Rules to Remember when Labelling Products

Although aesthetics is a big part of product labels, there are a lot of other elements that have to be taken into consideration. There are also rules that you need to read in details so your final label will not be in violation of what is required. Here are some details that you need to consider.

Category of the product

There are different rules covering different types of products. If you don’t know to which category your product belongs, you should start writing its function, the materials or ingredients used, and breakdown of the substances used for both the content and the labels. In doing so, it is easier to determine the category and follow the rules specified for that category.

Labelling agencies

There are different government agencies covering various products. Make sure you are fully aware of which government agency is responsible for overseeing your product category – and their specific requirements in terms of product labelling. You need to follow what is required or else your company might be penalised. In the worst case, your company might be asked to shut down.

International labelling

If you notice, certain brands don’t have the same labels around the world. Some of them can’t even directly export their products to certain countries without having them repackaged. This is also due to the laws in those countries. For instance, there are countries requiring you to translate everything that was used on the original label. Without the proper translation, they won’t allow the product to be distributed.

Ask questions

It seems like this process is very confusing. There are a lot of things that you need to consider. This is why it is crucial for you to ask questions. If you are unsure, don’t start designing your product label. Find people who can actually answer your questions or go directly to the specific government agency handling the rules. You can even ask them to check the final labels for approval before printing them in mass. Otherwise, you could be penalised.

The good thing is that with the use of a high quality labelling machine, this does not have to be a lengthy process. Once the design is finalised, you can have it sent to the printer and they will use their machine to get things done. You can also buy the machine and deal with the product labelling inside your factory.

The whole process could be a bit confusing. Therefore, you need to see to it that you pay attention to details. Be careful not to go beyond what is required, but also don’t forget that aesthetics is a major part of product labelling.