Give Your Retail Store Sales a Boost with These Visual Merchandising Methods

How is your store performing? Whether you managed to hit the target or the performance is still below par, you need to change visual merchandising. Visual merchandising is the biggest force that will help to draw clients’ attention and create a special emotional connection. Here are great tips to help you to boost sales this year.

Make sure to highlight the clients’ wants

When clients walk into a store, they already have a need. They can walk from one store to another until they get the need. Therefore, you should focus on what they want. For example, do not display a standard hand mixer on the shelf when every wannabe wants a high-end KitchenAid.

Simply because a client wants an item does not mean that he/she will only go for the standard model. Most people want a special treat that guarantees them of value and sense of style.

Start the visual merchandising right at the door

The display for your store should start right at the door. The focus is ensuring that the most expensive items and newest pieces are easily visible to all the store visitors. You should also ensure to maintain several levels as well as height to place ample items on display (check with your pop display manufacturer).

Remember to use lighting to highlight these items so that clients can touch, develop a special connection, and buy.

Place a totally unrelated item on every display

The moment a client gets to the store; your visual merchandising should make it easy to explore every corner. The longer the client stays, the more he will discover and raise the chances of conversion. Therefore, placing a completely unrelated item on a shelf serves as a prop. For example, a stuffed monkey can be placed in a fashion section. You only want the client to ask himself; why is that item there? They will start exploring and discover all that is in that section.

Pop the merchandise with appropriate lighting

Lighting makes your merchandise to pop. It is a great way to bring out specific qualities of merchandise that can help to create the emotional connection and make the client pick an item. The overhead lighting should be adjusted to help bring out the strengths of an item.

While this is extra important for stores stocking jewelry and fashion products, we recommend application in every type of store. If it is impossible to highlight the item from the top, consider shifting to a different section or even lighting from below.