The Five Steps to having an Effective Flyer – and Distributing it Properly

The flyer is, and will always be, a highly effective tool in your marketing efforts, for three great reasons. First of all, it’s a tangible item, which makes it often more trustworthy and apparently personal than advertisements through digital platforms. Secondly, research has shown flyers cause a very high response rate; and thirdly, it’s very cost-effective, much like display stands and exhibition stands, when compared to other forms of marketing.

However, it’s not merely a matter of putting some words on paper and seeing that a portion of the larger population gets it in the mailbox – for optimum results, a strategy must be employed. Are you thinking about launching your next marketing campaign? Here are the five steps to having an effective flyer – and distributing it properly.

Step 1 – Make your goals clear

“To have an excellent response rate and increase sales” is not an effective goal. Rather, define your goals in a way that offer specifics. Write them down. Be clear about them. Not only will this help you in your design and your distribution process, it will also give you a measuring stick to gauge the success or failure of the campaign, and allow you to improve on your efforts in the future.

Step 2 – Understand your demographic

Know your customer. Understand his and her needs. This requires a lot of research, but the more information you are able to gather and analyse, the better your chances of success will be. Furthermore, find out in which area the target demographic is most likely to be found – for example, it doesn’t make sense to advertise a car wash in a flat building that doesn’t have garages. 

Step 3 – Have a professional design

The quality of your flyer and the flyer’s printing will reflect on your company and brand; the reader will associate the two. Don’t leave quality blowing in the wind for the sake of saving a few quid; provide quality and prove that you are serious.

Step 4 – Create an efficient distribution network

There are many distribution companies out there, but with some thinking outside the box you can find economical and efficient ways; think of newspaper distributors, for example.

Step 5 – Keep count

Track your progress and note every increase in sales. It will provide valuable data for future marketing campaigns.

Despite the many new ways of approaching your target demographic and promoting your brand, product or service, flyers will never go out of vogue; time and time again the flyer campaign proves to be a cost-efficient and successful way to reach out to your customer base. Of course, it’s essential that you handle it in a professional and logical way. Do your research and have a step-by-step approach, and the good old-fashioned flyer is sure to give you an excellent return on investment.