What is an industrial air compressor

An industrial air compressor is a device that converts power into potential energy which is then stored in compressed or pressurized air. The primary source of power is an electric motor, gasoline engine, or diesel.

More and more air is stored into storage tanks where it gradually increases the pressure. Once the pressure reaches the engineering upper limit, the air compressor automatically shut off. The compressed air is then stored in tanks until it is time to use.

An air compressor is designed to provide solutions to essential system demands which includes energy saving, low maintenance, high efficiency and in modular designs for a more extended period.

A significant notable benefit of using a workshop air compressor is its compact and lightweight dimensions. The other considerable interests include low maintenance, is long lasting, is less noisy and is easily portable from worksite to worksite.

The working principle of an industrial air compressor

An Industrial air compressor is mainly found in factories where product assembling takes place. Such areas include gas stations, car service areas, and auto workshops. Machines such as drills, sanders, grinders, spray guns, nail guns, and staplers to mention a few are used to running an air compressor.

Major industries that use industrial air compressors include the manufacturing industries, agriculture/farm, climate control, in automotive, dry cleaning, natural gas, pharmaceutical, energy exploration, plastics, woodworking, food and beverage, painting, plumbing, mining, textile, brewing, amusement parks, and in standard oil and gas.

How an industrial air compressor works

Air compression involves a twofold process where the pressure raises while the volume drops. Ideally, it is accomplished with a reciprocating piston technology, which is widely used on the major compressors in the market.

The following are some of the essential components of an air compressor.

  • Cylinder
  • Piston
  • Valve head
  • Crankshaft
  • Connecting rod

An air compressor comes in different varieties and models, and most of its parts are either electric motors or gas. It has inlets comprised of metal flap shaped discharge valves on one end of the cylinder, which then appears at the top end of the barrel.

An air compressor usually uses inlets to suck the air, which is later released through the discharge valve.

Several air compressor models produce pressure using rotating impellers. However, other models usually run the positive displacement, which compresses air within its compartments, which end up reducing the space.

Such compressors are the kinds that are commonly used by construction workers, mechanics, and craftspeople.

Most compressors use air tanks to store a substantial amount of air with a specific pressure range for use when some work is about to be done.

The compressed air is then used to power other pneumatic tools connected to the main unit supply. The motor starts and repeatedly stops to keep the pressure at more preferred consistency.


The idea of having an air compressor for your day-to-day industrial operations is a brilliant one. An air compressor is very important; it has some unique workings that enable it to transform air into power.

Categories such as ac units, air powered tools, pneumatic drills, wood sanders, painters, and many others are the beneficiaries of the comfort and convenience that the invention of an air compressor brought forth.

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