5 Exciting Exhibition Trends For A Successful Auto Expo

Trade shows and expos are a fantastic opportunity for organisations to showcase their capabilities, market new products, promote their services and most importantly get the attention of their target audience. There are endless kinds of trade shows – food, hospitality, furniture, home décor etc., but out of all these, the auto expos are the most awaited and the most elaborate events. Every year, various automotive brands come together to exhibit the future of transport and allure the enthusiasts with their exciting vehicles and futuristic concept models. But apart from the vehicle, there are a lot of cosmetic elements that make the booth attractive and charming. Here are a few trendy ideas to make the most of your exhibit.

  1. Simplicity with elegance
    At a trade show, you would want your audience to focus on your vehicles and auto products rather than being distracted by the decorations or cosmetic features. Keep a theme that goes well with your exhibits and conveys your brand image. Don’t go for something too loud or complex, rather keep it simple yet alluring enough to get the attention of the target audience.
  2. Play with lighting and colors
    One of the best tricks to make your booth look attractive and pleasing to the audience is to use the right colors and lighting to your benefit. Most automotive brands choose to go for cool and bright colours, which serve as the perfect backdrop to boost the appeal of the products on display. White is the preferred color for almost every automobile company at any automotive trade show. Also, it is smart to keep a lighting that helps vehicles stand out. One can also get creative with modern lighting systems and can put up a fascinating light show at your booth.
  3. Interactive elements to promote engagement
    People who are excited about cars and bikes love to live the experience of driving the fabulous cars and bikes. One of the greatest ways to attract the traffic to your booth would be to have interactive kiosks for enthusiasts to engage with the company. A number of famous automotive brands set up life-like simulators for people to get thrilled by the amazing experience. Setup some high definition displays and plug-in the simulators. You can also opt for interactive displays by ExpoMarketing to deliver a personalised experience for your audience.
  4. Surprise the audience with ‘out of the box’ creativity
    The idea of simply putting up your car on the platform with some glittering lights and pretty models is too mainstream and boring. Amaze the audience by thinking outside of the box. You can add abstract architectural attractions to your booth or display your product in a unique way.
  5. Everybody loves giveaways
    Make an impact on your audience and give them something to remember you. It can be as an astonishing experience and also in form of a cool take away goodie. It can be t-shirts, key chains, posters or anything that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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