Know the Importance of Using Stair Nosing In Business Sectors

These days, most of the business sectors are using the stair nosing structures over the surface or over the stairs to prevent the employees from falling down. These products are widely used in the industrial zones as they are versatile in nature. They can help in reducing the accidents at the workplace. They make the steps visible during the night or at low light. They protect the underlying cement stairs from constant wear and tear. They are used on the edges of the steps, on the floor coverings or directly installed on the cement surfaces. These products are available in customized forms as per the requirement of the customers.

The stair nosings are available in various forms like the aluminum, stainless steel, and the brass nosings. All of them have their own features and usability. They are used for enhancing the safety; they are attached with the help of the screws and the adhesives. They may be having anti-slip or without the anti-slip nature. Here are some of the stair nosings that are described below in brief as per their functions and uses-

  1. The All metal nosing

This all-metal strip is having the step-edge with the dimensions of 40x20x3 mm and the NDM VD2 55x33x3 mm. They are used for the concrete steps or they are directly installed over the floor coverings. They have the rubber surface that is anti-slip in nature. They are suitable for various construction purposes. They are used at the step edges, on the concrete floors, and on the finished cement floors. The all-metal strips are held by the fasteners that are each 30cm long. Each one of these products are composed of the aluminum strip length that is 3 m. They are not drilled.  Here, in the aluminum stair nosings, the natural and the anodized aluminum is used. The powder coating that is used is the RAL color.

  1. The metal and PVC insert

They are the aluminum step edge strips having the black anti-slip flexible inserts. They are suitable for various construction areas. They are having the dimension of 68×43 mm. they are perfect for the floor coverings. The strips are attached by the fasteners about 30 cm and they are ideally bonded by the Vedpoxy resin. Here, the aluminum strip length in 3m, no drilling is required.

Thus, the metal or the aluminum stair nosings are quite common in these days as they enhance the productivity and reduce accidents.