How Can Scrubber Drier Hire Benefit My Business?

For any business, minimising cost is vital to their success and survival. One area where such savings are often overlooked is in your cleaning equipment – while it may be necessary to have a scrubber drier, it is not necessary to pay through the nose for it! With scrubber drier hire from Factory Cat, you can fix the cost of your cleaning for the whole of your hire period and be sure that your scrubber drier won’t break the bank.

Choice of Short-Term or Long-Term Hire

At Factory Cat UK, we have a range of hire options to suit any business. Whether you need scrubber drier hire for five years or one day, we have hire packages that can meet your needs – so you don’t need to worry about a deep clean or a long-term maintenance plan. If you need scrubber drier hire, we can provide it on a timescale that suits your requirements.

Wide Range of Available Scrubber Driers

If you are considering scrubber drier hire, you have probably thought about the sort of scrubber drier that would benefit you. Whatever you need, Factory Cat can help you – we have a huge variety of scrubber driers and scrubber sweepers, including ride-on models and walk-behind models of all sizes. Every available model comes with the Factory Cat guarantee of excellence, so whether you’re in the market for a micro walk-behind scrubber drier for a small, busy environment or a huge ride-on scrubber sweeper to intensively clean vast spaces, or anything in between, we have what you need.

Support Included

One of the most attractive aspects of scrubber drier hire compared to outright purchase is Factory Cat’s inclusive support network. Instead of paying through the nose every time you need to service your machine or call out a technician, why not let Factory Cat cover the cost? When you hire a scrubber drier from Factory Cat, you can include the cost of servicing in your hire costs, which covers quarterly servicing, breakdowns and call-outs, any spare parts required, operator training where necessary and even replacement machine cover, so you are never left without the equipment you need to keep your premises clean!

Optional Consumable Cost Inclusion

If you’d like to roll the costs of consumables in with the cost of your scrubber drier hire, you can do so with Factory Cat. By including the price of brushes, squeegee blades, hoses, tires, filters and other components which will wear down and require replacement, you can know in advance the exact cost of your scrubber drier hire and operation!

Fix Your Costs

This advance knowledge of costs for your scrubber drier hire is perhaps the most important of all the advantages of renting instead of purchase. With servicing, repairs and maintenance already included, if you include the costs of consumables as well, you will have completely covered all possible costs incurred by your scrubber drier, making sure that you know the exact price of your cleaning equipment for that period. This makes it easy to factor your scrubber drier into your financial planning, giving you that bit more knowledge and power!

For more information, you can get in touch with Factory Cat at any time on 02380 617129 or visit their website, linked in this blog post!