3 Best Small Business Ideas for Michigan

The state of Michigan has the potential to flourish and accommodate many businesses. The main key for the success of business in the state of Michigan is that it acts as the commercial link between Canada and United States. The state airport is considered as the hub of commercial industry and rivers passing by the state provide many water based businesses as well. The state has always space for new and cooler business     ideas. The state has major population of young professionals from different region and due to its prime location the state attracts many new inhabitants.

While capital is the most important factor for starting new business, keeping this in view we have compiled a list of 3 low cost business ideas for Detroit which can do equally well in other big cities of Michigan too. Have a look at these ideas to get your mind start working.

1- Cab Service:

The State has one of the busiest airport, number of folks travel to and from the airport every day. You can start up with leasing some cars and start a cab service. Hire some professional drivers and get in touch with some professionals workers and offer them weekly or monthly pick and drop service from their home to office.    

2- Photographer:

The people of Michigan are very lively with number of tourist’s attraction and number of events takes place regularly. If you have professional camera and photography skills you can start earning right away. In the start you can offer voluntarily free services for some events and when people start liking your work, you can charge for the next events.

3- Rent a Boat:

The state has many water bodies passing by it that give a good opportunity to invest on some boats and give them on rent. This can be your side business or you can do it yourself by driving boat.

Hope you folks like these business ideas for Michigan and will invest on one of them soon.