Should You Use A Fleet Management Team?

Some businesses can get along just fine without a managerial team needing to take the lead. However, when it comes to managing a fleet, there are simply too many moving pieces to deal with. Companies that deal with a fleet of at least 20 cars need a managerial team not just in order to run better and keep customers happy. They need the expertise and cost-saving precision of a team of expert fleet drivers and managers to keep them in the black. If you want to get great savings on gas, energy costs, and maintenance, there are a ton of things you can do that you’re probably not doing out of simple ignorance. That’s where a fleet management team can come in handy. The right team can help you apply for a small business fleet card here for huge savings as well as setting up preventative maintenance checks and green initiatives to create a safer, more cost-effective fleet. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why hiring a management team for your fleet is a no-brainer.

Cut Costs

If you’re a company that delivers products, services, or parts, you simply can’t afford not to think about the cost of transportation. Even if you started out as a smaller company and have rapidly expanded, chances are, without a fleet management team on hand, you’re spending far more on transportation and delivery costs than you should be. Hiring a management team won’t just help you save money by making things more efficient and helping to create better customer expectations. It will help you actually see what you’re spending per week, month, and even day on things like gas cards, tire wear, and on-road mistakes that could have been avoided. There’s so much great technology out there specifically designed to keep tabs on each job to help your company get better and more streamlined in its deliveries. However, to help implement all these cost- and time-saving initiatives, you need a team that’s going to work tirelessly to turn those statistics and discoveries into new company-wide practices.

Get Smart About Driver Activity and Spending

If you have a fleet but don’t yet have a management team, you’re probably doing something to keep tabs on how your cars are performing. But vehicle maintenance is only a small piece of the whole equation. If you’re keeping track of your fleet’s cars but not its drivers, you’re missing out on a huge area of potential savings. For instance, if you haven’t invested in fleet fueling cards yet, you could be creating a situation where your drivers are spending money on fuel per ride. If your drivers are at the mercy of fluctuating gas prices from station to station across the country, you’re going to end up losing tons of money per job. If your drivers don’t have a way to easily and quickly fill up for a locked-in rate, you could not only be looking at extra gas charges that could have been avoided but extra costs or “slippage” resulting from drivers buying extras on the company card. A fleet management team could also help you track down the right software to use for better driver training and on-road oversight.

Go Green

Every fleet is trying to go greener these days. It’s not just to keep up with the times, either. With more and more fleets cycling out older gas guzzlers for new energy-efficient hybrids, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before cars running on traditional fuel will be a thing of the past. Rather than fearing this moment of change, companies should be embracing the idea that a new, greener future is on its way. However, if you don’t have a fleet management team in place to help you with the transition by researching the most fuel-efficient hybrid models on the market and finding ways to help increase the fleet’s number of green cars without spending a ton of cash upfront, you could be looking at a messy shift when the time comes. Hiring a fleet management team can help protect you against the big changes that are coming to shake up the industry in only a few years’ time.

Keep Customers Happy

Customer satisfaction and timely job completion are a huge part of any transportation business. They also go hand-in-hand to create better, longer lasting relationships and trust between you and your client base. When you don’t have a solid fleet management team working overtime to keep drivers in line, complete jobs efficiently, and increasing customer satisfaction, you could be creating a major liability for your business.