Smart Ways to Generate Free or Low-Cost Publicity for Your Small Business

People tend to assume that advertising online is a relatively expensive process. In many cases, it is. But the advantage of advertising on the internet is that there are also various low-cost, and even free, options that any user can use to advertise their brand or products online. With that said, here are some tips in leveraging the internet to increase your business’ online presence and hopefully generate sales.

Social Media is Key, But Know Which Platform is Best

Facebook has been the dominant social media platform on the internet for the past ten years. With everyone being a part of the platform, it only makes sense that most businesses would take advantage via Facebook marketing for their services or products in the site. But it is also prudent to know which products are appropriate for Facebook, and which may do better instead in other social media platforms. For instance, Instagram is another social media platform that is designed more to cater to pictures.


While Facebook also allows pictures to post your business in its platform, Instagram has more features towards visual content that the former does not. A product that requires a lot of visuals for promotion such as food or clothing may do well in Instagram more than Facebook. Do consider as well that having both platforms is also an excellent way to advertise.

Multiplatform is essential in advertising towards different online market segments. Where Facebook can act as a general repository for your brand or product, Instagram can serve as your “virtual catalog” for a more niche market.

Watch Your Social Network

Putting your customer at the center of your service or product decisions is essential. Being on the social network can be of your advantage to get constant feedback, both good and bad, from your customers. Some of them would take it to their social media accounts to complain or praise a product or a service, and this would relatively gain attention to the extent of going viral.

This instance, in essence, is free publicity for your small business. Don’t hesitate to reply to their comments and posts graciously and always offer help and resolution to those in need of it. This gesture will help your customers know that your business is not so out of reach.

Build your Brand to Focus on More Relevant Clients

Thanks to Influencer Marketing, you don’t have to pay significant sums of talent fees anymore to pay for celebrities. Influencers can be anywhere unlike models or celebrities. It can be a street-photographer who has lots of followers on his Instagram or Facebook account or a respected leader. The beauty tapping into influencer marketing is that you can advertise your products or services into a narrower and more personal group of clients. It is a form of micro-advertising that can yield great results and loyalty to the brand.

Be Creative With Content and Advertising Tricks

In the world of the digital age, the classic form of advertising never gets old. Putting up signage doesn’t have to be costly, you need to be efficient with your options. Get a custom designed metal signs that could bear the name of your business outside of your store or office. This tactic is one way of establishing your company as legitimate. The professional finish for metal signs lasts for lifetimes, so it is sure a smart investment for your company.

You can also make room for creativity, and it doesn’t have to be limited with postings online. Promote your business with a logo and signage that has a perfect element on it. Concern yourself with how your logo turns into effective signage- the typeface, scale, shape, and color. Shield CO Business Signs, for instance, can help you make your business logo into a piece of art with their custom signages.


It takes time and effort to build a reputation in any business, but first impressions last. It would be great to have a professional team help you out with something that you have to get right the first time you throw yourself into the market. They will help you pick the particular scale and size appropriate for your signage and logo and fit for your budget. They would also be able to help you determine the type of materials that should be used for your signage so it could effectively stand the test of times.

Effective advertising doesn’t have to cost you your deep pockets; it only has to be consistent. Make smart use of the online platforms you have and discover ways to spread the word out there about your company. There are just limitless possibilities out there that a new social media platform would spring and you might want to test that out too. Most especially, choose solid advertising materials that will stand the test of times.