Ways to take Advantage of Remote Work

If you ask those who work remotely, they will tell you that it is the best form of employment possible. They may find it difficult to picturise themselves sitting in an office for 9 hours a day.

And you cannot exactly blame them… Once you have turned cafeterias, bars and RVs into an office, you may not be able to settle for a conventional office, no matter how plush it is.

Remote jobs have opened up many possibilities as to when, where and how a person can work. Because of the level of flexibility that their job offers them in terms of space and time following are few ways you can make the most of this flexibility:

Working Productive Hours

By the time we begin to work we have a fair understanding of when we are productive during the day. For some of us mornings are a great time to get work done while some of us like to work in the stillness of the night.

Working remotely allows you to work in your most productive hours. Let’s assume that you find it difficult to work in the afternoons. If you are a freelancer you can find your way around this problem by working early in the morning or late at night.

But if you are bound to an office you will have to be present at your desk during those times irrespective of whether you are getting much work done or not. If you simply cannot function in those hours you will end up bringing the work home with you.

Less Sick Days

Each of us have those times when we feel a little under the weather. We may not be so sick so as to skip office but the chain reaction that follows after waking up late, that is reaching office late and starting our work late makes us wonder that maybe it is better to take a leave instead.

On the other hand maybe you take a leave thinking about how you will spread your illness to others in the office or you’re fine but your kid is not and you are forced to take a sick leave only to look after his or her health.

In this way taking a sick day when you could have easily worked adds up to the work that you need to get done when you reach office the next day. Working remotely gives you the flexibility that you need in such times.

If you’re feeling under the weather you can even work in your pyjamas. If you want to look after a sick person you can do that without interrupting your work schedule.

Spending Time with Family

Work obligations make us miss out on many important events whether we talk about family events or those that concern our friends. You may have also missed out on things that interest you such as a basketball game, dance recital or school play.

On so many days you may have wished that you could end your work day about the same time as your kid gets done with the school. We haven’t even added in the daycare costs that you need to pay for when you work in an office. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some extra hours with your loved ones every day?

Take a work-cation

Those who are employed with a conventional ‘corporate’ job are given only a certain number of weeks of vacation in a year. On an average a company may give you only two weeks but even the most humanitarian ones may not give you more than four weeks to go on a holiday.

Such a rigid work environment leaves little scope for you to fulfill your whims and fantasies in life. Suppose you wish to spend a month skiing in the Alps or three weeks on an Hawaiian beach.

Maybe you want to spend weeks driving cross-country with your BFF or wreck havoc at one of the hen do venues before she gets married. Your boss will definitely not pay you for your eccentricities and taking unpaid days off is surely not an option.

It is in these times that you will wish that you could work remotely. As a remote worker you can be on a vacation and still get work done. Travelling will no longer have a limit of just two weeks a year. You can travel for as much time as you like and to anyplace you like provided you can work from there.