5 Questions to Ask an Aluminium Extruder Before Choosing Their Services

Finding the right business to work with is an important decision, whatever the reason you need a particular service. When you’re looking for an aluminium extruder, there are some important questions you must ask. Finding a provider that can answer your questions will help you make the best choice.

Industry Experience

One of the first questions you should ask relates to the providers experience. Is it directly related to your own industry? If not, do they have experience producing a part similar to the one you want made? Edmo Limited is a trustworthy company to get in touch with as it has been operating since 1978. It also has experience in a range of different extrusion services and can provide turnkey solutions.


Does the aluminium extruder hold any certification relevant to the trade? Ideally, you want your service provider to be ISO9001and AS9100 certified.

Other Services

You will often find that aluminium extruders offer a range of different services. Edmo Limited, for example, offers powder coating, anodising, assembly, fabrication and project support.


It will be very revealing if you can find out a little bit more about relationships with other customers, suppliers and employees. A company that maintains relationships with all three of these over many years will show the value it places on the people and services it provides.

Manufacturing Process

Don’t assume that just because a company is based in the UK, manufacturing will take place there too. It is a good question to ask, because you want to be sure you’re buying the best quality product.

There are a number of other questions you can ask. You need to know about tolerance allowances as this will indicate how good a product you can expect to receive. Order requirements are also an important factor. You may be required to place an order for far more parts than you will ever need. It will be helpful to know whether the company will be working with you through all phases of a components manufacture. The length of time you’ll be expected to wait for your order is going to be a deciding factor, especially if you need the products urgently. Maybe the provider has a stock of common or most basic aluminium extrusions you can take advantage of.

Getting the right answers to your questions is just part of the process. Nevertheless, it is an important part. Find a company that ticks all your boxes, and you’re well on the way to having a working relationship you can rely on.