World’s Leading Pure Tin Ingots and Alloys Supplier

Advancement in material science and technology brought us advanced exotic materials with better characteristics and wider applications. But it doesn’t mean conventional metals and its alloys become forgotten. Tin is one of metal materials once was widely used for various purposes ranging from organ pipes to tin toys. Although tin is way less popular these days, it is still used for crafts making as well as different manufacturing process. Latest material technology created tin based alloys which is even more applicable for advanced manufacturing process.

Whether it is from crafts or for industrial process, high quality tin metal with high purity is very crucial. It will highly affect the process and the end product. This is the reason why it is very crucial to have a trusted supplier on tin metal material. There are many companies around the world able to supply tin ingots and alloys but not all of them can offer the same quality. It is also important to secure supply of pure tin ingot or tin based alloys with exact characteristics required for certain process or implementation.

French company, the METACONCEPT Group is the leading supplier of pure metal ingots and alloys. Its flagship product is tin ingot with wide selections of purity and characteristics. It guarantees tin ingot has 99% purity while also offers varieties of tin alloys ranging from Antimony, Bismuth, Indium, to Lead ingots.

Besides ingots, tin metal and alloys are also available in billets, bars, and flat bars. Visit its website for complete information of tin ingot and alloys characteristics and implementations.

METACONCEPT Group also supplies pewter alloy, the tin based alloy with low melting point. Pewter alloy is widely used in arts, crafts, and jewelry making as well as parts of various industries. Pewter alloy material from this company comes under brand name of CERRO®. Ranges of CERRO alloys are 100% lead free to make it a green alloy and suitable for wide ranges of applications. This company has been supplying CERRO alloys to customers throughout more than 50 countries worldwide to make it one of the leading pewter suppliers. More than just supplying pure ingots and alloy materials, this company also offers expert services for consultancy, technical supports, and training supports to those using its products. Don’t hesitate to contact this company and its technical support department will more than happy to help you find the right product perfectly fit for particular requirements of application.