10 Best London Day Tours

London certainly has something for each kind of tourist. It does not matter, if you are a history buff, urban adventurer, foodie, diehard shopper or a cultural hound. Big, Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey are on top of your must-see list but to see REAL London, a tour with local guide is recommended. You can get very personal and close with this incredible city.

You get to choose from plethora of London day tours or you can suggest alternative locations or activities that interest you. The licensed tour guide desires to offer an ultimate London experience to everyone participating in their group.

Several popular organized London day tours

  1. Magnificent Tower of London & Amazing Hampton Court Palace tour

At the prehistoric Tower of London, you will learn about how kings lived in the past, admire the royal armors, and be dazzled when you enter the room that displays the British crowns glittering with jewels. The stories, paintings, and views of historical Hampton Court Palace is amazing. Walking through the splendid garden as well as tasting food that was favorite of past English Kings can be a treat!

2. Traditional London tour in iconic taxi

You get accompanied by a guide with historical knowledge. The history of Buckingham Palace and Tower of London from 1066 till today is fascinating. You will learn about British political roots and development as you walk through Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. As you explore Westminster Abbey next door realise the link between monarchy and politics.

3. Historic Windsor Castle And Magna Carta Home tour

The first stop, when you take a short car ride to Windsor Castle is Runnymede. Over 800 years ago, Magna Carta – a crucial document in history was signed and sealed here. You will walk across the meadow towards Magna Carta monument, which has established the assurance of people’s rights, right to fair trial and right to justice.

Walking around the nearby Windsor Caste grounds, you get to see the spectacular St. George’s Chapel. Strolling through Windsor Towns cobble stone streets, you can click lots of interesting photos.

4. Historical Stonehenge and Medieval England full day tour

Stonehenge is an intriguing site that dates back to Neolithic Stone Age. It is full of myth and mystery. Ancient city Salisbury has the 1220’s magnificent Gothic Cathedral. Another heritage site nearby is the Roman Baths. Pay a visit to the mid 1200’s Oxford Town and Winchesters superb cathedral.

5. Hever Castle & Chartwell House daytrip

The 13th century built Hever Castle is related with several tumultuous events, which changed the route of monarchy, religion, and history of Britain. It was the home of Anne Boleyn – mother of Elizabeth-I. This gorgeous moated country home stands on superb grounds. Very close by is the Chartwell House, where Winston Churchill lived for 45 years. There is a huge collection of Churchill’s painting displayed at Chartwell.

6. Chauffeured London highlights family tour

With family, a day tour in chauffeured car is perfect. Visit all the landmarks with professional tourist guide. Get to know about the past and present of this city in an enjoyable and interesting way.

7. London pub tour

Get to know why British love ‘boozer’ or what is ‘banter’ and ‘craic’. Even try a glass of ‘warm beer’ and see thediversities in London’s old pub and even their odd laws.

8. Hampton Court Palace & Royal Park bike tour

To reach the 16th century Hampton Court Palace you need to cycle the stunning River Thames, pass riverside pubs and historic homes. Watch the deer roaming freely around the other largest royal hunting ground called Bushy Park. Enjoy the picnic lunch got from 800 year old souk at the Woodland Garden. It sounds appealing! Just visit http://www.tripindicator.com/london-day-trips.html, to plan your preferred London itinerary on a bike.

9. Private botanical garden walking tour

You get to tour the 19th century tropical plant greenhouses, William Kent’s bizarre Chinese Pagoda, Princess Diana Conservatory, Japanese Garden, and more. Children enjoy the top tree walk and looking at the Kew Garden’s bee hive. Tourists feel thrilled to hear the captivating stories of royal family living in the Kew Palace. Getting to know about the Victorian’s complicated heating systems to heat the greenhouses, 1987 storm destruction and more.

10. London night photography tour

Discover London through camera lens with walking photography tour starting from Westminster Abbey to the Millennium Bridge. You will be guided to unique vintage points for every picture. Main attractions will be captured in different ways with the help of various techniques. The local guide will be a photographer, who will instruct you on how to set your camera and capture city light reflection, city skyline, tracing bus lights, at night.

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