Shopify POS System vs. Other POS systems

Retail POS system choice may be a completely overwhelming experience. The choices seem limitless, and every system appears to offers only enough of a variation to create the selection nearly impossible. Therefore however does one apprehend what POS system is really right for your business? Well, you already know that we’re firm believers that Shopify is that the best e-commerce platform out there. So it is the time to use the system that integrates most seamlessly with it? Shopify POS can alter your e-commerce business.

All Together with Shopify POS

There are plenty of moving items with any retail business. So why make things more difficult than they have to be? With Shopify POS System, you’re able to contour your reports and keep all the important data beat one place. Quickly access your tax, inventory, and order reports in one convenient location. And even better, Shopify POS keeps track of of these things for you with none extra work on your finish.

Dave Your Pennies

This Shopify POS setup is one among the foremost affordable on the market however is just as functional as the others. There is no need to spend more than necessary and also the slight variations that the opposite POS systems supply aren’t continuously definitely worth the additional expense. Plus, they’ll add an additional headache to your business once you attempt to get your POS system to speak seamlessly along with your e-commerce platform. Check the Shopify POS reviews regarding this.

Checkout Made Easy

Shopify recently released their sleek chip and card reader that helps to change the checkout method. Shopify POS also supports iPad checkouts. You’ll currently accept for credit card payments at anytime and anyplace that may seamlessly adjust along with your e-commerce website.

Shopify POS Integration

If you’re already started with a different POS system, however you’re interested in using the Shopify e-Commerce platform, you’re in luck. Shopify really has nice POS integrations started with:

  • Clover
  • Vend
  • Lightspeed
  • Square

However you’ll likely pay over you’d with Shopify POS. but you can make the switch whenever you’re able to save dough and keep all of your reports within the same place.

Product Support

POS systems are designed to be as simple to operate as possible for users however things will perpetually get it wrong, particularly once you are managing back-office functions like inventory or personnel management. Therefore, it’s always a good to have a good support system in place.

Accept payments, anytime, anywhere

Smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android apps—the choice is yours. With Shopify POS android App, you’ll settle for money, credit, and debit, on any device.  So now start selling at markets, popups, trade shows, and in store without having to speculate in a new phone or tablet; simply use the one you already own.

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Shopify POS Price:

  • $49/month – Unlimited products, unlimited staff, unlimited registers, 2.7% credit card rate, 24/7 support
  • $99/month- Unlimited products, unlimited staff, unlimited registers , all that plus gift cards and professional reporting, 2.4% credit card rate
  • $199 – All of the $99 level + customized reporting, 2.15% credit card rate
  • $20/month – Complete online store
  • $649 – Customized iPad hardware kit
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