Can Instagram Help You Market Your Brand?

Social media websites are a huge part of using the Internet. Millions of subscribers flock to popular social media websites such as Instagram every minute of the day. When you consider the high volume of users, you may wonder if these websites could potentially help you market your brand. Well, no doubt getting the word out about your business could never be easier than with social media networking.

Getting Started

One of the first steps to marketing your brand on the various social media platforms is to become a member. This is a simple task that only requires around 2-5 minutes tops. Now, the hard part involves trying to encourage other members to follow you. This is a timely process that could potentially take months, even years in some cases. Sparing the time for such an inevitable project may not seem worthwhile for many people, which is why they turn to a more time-efficient method. You can buy Instagram followers on various websites found throughout the World Wide Web.

Cutting Advertising Costs in Half

Most small or upstart business cannot afford to sock thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing. Of course, this is the best way to market your brand, but not the only way. If you are low on business revenue, you can always take advantage of social media websites, especially Instagram. There are currently over 1 billion Instagram users that are actively posting and sharing comments, videos, and images.

Just by becoming a user, you can boost your brand awareness, increasing your potential to score big on sales. This will not be possible if you are lacking in follower numbers.

Success comes with more followers

As you know more followers on Instagram help you to market your brand on this platform. If one wants to get some authentic Instagram followers, then he/ she have to post videos at morning when everyone wakes up or at night when all goes to bed, because these are the times when everyone sits to check their social status.

In the working hours, no one gets enough time to go through social media. A most important suggestion is that for all patients is the key to success. No one in this world has got success in a fraction of a second. You have to wait until your post gets recognition and this can change your life for the good. But if you want to gain several followers in no time then buy Instagram followers from activeig, buzziod, instaboostgram etc.

Market your brand with Instagram:

“Content is king”,  goes the old proverb, but telling you that wouldn’t make that much of a difference, since it’s common sense that people would be interested in something which is, interesting. On the other hand, some good advice would be to tell you what type of videos or images are most captivating at first sight. It’s not something new – newspapers have been doing it for centuries to make people buy their edition. So why shouldn’t you?

Businesses around the globe have and continue to market their business, using Instagram. Remember, this is the best way to get the message out to an audience of all age groups.


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Appreciate Contemporary Quality lifestyle within Karnal Luxurious Houses

Positioned in the actual NCR (national funds region), Karnal the majority of popularly referred to as “the Grain Dish associated with India” gets the house with regard to many individuals. It’s been selected because India’s among the 100 city to become created below wise metropolitan areas objective flagship associated with PM HOURS Narendra Modi. Using the quickest development within national infrastructure amenities, first class buying processes, academic institutes, private hospitals, industrial structures as well as multiplexes, Karnal offers surfaced away because Haryana’s the majority of flourishing town. Because of accessibility to top-rated amenities, the actual need with regard to home qualities offers result in robust increase. Amounts of households tend to be migrating for this town using the desire to savor the current way of life along with magnificent features.

Numerous real estate choices are for sale to the actual citizens for example luxurious flats, Houses within Karnal or even and so on which match using the need as well as spending budget associated with clients. The actual quick ticking populace time clock offers result in the issue associated with shortage associated with real estate later on. To prevent this issue and supply home protection in order to amounts of nuclear households as well as citizens, property designers tend to be starting brand new tasks along with inexpensive real estate plan. It’s the stunning imagine each and every individuals to reside in safe as well as tranquil location known as house exactly where they are able to connect the actual relationships along with powerful posts as well as have a relaxing breathes associated with comfort and ease as well as joy. Everyone really wants to reside in personal fairly sweet house however using the quick improve within property prices, running a protection appears too expensive on their behalf.

In order to purchase house however stressing concerning the costly prices associated with home qualities after that Karnal may be the correct location for you personally. With this town, there are lots of property gamers which are picking out brand new inexpensive tasks created underneath the plan associated with Haryana Government. Regardless of the slowdown within housing market associated with Indian, Karnal is actually flourishing effectively by giving magnificent qualities from spending budget suitable prices. You will find many people who tend to be conference the requirement to Purchase Toned within Karnal along with other home qualities if you take the benefit of reduced toned cost understanding influx. Based on the current statement, it’s discovered which Karnal is among the best Indian native metropolitan areas supplying the truly amazing possibilities with regard to citizens in addition to property gamers.

Those individuals who would like to benefit from the brand new quality lifestyle could possibly get the actual win-win scenario within Karnal through availing the planet course home qualities without having impacting the financial institution stability. The actual tasks tend to be created thinking about the quickest developing needs associated with clients. Architectures, designers, constructors as well as all of the associates interact as well as get into creating the actual top-grade framework nicely designed with required points. Roomy houses distribute within the broad region tend to be nicely equipped along with greatest inside, floors, modular kitchen area as well as a range of contemporary amenities to provide much better residing encounter in order to citizens.

Associated with additional metropolitan areas, Karnal home qualities could be utilized very easily. Departmental stores, private hospitals, colleges, movie theater processes as well as marketplaces will discover very easily from a few range. Whilst residing in earthquake opposition creating, it’s possible to appreciate safe, peaceful as well as magnificent existence because through constant energy back-up service, neighborhood facilities, correct mix air flow in order to membership home each and every service is actually supplied from Karnal residencies.



Hello Beehive two

Excited with regard to utilizing #hashtags during my brand new #business — likely to end up being #phenomenal!! With regards to utilizing hashtags for just about any severe objective, this may end up being a good example of exactly what to not perform — what tend to be as well common as well as method more than utilized to start with. However if you’re publishing such as this within Tweets as well as Instagram, after that everybody that utilizes individuals hashtags are likely to observe your articles, even though they do not adhere to a person upon individuals social networking systems. As well as would you like to learn about this particular exercise? Obviously you need to do — info provides you with the path to visit together with your marketing campaign as well as Beehive interpersonal analytics system will help you get it done.

Obtaining individuals to observe your articles indicates that you’re widening your own achieve more than social networking. If you’re about developing a manufacturer on your own or even your own item or even some thing you’re truly enthusiastic regarding, after that utilizing hashtags along with this stuff allows you to grab yourself, your own manufacturer, your own create or even your own enthusiasm available within the open public attention as well as everybody that remarks after that making use of your hashtagged phrases gets a part of your own brand’s image. People who publish a great deal, could possibly get items to proceed virus-like any longer based on individuals key phrases these people use within hashtags as well as their own content material general.
And people available within the social networking scenery that publish thoroughly making use of your hashtags turn out to be your own influencers — people who may impact the actual discussion based on exactly what they need to state together with your hashtag as well as exactly how frequently these people state this. You need to understand that individuals person customers tend to be to help you get in touch with these phones additional the actual discussion regarding your own manufacturer or even item, and so on. Publishing all around the social networking systems is actually an additional suggestion to make use of, therefore do not simply opt for Tweets — make use of Instagram analytics too, and obtain Google+ within the blend if you’re able to, as well.
As well as if you’re operating the marketing campaign upon your self or even your company, among the best points you are able to run into is actually real-time discussions — particularly great upon Tweets. If you’re able to observe what is occurring presently there if you are carrying out a release, state, you are able to react as well as participate real-time too in order to keep track of as well as generate the actual discussion. Some thing to become really conscious of is actually punctuational in your hashtags as well as maintaining all of them brief as well as fairly sweet. For those who have hashtags which are 5 phrases lengthy, odds are you are going to skip monitoring a few exercise depending on miss-spelling.
Additionally focus your own hashtags upon much more concentrated phrases compared to individuals utilized at the start of the post — individuals tend to be therefore common, they will appear within lots of locations as well as methods possess absolutely nothing related to a person. Therefore be considered a small innovative as well as hashtag in a manner that provides the actual discussion back for your manufacturer as well as marketing campaign. So when you are looking in order to monitor this particular exercise as well as seem sensible associated with exactly how you do available within the social networking globe, you need to companion having a support that may consider the info as well as crisis this right into a structure you may use. Beehive can perform that along with interpersonal analytics which consider your own hashtags, content material, and much more with regard to confirming in your position on the planet associated with social networking. Attempt all of them from world wide web. heybeehive. com.


B2B v/s B2C Marketing Strategy

In Recent Interview with one of a small business owner where he had asked the question what marketing strategy can he apply to B2B Business and how it can be different with the B2C Marketing Strategy?

Before, going further let us understand about what are B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing?

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing can be termed as selling the product/services to individual or group of individuals or to business entity in the context of consuming product/services to themselves or reselling it to their end consumer.

There are 100 types of B2B business like manufacturing of raw materials of commodities related automobile for example Ford Procures millions of Gallons of automotive paints from PPG.

B2C Marketing

B2C Marketing can be termed as selling the product/services to individual consumers or direct to end consumers.

There is hell lot of examples of B2C Marketing like E-Commerce which is widely used by the current generation. So  Without losing further time Let’ s have a Look on to B2B and B2C Marketing Strategy and what is the difference approach you have to apply while dealing B2B and B2C Consumers.

B2B Marketing Strategy V/S B2C Marketing Strategy

There is not much difference with overall strategy but you have to prioritize on the some aspects. When it comes to B2B it is all depend upon the find the ways to engaging with the right audience and converting them into business.  And B2C is all about triggering emotions of the consumers and enticing them to go for purchase.

Develop the SWOT Analysis of your Business

Whether you have B2B or B2C Business you need to be thorough with your Business Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Trends.

When you initiate the business, you have to map all the strength of your business, with having long term vision and mission in mind, what makes you stand out from the competitors, by doing competitor analysis and turning your weakness into the strength like lack of experience into industry compare to competitor.

Connecting with the Right Audience

If you’re into B2B business, connecting with right audience plays a major part because without it you can’t just go ahead and market your product or services.

To connect with Right audience, you could consider all the Parameters like Demographic, Age group, Location, Interest etc., Along with a message which can trigger the business emotion of the Audience. While doing ads campaign for B2B you have to consider target audience and need to have the emotion context with Engagement which really Important from the B2B Perspective. Even though for B2C it is emotion which plays a vital role.

Like Few days back I have seen an ad of Tanishq which shows the tender of issue re-marriage, I have seen many ads which gives trigger the emotions of the people and can be remember for longer time and this is one among them.

Brand Awareness

Whether you have B2B or B2C Business, when you start with new business or Launch of New product or Services, there should be enticing content which can gives idea to audience about your brand and it can be remember through the ages.

Create Engaging Content

Creating Engaging content can make your audience go banana, Like whether you writing an article or creating the podcast and video which should have the flavor of both emotion as well engaging concept.

Maintain a decent amount of Traffic

Maintaining the right amount of traffic can also become the success factor for your business. Thanks to Google Analytics you can analyze the traffic source and have both SEM and SEO well balanced for the business, a decent average per session also make a real difference for the business, how it’s possible? Through Creating Engaging content, this can limit the bounce ratio as well.

User Intent

Considering the user intent can also play a major role for your business, it is like giving the audience what they are looking for not what you want to give.  So here SEO Plays vital role like take the example of B2B business, who offer data for the various business, basically a right keywords will help us understand what kind of database usually audience look for on to the search engine. So Based on Query we focus on Offering those database and do all marketing stuffs for the particular products. It can be applied to B2C business type as well.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leader or Influencer can make real difference to your business whether it is B2B or B2C, here you can connect with influential people in your Industry, whose Opinion matters a lot to people, who inspire people to go with product/services with their unique way giving suggestion


Like if you are a business Person, thinking of starting business it is all your approach what makes you stand out different from your Competitor again these are strategy which works well with business and as per my experience in the industry.

If you have anything to add-on please feel free comment below

Author Bio:

Fehmeez is fueled by his passion, maverick with a mind of his own; he comes up with novel ways to provide the best possible outcome.

An enthusiastic Person, with highly motivated and leadership skills having a Master’s in business administration in Marketing and International Business.

His Hunger, to learn new things and methodologies makes him unique, currently working as Digital Marketing Analyst for KAP Enterprises and does Content writing for Best Database Provider Company Blog.


Moving, Decluttering & Storage Tips

Having to move a full junk drawer or a closet full of things most people have forgotten they own doesn’t really make sense. If a person opts to move without professional guidance, they have to pack and move all of those extra items. If a moving company is hired, a person will have to pay to move junk they don’t want to take to their new home.

To help keep moving day as stress-free and affordable as possible, take some time to declutter before the packing process begins. Some tips to help with this are found here.

Make Sure There’s Enough Time

It’s never a good idea to wait until the day right before the movers come to decide what should stay and what should be gotten rid of. It’s best to plan ahead, starting at least two weeks before the big day. Take a few hours each day to tackle a different closet or room in the home.

Consider visiting to find a storage shed to keep everything in that will be moved. If necessary, get a temporary shed and use this guide for a 12×20 storage shed to get it set up quickly.

Use Any “Extras” that Are on Hand

If a homeowner has a stockpile of toiletries and goods, like shampoo or toilet paper, it’s a good idea to begin using all the extra items ahead of moving day. This will result in less that has to be taken to the new home. If a person runs out of these items, consider buying smaller sizes to last until after the move.

Start a Box of Necessities

The necessities (also called essentials) box should have everything a person is going to need the day they move to the new house. This includes things like daily medications, a hammer and nails, a box cutter, toilet paper, and other similar items. If a homeowner plans on using a portable garage building for storing packed items, make sure to leave the necessities box in the house where it can be easily found and accessed when needed.

Hire Quality Movers

While taking the steps here is essential when it is time to move or when or when a person is getting ready to move, it’s also necessary to hire professional movers to help with the job. They can make short work of any moving project and ensure it is handled properly.

Movers can even handle the process needed for moving a large shed or a smaller one. By using these services, it’s possible to get everything handled quickly—often in a single day—rather than taking several days, or longer, to handle the move.

Getting Organized Ahead of a Move: It Just Makes Sense

If a person has a move planned soon, they should use the tips and information to get organized and ensure the move is as stress-free as possible. By hiring the pros, a person can reduce a lot of the stress involved with the situation.


Event Management & Production Must-Haves

If you are in event management and you are reading this, I am so honored that you took your five free minutes in your incredibly busy schedule to sit down and read this… so I am going to try and be as helpful as I can in as short of a word count as possible. No promises!

For those of you sane enough to have avoided the life of event management and planning you have no idea what that world looks like. Just to give you a quick example, imagine if you were throwing a party for hundreds of your friends, and it was completely up to you to make sure it goes according to plan. You’re the one fielding phone calls from the pizza delivery person who doesn’t know where your house is… you’re making sure that the music is working and people are enjoying it… you’re making sure that not only are there enough garbage cans but they are being replaced in a timely and organized manner… then suddenly it rains, and it’s your job to fix whatever that means…

Yeah… It’s a lot.

If you’re new to event management or just starting out, here’s a couple of things that you may not have considered that I would strongly recommend.

WALKIE TALKIES: This seems like an obvious one but some people make the bold decision to just rely on cell phones and very quickly realize that texting is a HOTBED of miscommunication and phone calls just take too long. The other big reason walkie talkies are a good idea is because it will indicate to everyone at your event who the staff is if they have any questions. Also, if you spring for earpieces, you can get out of any conversation by suddenly pretending like you’re being called.

WiFi HOTSPOTS: Yes, you all have cell phones and they all have the internet, but when things are moving quickly and you need answers fast… or someone forgot to bring their powerpoint deck and now you’re trying to maneuver a 500-megabyte file from their dropbox into another cloud storage location so your tech people can get their hands on it, you’re going to want fast and reliable download speeds. You also never know what the tech requirements are going to be of your guests or any speakers you might have, so why not cover your bases with fast and reliable internet. You don’t even need to buy it. They are available for rent!

COMFORTABLE SHOES: It’s your big day and you want to look great, you want everyone to know that you’re running the show and you put on your favorite boots or heels. BAD IDEA! Of course you want to look great, but you are probably going to end up walking 10 miles or so throughout the day putting out fires, and even if you’re stationary, you’re still on your feet. Wear comfortable shoes, you’ll thank yourself, and the guests will forgive your fashion choice.

Throw your huge party or conference, but be ready for anything. You might think you’ve planned it all out, but you never really know what the day will bring and it’s best to have back up plans than to scramble at the last minute and give every cold coffee because you didn’t scope out where the outlets are or lose a speaker because they can’t upload their presentation deck with their wireless cell phone signal.

Be prepared and be comfortable!