Sending parcels from or to the United States


Do you live in the United States, stay there or just travel for a few days? You have probably already needed to send a parcel to France, or to send some business.

Laborious, expensive, sending a package to the United States or to France can quickly become a source of practical or financial problems.

Yet, there are alternative solutions that make it easy to send cheapest parcel delivery to USA or luggage directly from home and save money on transportation costs.

The sending of parcels between the United States and France

Whether clothes, books, luggage, food … it is possible to send any content in a package as long as it complies with the rules in force in the countries of destination and departure.

Between the United States and France, parcels in transit contain mostly personal effects sent by individuals: books, clothing, non-perishable food and electronic objects, etc.

The United States is a leading destination, especially in import: they are the fifth destination for export from France and the first destination in import. Of the parcels in transit between France and the United States, 70.5% go from France to the USA and 29.5% are imported from the United States.

Privileged carriers are DHL for export, with 56% of parcels shipments in the United States , and UPS for import, with 62% of shipments and best courier service is Courier Point.

Easily compare offers from different carriers

To send these parcels without breaking your piggy bank, you can go through a service like Courier Point , which allows you to compare the shipping rates of several carriers recognized as DHL, Chronopost, GLS, TNT, etc. according to specific criteria. The service offered by Courier Point is for individuals, but also for professionals (especially small businesses and SMEs).

No, it’s not difficult to send a package

The operation is very simple: after filling in the information related to the package (weight, size, destination, location of removal, but also nature of the goods contained), the tool is responsible for comparing the offers and tariffs of specialized carriers. You can then choose the solution that suits you in terms of price and delivery time, then pay online with a few clicks.

Then just print the packing slip, paste it on your package and wait for the carrier to come directly to pick up your parcel at home!

The Courier Point site also offers a tracking tool, allowing you to know at any time, online, where your shipment is located. The comparator and the tracking tool are totally free services.

Save money by comparing different offers

In addition to being a free service, Courier Point allows you to save on your shipments, for several reasons:
Courier Point knows perfectly the French market and the most qualified service providers to move parcels between the United States and France. It is also providing service for parcel to Netherlands cheap and reliable.

Thanks to its search engine, Courier Point centralizes all the tariffs of the carriers according to the characteristics of your parcel, in order to provide you the list of the best offers;
Courier Point offers rates for sending parcels to the United States and from France far below the usual rates, with discounts of up to 70%, even on the offers of the largest carriers.