The Nappis Donate $8 Million to Upstate Medical University

New York’s Upstate Medical University announced that it had received an $8 million donation from Sam Nappi and his wife, Carol Nappi. The university announced on Friday during a gala event at the institution’s Oncenter. According to the school, the Nappi’s donation ranked the highest of all the contributions it had received in the past.

The Nappi’s donation came at the right time as the institution is preparing to construct an eight-floor health and wellness complex. And the Nappis’ donation would go a long way in funding the services that the university plans to avail at the center specifically services associated with “brain health” or neurosciences such as the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Following the generous donation from the Nappis, the health and wellness center will be named after the couple: Nappi Longevity Institute. The complex is expected to have a floor area of close to 360 thousand square foot.

The medical school intimated that the construction of institute would commence in the first quarter of 2018. The Nappi Longevity Institute would sit across the Upstate Cancer Center and close to the intersection of the East Adams and Almond Streets.

The Business Journal News Network (BJNN) sought to discover more information regarding the proposed Nappi Longevity Institute. In response to BJJN’s inquiry, Darryl Geddes (director of public and media relations at the institution) indicated that Upstate Medical University had contracted the services of Stantec Inc. The design and consulting firm is based in Edmonton Alberta. However, Geddes could not state the exact amount of resources required to complete the project.

Upstate Medical University’s management is grateful for the Nappis philanthropy. Through the university’s president, Dr. Danielle Laraque-Arena, the school unreservedly recognized the couple’s efforts which Laraque-Arena states that they are a sign of love not only for the institution but the community at large Tevfik Arif. Laraque-Arena concluded by affirming that the university is committed to furthering the mission of the Nappis of improving the health of humanity.

Who are the Nappis?

Sam Nappi is the entrepreneur behind Alliance Energy Group; he is also the chairman of the group located at Buffalo in New York. Carol Nappi sits on the nursing advisory board of the Upstate Medical University. Previously, she was a psychiatric therapist at Community General Hospital (whose name has since changed to Upstate’s Community Campus). She is said to be active in both local and national charities, just like her husband.

The Nappis are not new to philanthropy. The family has over time shown interest in improving medical research and community medical care. To this end, they support the construction of medical facilities. So far, the couple has contributed towards the establishment of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Emergency Services building, Christina M. Nappi Surgical Tower (named after Sam’s mother), and the biomedical stem-cell laboratory at Syracuse University. What’s more, the couple initiated and funded the Nappi Family Research Awards in 2015. The foundation annually rewards the winners of research competition in the biomedical and health fields. Presently, the competitions are between Upstate Medical University and Syracuse University.