a money related one. Normally an up front installment of 20% will be sufficient to abstain from paying for private home loan protection. In any case, you regularly need an initial installment of 25-30% to acquire a superior financing cost on your speculation property credit.

Arrangement: In the event that you realize that at some point or another you need to join real estate contributing, begin setting aside cash for an up front installment as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances. Make it an objective to set aside a couple of dollars every month; you won’t realize how rapidly cash will gather. All things considered, you need enough for only a segment of your buy, not the entire sum. Having said that, ensure you don’t leave yourself with zero cash in the wake of purchasing your real estate property as there will be sudden costs identified with it.

Real Estate Contributing Test #3: Purchasing a Real Estate Property Is a Tedious (and Potentially Baffling) Procedure

Much the same as purchasing your own home, buying an investment property requires a great deal of time and vitality. You should do a ton of online research, choose the area and sort of property you need and can manage, enlist a real estate specialist, visit a great deal of properties, and so forth. That is the point at which you will begin realizing that real estate putting resources into a business as well as low maintenance work.

Arrangement: You don’t should be a specialist in real estate to begin real estate contributing, yet you should get your work done. Consider cautiously what the best venture property for you is. By and large, it is a smart thought to begin little and basic; you can change your property for a greater and progressively refined one after you bring in some additional cash and increase significant experience from your first property. Likewise, search for a neighborhood real estate operator who works overwhelmingly or only with investors. Try not to stress over the expense as real estate operators are paid for by the dealer. Do a great deal of systems administration. Associate with neighborhood real estate investors. Attempt to discover some new information from every last one of them without overpowering them with your inquiries and solicitations.

When you feel prepared to investigate explicit properties all through the US, make a point to visit Mashvisor for hundreds and many postings.

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Real Estate Contributing Test #4: Dealing with an Investment property Is Difficult Work

As we’ve referenced previously, real estate contributing is a business just as low maintenance work. When you’ve become a proprietor, you should manage your inhabitants and fix any issues that happen. Regardless of whether it is a messed up pipe in the night or an issue with the clothing machine toward the end of the week, you will be liable for fixing it in due time. This will definitely cost you time and cash.

Arrangement: The most clear answer for this real estate contributing test is employing an expert property director. Valid, it will cost you some additional cash, yet an expert individual or organization had practical experience in overseeing properties will spare you a ton of stress and cerebral pains. Also, the extra expense probably won’t be too high as such experts profit by limits from specialist organizations, stores, and others. Along these lines, ensure you don’t go through the entirety of your cash for buying your investment property; leave some additional money for overseeing it.

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Real Estate Contributing Test #5: Your Cash is Tied Up

Real estate contributing isn’t care for different sorts of interests as in your cash isn’t as fluid. When you’ve bought an investment property, it will require significant investment and endeavors and perhaps come at a misfortune in the event that you choose to sell it soon in light of the fact that you need the cash. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you figure out how to keep your speculation property over the long haul, it can bring you sensible benefit and secure you a wellspring of additional salary while working your all day work or in the wake of resigning.

Arrangement: Having said that, you should remember that it isn’t difficult to sell your investment property if there is really a requirement for this. All things considered, your property is your cash, and in the event that you see a superior speculation opportunity, suppose, you can auction the property and pay the rest of the piece of the home loan. What we mean is that the dread that you may require cash later on ought not keep you from putting resources into real estate now. By and by, it is consistently a smart thought to have some additional money as well as to have different ventures, (for example, stocks or common assets).

Obviously, this is anything but a total rundown of everything that can present deterrents on your approach to turning out to be and being a real estate investor. Be that as it may, it carries your consideration regarding the 5 most basic challenges and potential answers for them.

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How can your company benefit from free visiting cards?

In the world of business, the presence of visiting cards is eternal. Visiting cards act as the official mode of introduction during business meetings. Companies can benefit greatly by ordering free visiting cards from a reliable supplier. But will these free visiting cards be really worth it? Are they really free? Is this a marketing gimmick? – A hundred questions like these run through your mind when you hear the words “free visiting cards”.  Let us analyze the truth behind ” free visiting cards” and see how companies can really benefit from them.

Can Free Visiting Cards be of benefit to your company?

  1. Your company definitely needs Free Visiting Cards

Visiting Cards are the corporate symbol for your business organizations. A Visiting Card reflects your Corporate Identity. It briefly sums up your profile by giving your full contact details- your designation, your Company’s business standing and corporate status. So if you want to introduce yourself or your company to customers, you need visiting cards. If you don’t believe this, the best thing you can do is to order Free Visiting Cards  and distribute them to see the result for yourself.

  1. Free Visiting Cards are good for a trial run

Your company needs Visiting cards but you are not able to finalize the design. Yet you cannot afford to lose time by not printing visiting cards. What do you do? Simple, order for Free Visiting Cards from a reputed supplier. By doing this, your immediate need for visiting cards will be met with. Secondly, you need not bother about using this design forever. If necessary, you can alter the design and print a fresh lot with a new design. So, Free Visiting Cards are an absolute must for a trial run and you can use them for testing the impact of your Visiting Cards design.

  1. Free Visiting Cards helps in reading the customer’s mind

Visiting cards can also be used for brand promotion. The wide circulation of visiting cards enhances brand visibility and creates brand awareness. If your company is in the process of branding or rebranding, the best thing to do is to use Free Visiting Cards. Yes, order a lot of Free Visiting Cards with your new brand design and end them into the market. Assess their impact on the customer’s mind. Se  the response and then finalize the brand design. Free Visiting Cards help marketers to do test marketing and read the customer’s mind.

  1. Free Visiting Cards help in selecting the best designs

You may have a creativity which you want to give vent to through your visiting cards. But your colleagues may have different ideas. What to do when there is a conflict of ideas?  Use Free Visiting Cards to select the best design. Yes, print Free Visiting Cards in each of these designs. Distribute them to customers and gain feedback. This will help you determine which design works best. This printing of Free Visiting Cards is not a wasteful expenditure as all you have to pay is only for the shipping and that is marginal!

How to order Free Visiting Cards

  1. Select from 100+unique and dazzling designs on your print supplier’s website
  2. Feed in your details, customize your design and just check out.
  3. Use coupon code “100FREE” to get 100 single-sided Company branded Free Visiting Cards  absolutely free by paying a very minimal amount of Rs.50.50 (including all taxes) as  shipping charges within India.

Be smart and make use of Free Visiting Cards to get a headstart in your business.


A Guide to Crabs and crab clusters 2020

Crabs are much more versatile than most people think. Of course, they can be steamed or boiled, or made into crab cakes. However, they are also excellent in soups, soups, stews, casseroles, and other wonderful dishes. crab clusters can be battered and fried whole, and crabs and crab clusters are amazing on the grill, too. Crabs are rich in protein and are also a good source of niacin, vitamin B12, chromium, selenium, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium. Crab meat is very low in saturated fat, but it is high in cholesterol. With all the varieties of crab on the market, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly what to buy. Which variety is the best? Below is some information that might help!

Crab meat is one of the most succulent and delicious types of meat. In fact, it’s near the top of my list, and I’ve spent years trapping and cooking shell less creatures! I also came up with some great crab recipes. Many of us in the south, who live near the coast, make cooking and eating crabs a ritual at some of our southern food parties. We often meet to boil crabs and crab roasts every time someone comes back from the beach with a cooler full of jimmies and sooks: “crab talks” for male and female blue crabs. An immature female is called “sally”.

If you just want the big, easy-to-eat legs, you’ll want to look for king crab or snow crab. Depending on where you live, fresh crab legs can be difficult to acquire. Of course, you can always order your crab legs delivered from Maryland directly to your door. This is not only more convenient, but the quality of the crab will be superior.

Both varieties of crab legs will give you approximately 50% meat. Plan to serve approximately six ounces of meat per person, depending on what else is on the menu. That means about a pound of crab for every diner. For true crab lovers or a truly decadent party, double that amount.

Whether you’re entertaining friends and family, cooking a romantic seafood dinner for a special occasion, or just indulging yourself, there are a few things you should know when planning to serve crab. First, it is a messy business! You’ll need to provide kitchen scissors (to split the shells, if they’re not already pre-split), crab biscuits, and small forks and picks to remove hard-to-reach meat stuff. Lots of napkins and paper towels are also a must. Pro tip: For a crab leg dinner, plenty of hot wet cloths in a slow cooker. It is also a good idea to provide a large bowl for empty tanks, so that guests don’t have to fill their plates with them. Small plates will also be required for the melted butter.


Where to find best personal loan options?

It is advised to search around, collect necessary data, compare the lending options and then decide to apply for loan. Market is full of lenders offering different interest rates, repayment terms and other charges, confusing borrowers to decide which loan offer suits his situation.

Visit Loan Moz, and you will find it a perfect leading source of information and answer to your questions, relating Personal loan. This platform is reserved for consumers to find and compare various loans and borrow online while sitting comfortably at your home or office.

It is a place to guide every borrower having poor to excellent credit histories to find loan options of various lenders. Lenders at Loan Moz offers personal loan for debt consolidation, home renovation, medical emergencies and much more to different buyers. You may get all required information on Personal loans.

Here we review thousands of loan programs, from hundreds of different lenders to help the consumers, finding best possible loan for their financing requirements. We work consistently to provide you with latest market information of products, changes in interest rates, repayment policies and economic factors to remain in contact. We share relevant news and views with you. Our team of writers has details and facts of consumers and business finances, taxes, personal finances, banking, lending and mortgages.

Our aim is to help you in saving money by giving you with lots of tips and news. While working with you, we appreciate your views, tips, feedbacks, advices, queries and suggestions on loan and finances. Our network of local and web-based lenders will help you with your finances.

Check our list and you will always find latest information. There is change in stock market daily and bond rates are always moving up and down and these things have impact on rates may confuses the borrowers. But we are here to help you understand with simple terms.

The federal regulations and federal finance guidelines are changing and every state offer different rates and terms and you will find all up to date information here on Loan Moz. Either you are looking for information about installment loans or debt-consolidation loans or personal loans or short-term loans or unsecured loans that does not require collateral, we can help you in loan process. Loan Moz is the best platform to compare all loan information.

Due to great competition in lending market, the lenders are offering fixed-rate loans with flexible interest rates and repayment plans. Even people having average or poor credit score may able to find a loan to achieve your financial goals, with the help of dozens of lenders nationwide.

Many consumers are searching for local lenders on this platform because they feel more comfortable working with lenders in their areas. So, it is more likely to find local lender helping you with the option of securing personal loan or an installment loan. We can help you in finding local lender near me or local lender in my area to make your loan process quite simple.


Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Businesses Continue To Make

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Can Instagram Help You Market Your Brand?

Social media websites are a huge part of using the Internet. Millions of subscribers flock to popular social media websites such as Instagram every minute of the day. When you consider the high volume of users, you may wonder if these websites could potentially help you market your brand. Well, no doubt getting the word out about your business could never be easier than with social media networking.

Getting Started

One of the first steps to marketing your brand on the various social media platforms is to become a member. This is a simple task that only requires around 2-5 minutes tops. Now, the hard part involves trying to encourage other members to follow you. This is a timely process that could potentially take months, even years in some cases. Sparing the time for such an inevitable project may not seem worthwhile for many people, which is why they turn to a more time-efficient method. You can buy Instagram followers on various websites found throughout the World Wide Web.

Cutting Advertising Costs in Half

Most small or upstart business cannot afford to sock thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing. Of course, this is the best way to market your brand, but not the only way. If you are low on business revenue, you can always take advantage of social media websites, especially Instagram. There are currently over 1 billion Instagram users that are actively posting and sharing comments, videos, and images.

Just by becoming a user, you can boost your brand awareness, increasing your potential to score big on sales. This will not be possible if you are lacking in follower numbers.

Success comes with more followers

As you know more followers on Instagram help you to market your brand on this platform. If one wants to get some authentic Instagram followers, then he/ she have to post videos at morning when everyone wakes up or at night when all goes to bed, because these are the times when everyone sits to check their social status.

In the working hours, no one gets enough time to go through social media. A most important suggestion is that for all patients is the key to success. No one in this world has got success in a fraction of a second. You have to wait until your post gets recognition and this can change your life for the good. But if you want to gain several followers in no time then buy Instagram followers from activeig, buzziod, instaboostgram etc.

Market your brand with Instagram:

“Content is king”,  goes the old proverb, but telling you that wouldn’t make that much of a difference, since it’s common sense that people would be interested in something which is, interesting. On the other hand, some good advice would be to tell you what type of videos or images are most captivating at first sight. It’s not something new – newspapers have been doing it for centuries to make people buy their edition. So why shouldn’t you?

Businesses around the globe have and continue to market their business, using Instagram. Remember, this is the best way to get the message out to an audience of all age groups.


Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans for All Online Business Companies

Get the best permanence and flexibility with dedicated server hosting plans at low costs and best suitable for all online business companies and their residential projects. As well all know dedicated hosting is supposed to be an ideal hosting plan for all online business portal. The residential companies make their microsite website and host their website every easily. A dedicated Server provides virtually partitioned into multiple isolated virtual servers. Hence the client can host multiple for all online business websites and get maximum speed and stability. Onlive server’s Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting for all online business portal plans is an ideal solution for those seeking a robust service, faster page loads and stability at a reasonable price.

Why Choose the Onlive server?

Real-Time Server Monitoring

At the Onlive server, keeping your website up at all times is our responsibility. We enthusiastically monitor and scan our virtual server host nodes and known services running on them to prevent or minimize the impact of any unforeseen issues.

Affordable Virtual Private Servers

Virtual servers at Onlive server offer the privilege of having your first standalone server at surprisingly low prices. What more, the renewal fee remains the same as the initial price so enjoy the low prices as long as you stay with us!

Admin Access

Once your new Dedicated Server is up and running, you can install and run any web application of your choice on the server. There are no restrictions and as an administrator, you gain total control over your private server environment.

Flexible Billing Options

Onlive server offers reasonably priced for all online business website hosting plans with a virtual server and also get flexible monthly plans and annually billing options. So you can choose your desired billing series without the fright of any hidden charges.

Stop sharing your web server resources and go with a cheap Dedicated server. Take complete control into your own hands with the most powerful dedicated hosting. Now it’s time to maintain your websites with dedicated server space as well as unlimited resource scalability with the lowest possible costs. Get the cheapest dedicated hosting services at a very affordable price!!

Dedicated Server for All Online Business Portal

Onlive Server’s cheapest dedicated server hosting plans provide the best option for all online business portal to increase the website traffic and generate leads. Dedicated Server Hosting gives you complete access over your server environment at only a fraction of a cost. Onlive Server now providing cheapest dedicated server plans especially for all online business Companies that will help to for all online business companies to make own their microsites and host their server, these microsites related to different-different projects or newly launched projects.

A dedicated server gives endless functions of a control panel, managed backup and Firewall. We help you to set up your best-dedicated hosting on Linux and Windows operating systems. Get all online business website hosting (Dedicated Server Hosting) are managed by our high-quality technical support and of course at competitive pricing. At Onlive Server, we understand our customers need to achieve their goals.

Linux and Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Our Cheapest Linux Web Hosting is ideal for small and medium businesses. The services offered by us are affordable and ideal for businesses for multiple websites. At Onlive Server, we understand the critically of a Windows Web hosting platform that’s why the company has become one of the world’s leading Linux web hosting services providers Company. We understand your online business portal market that is rapidly developing and you need to host a wide range of microsites that can keep it whole and scale up quickly with the growing needs. Moreover, our cheap dedicated hosting for all online business portal helps the business to optimize their performance level and work faster, smarter and better.