5 must-have stationery for your office

Be it a start-up, a home office or an SME, your office needs stationery. But office stationery is such a wide term with several things in range. Some people understand stationery to be office supplies including staplers, glue sticks, board pins etc. The other interpretation of stationery refers to print and paper supplies like letterheads, envelopes, visiting cards, memo sheets, invoice slips, notepads, files etc.

Small businesses and start-ups operate on budget constraints and would very well like to cut down the stationery costs. But these stationery items are those which no office can do without. So let us narrow down the focus to the 5 must-have office stationery you definitely need.

5 must-have office stationery

  1. Letterheads

Every office has to communicate with its customers, client, business associates, partners, vendors etc. All communication cannot be done in a paperless function. Some correspondence has to be done using paper and for this, you must print your own corporate letterheads.

Do not shy away from letterhead printing thinking that it will be extensive or exorbitant. With the right print provider, you can order even just 50 letterheads to start with for a very affordable price. Bulk printing will definitely prove cheaper but if you cannot allocate the budget, print letterheads in small numbers.

You can get them designed with your expert print specialist or select from their custom templates or even upload your own design.

Get branded letterheads designed and printed in the nominal quantity you need. With this test-printing, you can even make changes in the nest batch and print more numbers if you are satisfied with the print quality.

Letterheads are a definite among the office stationery that you must keep always at your office.

  1. Envelopes

Letterheads and no matching envelopes? That will definitely not do.

Sending letters in unbranded envelopes will lower your corporate image. So get envelopes printed in a design that matches the letterheads. Order them in small quantities. Better still; order a combo package that contains both letterheads and envelopes at affordable rates.

  1. Self-inking stamps

Self-inking stamps are a must for any office and especially crucial for start-ups. Most startups and small businesses do not wish to spend much on letterheads, envelopes, memo slips etc. Yet they have a need to establish their corporate identity in the market. To strike a balance, they can design self-inking stamps with their corporate logo, name and address. and stamp it on blank envelopes, letter papers, memo pads etc to maintain their corporate identity.

Self-inking stamps come handy as corporate seals used while undersigning official documents. Using a corporate seal is a must when the communication is sent to the government, financial or non-profit organizations.

Self-inking stamps can also be used for stamping files and folders with company credentials to preserve the corporate identity. They are also used to stamp receipts and bills and are hence essential office stationery for any office.

One self-inking stamp can cater to a variety of office needs and is not only economical but efficient too. Yes, these stamps come pre-inked for your convenience and hence prevent smudging or staining of documents. They are durable and long lasting leaving the best impressions for your company.

Your office is incomplete without a self-inking stamp. So order one today from your expert print provider for lasting and legitimate impressions.

  1. Visiting cards

Visiting cards are used to represent the company In business circles. So as office stationery, they are a must. Design and print visiting cards in small quantities.  Print them as a common company card and issue them to your marketing executives and other personnel who represent the company in corporate circles.

  1. Sticky notes

Even a small office churns out an enormous amount of paperwork. To sort them and keep them organized is a big headache. Here is where sticky notes come handy. Group the papers in sets and fix a sticky note on top for identification. Makes your work easy isn’t it?

Sticky notes are versatile office stationery. Yes, they can be used to mark instructions and pass them onto colleagues.  Sticky notes can offer a colour code for prioritizing the workflow in any office. Seeing the note, the employees, know the level of priority and urgency and execute the task accordingly.

Sticky notes come handy even as to-do lists. Sometimes you might have keep work ending aside to complete later. The, use a sticky note to remind you of the work to be completed by sticking it with instruction on top of the unfinished work.

Your office will become stationary if you do not have these 5 must-have office stationery. So order them from your trusted print provider and boost your business.