The Importance Of Introductions – Why Executive Suites Leave Lasting Impressions

The US business scene has evolved to be more inclusive of all businesses and perspectives. Today’s millennials can be seen sporting both business suits and jeans during business meetings. However, for most businesses in the US, traditional garb worn in the boardroom is still the preferred mode of fashion for the workplace. The same is true for office space.

While a funky, little hole-in-the-wall can provide your business with a certain charm, businesses most benefit from office space that is both functional and has a certain appeal. Offices that are centrally-located are at the core of much business, and they also give businesses a certain polish because of where they are located. Unfortunately, your average office, located downtown, is often very expensive, except if you are leasing an executive suite.

Keep reading to learn how you can get that polish by leasing an executive suite in any American city.

A Nice Space For The Money

The executive suite provides businesses with office space that has the finest furnishings and provides your business access to conference and meeting rooms in the city. This is very important because the same office plan in a conventional lease will cost your business thousands of dollars a month, especially if you are leasing in New York one of the most expensive markets. The executive suite, alternatively, charges renters an all-inclusive bill that includes utilities, cable, phone, internet and office support. Visit Servcorp’s site at to see the typical office plan in American locations. As you can see, when comparing the executive suite with conventional leasing, both the monthly rent and the deposit is drastically lower with the executive lease than with leasing traditional space. Moreover, in many cases, these offices are in some of the best locations in the city.

Office Support And Maintenance

When going with a conventional lease, you have to hire a receptionist, at the minimum, to answer calls because, if no one answers the phone and your clients are constantly greeted by an answering service, they might get the impression the office is not a professional outfit. These impressions are hard to erase when competing with businesses that have their professional image together. Your executive suite, through a serviced office provider, can provide your business with not only a receptionist to answer any calls but to also meet clients at the front desk as well.

Your executive suite is not only given office support, but your offices are also maintained by a professional crew. An immaculately clean office with sparkling floors can really make an impression on potential clients. Furthermore, with the conventional office, unless your leasing company provides maintenance in terms of cleaning the space, this cost falls on your business.

Access To Resources

There is nothing more impressive than being close to other equally successful businesses. The one thing the executive suite can do for your business is to place your business next to offices that belong to doctors, lawyers, financiers, architects, and other high-profile business people. Not only can these professions make an impressive impression on your clients, but they can also serve as a valuable resource in getting through your workday in terms of networking and getting to know other professionals in the area.

Making A Lasting Impression

The superficial things that attract clients to a business do matter. The clothes we wear to work and the buildings we work in speak volumes about how we feel about our professions. By extension, your office space is a statement regarding your professionalism, and the executive suite is one way to make this statement to clients you are wooing.