Guaranteeing the hygiene of your premises, a cleaning company must be a trusted provider. Not all companies are equal in terms of skills and services. Their mission goes well beyond a simple maintenance intervention of premises or offices … Here in detail the criteria to remember to facilitate your choice.

The missions of a cleaning company

As for a conventional cleaning company (here we are talking about industrial cleaning of premises), the following services are expected:

  • The company must be able to advise you and propose interventions corresponding to your expectations,
  • It must also keep you informed of current standards in terms of hygiene,
  • perform the cleaning of windows(windows and joints),
  • Manage the washing of working clothes(laundry) and if necessary the dry leach,
  • Empty the baskets,
  • Ensure a treatment of fragile soils (anti-wear and impurities),
  • Replacement of sanitary equipment and supplies(toilet paper, soap dispensers, textile towel dispensers or paper, etc.) …

For a cleaning company specializing in fire or office cleaning melbourne cbd, the missions are obviously not the same. Frequency, type of mission and precautions vary according to the requirements of applicable legislation.

Criteria for Choosing a Cleaning Business

The tariff being one of the important criteria, do not hesitate to compare the quotations. However, in order to choose a cleaning company, you must also consider other factors such as:

Its professionalism

A serious cleaning company is remarkable for its degree of professionalization like office cleaning in melbourne. Its involvement is reflected, for example, in terms of qualification of their maintenance agents (are they trained and competent?). Consideration should also be given to the possible accreditations and certifications of the company, whether it belongs to professional organizations or to learn about the types of equipment and equipment used for interventions maintenance. Of course, you can also judge their reputation thanks to the opinions left on the internet.

Its proximity

The more a cleaning company is away from your premises, the higher the cost . It is important to know that travel routes are included in the estimate . So it is better to opt for a company close to yours.

What about the quote?

To prepare a quote, the cleaning company needs a number of specific information on:

  • The type of surface to be maintained(factory, industrial premises, offices, parking, etc.)
  • The area in m²of cleaning,
  • The conditions of performance of the service: the frequency of cleaning desired, the schedules and when (in the morning , during the day , in the evening?).