Get the best Node JS Training and Fast Track your Career

When we consider the latest technologies available which can support for future of web applications, the first thing comes on the top of the list is Node.js. It is becoming very popular, and it has already chosen by many software companies worldwide. When it comes to gathering data from sources, consolidating it and send it to clients in real time, Node.js can perform better than all other technologies available for building web applications.

If a student, web designer, or web developer is planning to build a career in web application development, then Node.js training offered by Zeolearn is the best choice for them They are offering all kinds of course with flexible structure and timings for their convenience.

Professional trainers here are industry experts, and they can train the candidates and support them to in climbing the professional ladder in web application development. After course completion, the candidates will gain the skills needed to compete with the demands of the industry. Node.js is the best technology to build web applications, and through Zeolearn courses, candidates will be able to explore Node.js.

This course offers to learn on both basic and advanced skills in this technology. Trainers will train the students to build independent applications on their own. This will help them in facing the competition in the job market. Along with practical sessions, live classroom training, and assignments, students are given the best study materials.

Node.js Course:

From this Node.js course offered by Zeolearn students can learn

  • To build fast, lightweight network applications which are scalable
  • The course covers the concepts like events, stream, and modules in Node.js along with all advanced technologies which are useful in building web applications
  • Trainers will focus on all the concepts which are useful to communicate with the database and using this they will be able to build advanced network applications in Node.js
  • Candidates will be able to test and debug applications written in Node.js after the completion of this course

Node.js Pre-requisites:

Candidates who enrol in this course should have experience in development of applications. It is better if they have experience in any one programming language. It is good if they know about JavaScript development. If the candidate has some knowledge on Ruby, J2EE, and .NET or any other server technology, then it added advantage.

This course can be opted for by web designers, students, web developers, project managers, and even by any entrepreneur who is interested in Node.js learning.

Why Node.js at Zeolearn?

Node.js is preferable because it is gaining popularity among all other web application platforms. Since this technology is highly flexible and usability is high, many companies have started choosing this technology all over the world.

This technology is best suited for multi-user as well as for real-time web applications. Through its best features like fast, efficient it can promote concurrent connections. The course offered by Zeolearn academy concentrates on providing one-to-one training for candidates. The course also involves practical sessions which help in better understanding of the concepts. On completing the course, candidates will be able to build robust applications using Node.js. They will be able to create superior and efficient applications by utilising the gained at the institute. Along with classroom sessions, candidates will have hands-on experience with assignments for a better understanding of the concepts in Node.js.

Modes of course:

Zeolearn offers all kinds of course structures such as the following

  • There are online classroom sessions which are convenient for professionals
  • Students can choose classroom training for Node.js which are led by industry experts
  • Based on candidates need academy can arrange for exclusive one- to – one training as well which are customised for their requirement
  • Another type of training is corporate or team training. This is best suitable for corporate teams