Car Insurance – Tips for Small Cars

Buying a car is always exciting. While big cars are spacious and amazing to own, small cars are practical, cozy and easy to drive around. If you are buying a small car, you will surely be able to enjoy your driving experience. Small cars are also used as a family vehicle and are cost efficient. A car however needs insurance. Mentioned below are some very handy insurance tips for small cars

Insurance tips for small cars

  1. Compare the options: You must always run an online comparison before you decide to buy a car insurance plan. Once you do this, you will find all the available small car insurance plans at one place. Compare the options to see which insurance provider is offering the best features for the best price. You can save a lot of money by comparing the insurance plans. It can be done free-of-charge and in an instant.
  2. Look for online plans: If you are looking to save money on your small car insurance plan, look for an online plan. Insurance is widely sold online these days and every insurance provider has an online presence. Online transactions happen between the insurer and the proposer directly. No agent is involved and so you save a considerable amount of money in the form of brokerage.
  3. Check the No Claim Bonus: Insurers offer a discount on your current premium if you do not make a claim in the previous year. This is known as the no claim bonus (NCB). Make sure you check the NCB properly and ensure you’re getting the right discount. An error in the NCB calculation can unduly push up your small car insurance price.
  4. Keep your car safe: Whether you have bought the small car as your primary vehicle, a secondary family vehicle or a vehicle to practice your driving skills, make sure you keep it safe. The car is still your property and so you must keep it at a safe location. Also install some safety features in the car. Doing this will bring the cost of the car insurance premium down as your car will be less vulnerable to theft.
  5. Don’t make too many claims: Take care of the bills if your car meets with a minor accident. But do make a claim if the bills run high. Making too many claims will brand you as a bad driver and increase your future car insurance costs. It will also take away the accumulated NCB and further prove to be a loss for you.
  6. Pay annual premiums: Rather than paying your premiums monthly, try to pay the premium annually. Most insurance providers prefer to get the premium all at once and even offer discounts to the customers who do this. The reason behind this is simple – the risk of defaulting is lower here and so the discount is awarded.


Keep the tips mentioned above in mind when you buy a car insurance plan for your small vehicle. A car, whether small or big, is precious. A small car is very handy and helps you out in various ways. Protect it with a good insurance plan and buy yourself a lot of mental peace. Car insurance is also compulsory in our country and you have to buy a car insurance plan for your car. So without any further delay, log on and find the best small car insurance plan at the best possible rate.