Additional Laws Regarding Marijuana in Oregon

Oregon passed a law on July 1st of 2015 enabling individuals to possess a maximum of eight ounces of marijuana and grow a maximum of four plants on their property. It is legal for an individual to have one ounce of marijuana on their person. It is illegal to smoke recreational marijuana in public or sell it. Marijuana may be purchased at OLCC licensed retail locations. Oregon has placed limits on the amounts legal for personal possession. These limits are: 

1) One ounce of marijuana in any public location 
2) One ounce of marijuana on the individual 
3) 16 ounces of a solid form cannabinoid product 
4) 72 ounces of a liquid form cannabinoid product 
5) 5 grams of concentrates or extracts+ 
6) 10 marijuana seeds 
7) 4 marijuana plants 

More marijuana laws in Oregon state useable marijuana are dried leaves or flowers from the plant. This is interpreted as marijuana ready to be smoked. Each residence can legally grown to a maximum of four marijuana plants regardless of the number of people living there. Synthetic marijuana has been banned by the Oregon Board of Pharmacy for both possession and sale. Synthetic marijuana is made using numerous chemicals. None of these come from the Cannabis plant family or Cannabaceae. The Oregon Board of Pharmacy has added synthetic marijuana to the controlled substances list. For additional details visit here

Marijuana is illegal to use or smoke in any public establishment. All establishments granted a liquor license by the state are considered public. This includes restaurants, bars and decks and patios for smokers. An establishment can lose their liquor license for allowing marijuana on the premises. A public place is defined under Chapter 475B as any place accessible by the general public. This includes schools, lobbies, parks, hallways, streets, playgrounds, highways, any premises used by public transportation, places of amusement and hotels, houses and apartments not created for actual residence. 

The minimum age limit for recreational marijuana use is 21. It is illegal in Oregon for any individual under the age of 21 to possess or use marijuana. This includes any consumption at home. Chapter 475B places the enforcement of marijuana laws with the local jurisdiction. Enforcement actions for businesses licensed by the OLCC to process, grow and sell recreational marijuana are handled by the OLCC. The price of the marijuana will be based on a competitive marketplace. Taking marijuana across the state lines is considered to be a federal offense. For more information please visit this site

Selling marijuana to any individual under age 21 is prohibited under Chapter 475B. The OLCC is also authorized to prohibit and regulate any advertising. Labels and packages may be regulated by the OLCC to prevent being appealing to minors and for public safety. Driving under the influence includes marijuana. The OLCC has the right to report to the legislature, research, examine and present any findings. This is done in conjunction with the Oregon State Police and the Justice Criminal Investigation Division. Chapter 475B has not made any changes to the current laws regarding employment in Oregon.