The Importance of Managing Proposals When Starting Up

In order for your business to have lasting success, you need to be able to generate business proposals for each investor. Having many opportunities available is the best way that you can get results. In order for you to get results with potential investors however, you’re going to need to follow up. When you’ve submitted tens or even hundreds of proposals, it can grow quite difficult to manage each one of them. Here are some of the top reasons why you should always be tracking and following up investor proposals:

It shows you are assertive:

A backer needs to know that you are going to get them a return on investment. When you show that you believe in your idea and that you really believe in its potential, it shows that you are truly ready to fight for your company. Contacting a potential investor doesn’t come across as a desperate plea, it just shows that you care about having them as an investor and the future of your company.

Your competition is doing it already:

When capital becomes available for investment, it’s usually going to go to the opportunity that comes to an investor first. The first company to respond and complete a follow-up is more likely to end up as a partner in business. 35 to 50% of investment funds often go to the first vendor that shows up. If you’re crafting a quality business proposal, it comes down to showing up to an opportunity first and then being the first to follow up.

There is technology to help:

You can find plenty of advice online for creating well-written proposals and for initiating the proper follow-up. You can also access tools that will help you to send out dozens of proposals that once and manage responses through an e-mail client of your choice. Integrating tracking features can also make sure that you can tell when somebody has open your proposal and spent time reviewing it.

Exposure helps:

In marketing, the average consumer needs to be exposed to a brand or product at least seven times before they will invest in it. It takes time to build trust and this means properly marketing your proposal to potential investors.

Submitting proposals is just one step in the process of gaining funding. Make sure you are able to properly follow up and market your ideas to see more success with your proposals.

This post was written by Tara Kintz. Tara is a director at Signature Workspace which is a  Clearwater Coworking Space. Signature Workspace, owned and operated by Cantor Fund Management, offers services and amenities such as private offices, flex space, co-working space, virtual offices, meeting/conference rooms, and more.

Business ideas

5 NFL-Related Business Ideas

By the end of 2019, it is expected that sports media rights will reach an overwhelming value of $73.5 billion. A big part of it is football. This is a lucrative industry that you might also want to tap. With this, if you are looking for an NFL-related business, keep on reading and learn from the ideas we’ll share.

Sports Betting

One of the most popular NFL-related businesses is betting. Even if it remains illegal in most parts of the United States, it is undeniable that sports betting is a huge business opportunity. Americans spend millions of dollars when they wager. If you want to start accepting bets, you need a PPH sportsbook. With a pay per head bookie software, your payment is based only on the number of active players in the platform, making it economical.

If you want to have a feel of what it is like to have a sportsbook business, check out Bookiemarket.

Sports Coaching

Even if you have not played at the NFL, if you are a true-blue fan and you have the experience playing football, you might want to start a sports coaching business. Build your team and mentor the players. You can also coach individual players, especially kids. Help other people become better in the sport by sharing your talent. The secret here is to market yourself as an authority in the sport to attract people.


Start your podcast and become an NFL authority. The competition can be tough, but it is worth a shot! Play the part of a sports commentator. You will give insights about every game. Let other people know what you think was wrong with the game or what improvements can be made. To succeed, you need to be an authority in the NFL. At the very least, you have to be entertaining, which is important for engaging your audience.


If you are too shy to express yourself in a podcast, why not try writing instead? Start your blog and post articles about NFL games. Write about the players and post-game analysis. You can also write about your predictions on future games and help people make well-informed bets. For the blog to make money, consider search engine optimization, which will be crucial in improving your ranking. Look for sponsors or ads. You can earn a commission for every click or purchase made through the website where you publish your writings.

Sports Bar

For those who are not concerned about the budget requirements, a sports bar is also a good NFL-related business idea. This is a place where football fans can gather and watch their favorite games. Provide an experience that will make your patrons come back. From the drinks to the ambiance, plan everything carefully for your sports bar to sell.

If you love football, turn this passion into a business. Consider the ideas mentioned above and start your entrepreneurial venture today! The returns can be promising!


Used Bottling Lines and Bottling Plants

Choose the Best one According to the Size of your Company

Are you looking for a bottling plant for your business? Welcome to the page dedicated to products made by Elitekno, specifically designed for bottling for small, medium and large industries that work in the beverage sector. Elitekno enjoys an experience of more than twenty years in the manufacture of bottling plants and used bottling lines, which over time have achieved the trust and satisfaction of large and small customers worldwide. Discover our products!

Bottling Plant for Small Businesses

Is it a small business in the beverage sector? Elitekno has designed for you a compact system for bottling lines 700 to 4,000 bottles per hour. The plant works with glass bottles of different sizes and is equipped with 9 nozzles for cleaning the bottles, 9 valves for filling with liquid and a head for final capping. At the end of the plant, a device sticks the label on the bottle. The entire system is automatic, most of the components are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, and can be controlled from a panel that shows the most important production parameters.

If you need to bottle more than 4,000 bottles per hour, but it is not yet a large industry, probably the most suitable machine for your needs is the bottling plant for medium-sized activities. This machine can bottle 4,000 to 12,000 bottles per hour, both glass and PET. Elitekno offers different models with a variable number of bottles, valves and heads for rinsing, filling and capping of the bottles. As for smaller plants, this machine is also automatic, equipped with a control panel and made of stainless steel AISI 304.

Request a free Quote for a Bottling Machine for your Business!

Bottling Plant for Large Industries

For large volumes of production, Elitekno has created the bottling plant for large industries: A system capable of processing more than 12,000 glass bottles per hour. This bottling plant offers the same characteristics as the other plants, on a larger scale: It can perform the rinsing, filling and capping of the bottles with great resistance thanks to the high-quality materials used, among which AISI 304 stainless steel stands out Used for manufacturing. The fully automated process can be easily controlled in a panel with used bottling lines.

Custom Bottling Plants

All bottling plants for sale manufactured by Elitekno can be customized according to customer needs. We can adapt them to the type of bottle used, the size of the production and the space of the place you need for installation. In addition, we can offer additional machines to perform other activities in the product, such as the carbonated and mixing units, the pasteurizer and the heating and cooling tunnel. Simply explain your needs, and our technical and commercial staff will help you to meet them in the best way.

Are you looking for a bottling plant for sale for your activity? Contact us through visiting our webpage


The Importance of Content Marketing for a Business

Content marketing involves creating transparent, honest, and educational content for your audience. This content then needs to be published on a regular basis in order to keep your audience engaged and maintain their interest. Usually, the goal is to promote your business, increase website traffic and improve lead generation. To a business, content marketing is important for several reasons, which will be discussed below.

Improves Brand Awareness and Reputation

Content marketing helps in building the reputation of a brand and increasing awareness of its products and services. When people read your business content, they begin to develop an opinion about you brand. They also start trusting your business and associating the content with what you have to offer in the market. If you are creating engaging, valuable, and educational content for your audience, people will start trusting your brand. Since good content is easily shareable, your brand awareness and referrals will also increase.

Influence Conversions

Content marketing is vital for business conversions. A business with an effective content marketing strategywill be able to gain a large amount of conversions. It is an excellent way of educating and connecting with your customers, thereby generating more leads. By publishing quality content frequently, you will be able to build trust with your customers and encourage conversions by giving them the information needed to make informed purchasing decisions. This is usually more effective when the content is optimized and includes a call-to-action.

Helps with Organic Search Ranking

Creating expert content to improve organic search rankings helps to rank content based on their quality and usefulness. If your content provides a solution for a common problem, it will most likely appear on the top of the SERP results whenever someone searches for that specific keyword. If your content is useful and helps to solve problems faced by your customers, it will rank higher for relevant search terms. Eventually, it will deliver more traffic and leads. However, it is important to keep the content informative, up-to-date, and relevant to the target audience.

Helps in Building Links

Great content is the only reason other websites will want to link to yours. When you create great and helpful content, other websites will be interested in linking to your website. Depending on the websites that link to yours, you may experience an increase in traffic within a short time. Backlinking is also an essential factor that helps in improving your website ranking. If websites with a higher domain authority or page authority link back to your website, then you will have more people visiting your website using those links. These links will also help in signaling to Google that your site is relevant and authoritative and will help your content rank better for relevant search terms.

Give Your Customers a Reason to Keep Coming Back

When customers know they can always find a solution for their problem in your website, they will always come back. When you have good content in your website, you can build a good relationship with your audience. Over time, you become a trusted source for information. As people keep coming back for solutions, they will also recommend your website to others.

Supports Steps of the Marketing Funnel

Every step of the marketing funnel requires content. When starting out, customers will most likely look for solutions for their problems. They will look to connect with a website that offers them useful information. In the middle of the funnel, content educates your leads on the options available so they can make an informed purchasing decision. On the other hand, content at the bottom of the funnel serves as an encouragement to the buyer to make better purchasing decisions.

Credit Cards

How You Can Avoid the Pitfalls that Come with Credit Card Processing

If you own a modern business, it’s likely that credit cards are an integral part of your payment plans. This is especially true if you are involved in any sort of ecommerce or you are inheriting a business that had some less-than-ethical billing systems. Disorganization can also cause problems when it comes to submitting payments and making sure you don’t fall prey the common pitfalls that can be associated with credit card processing.

Here are some ways you can avoid these issues and keep your payment records clean.

Avoid a confusing billing structure

One of the easiest things you can do as a business is make sure that your billing processes are all in order. This can be more of a challenge if you company has been running for years and you have survived through paying as you go or without keeping any sort of record. However, this can come back to haunt you when you are dealing with credit card processing. Without a record of your payments, you can find yourself dealing with issues with the IRS.

This is why it can be essential to find a terminal that will benefit your business early on. You don’t want to have to own several different card terminals that work with various types of payment methods (swiping, EMV chip, etc.). You want to have one system that can easily be integrated into others if need be. This is why it is important to have a solid structure available—even if that means scrapping what you had before and starting over.

Be aware of chargebacks

Chargebacks are a common occurrence when it comes to credit cards and finding the best merchant account to help you handle these is completely necessary as a business. One of the biggest issues that business owners run into is the fact that they are not keeping track of when chargebacks happen and for what amounts. Your entire business’s payment plan can be thrown off by one or two big clients that submit for a chargeback. The best way to avoid this wrecking your business is to be aware of when it happens and to contact your customer as soon as you catch it. It might have been a mistake that you can rectify.

Know your payment facilitators

Your payment facilitators are the ways that you make payments, you’ll probably recognize them as service like PayPal. These can work well when you are running a small business and you have a limited amount of funds going in and out of your account, but the more money that starts to go through (and the more potential chargebacks you have) the higher the chance you are going to run into problems. Know the terms set by your payment facilitators in advance so you can make an effort to circumvent any problems when your business grows.

In conclusion

How you look at your payment process and how they are performed can be essential to the success of your business. Once you know the pitfalls to avoid, you can go forward with the knowledge that you are less likely to run into them.


How to Effectively Market Your Physical Therapy Practice

Although most physical therapists certainly are not starting their own practice because they are passionate about marketing, this is a clear component of making a physical therapy practice work. As such, physical therapy marketing is an essential component to the success of any physical therapy practice. This includes everything from branding, to internal marketing to your current customer base, to external marketing such as digital advertising and promotions. With that in mind, here’s what you need to do to ensure that you can generate a steady stream of customers for your physical therapy practice.

Develop Your Brand

Creating a brand is a key component to the success of any physical therapy practice. Although this brand won’t be as ubiquitous as global brands like Nike and Apple, you want to make sure that your physical therapy practice invokes certain thoughts and emotions when people think of the name of your practice. To do this, you need to create trust and a strong mission statement so that customers know exactly what type of physical therapy they will be getting when they come to your practice. Additionally, you want to make sure that your brand offers clear benefits over that of nearby competitors so that people know that they should come to your physical therapy practice. Oftentimes, this should represent quality of service and therapists working at your business, and this can be bolstered through online reviews and testimonials.

Focus on Customer Experience

When going to physical therapy, patients often feel at their most vulnerable. It could be that they have a chronic condition (such as back or neck pain) that needs to be regularly managed, or it could just be after a major surgery where they are recovering the ability to move or walk properly. As a result of this, you need to be able to internally market to them by providing them with a superior experience and recognizing that vulnerability. This mostly comes down to patient personalization, which is an emerging trend in healthcare that allows healthcare providers to use data to avoid the use of costly procedures and testing to save patients both time and money. You can apply this to your physical therapy practice by working as more a consultative partner to your patients and then giving them self-assessments so that they can assess the efficacy of their care.

Spend on External Marketing

Of course, there’s no better way to get the word out about your physical therapy practice than spending money on advertising. This type of external marketing can include everything from publicized deals and discounts sent through direct mailing to targeted ads on social media. To do so, you should make sure that you know who your customers are, and make sure that you are spending your marketing budget wisely. Make sure to particularly focus on your digital presence, and have active social media accounts and an up-to-date website that is optimized for SEO, particularly local SEO. This will allow potential customers to find your physical therapy practice more easily.

Branding, patient care and satisfaction, and external marketing can all work together to help to promote a physical therapy practice. Practice these three things in tandem, and you’ll have a flood of new customers before you even know it.


How a Virtual Deal Room Can Aid in Deal Management

No matter what it actually entails, managing a business deal is often a real challenge for many different types of businesses. Deal management itself can help companies define the parameters of deal they are making – whether this is with customers or other businesses. The ultimate goal of managing these deals is to maximize company profits and help businesses upsell or cross-sell within the context of the deals they have laid out. However, if they do not have access to the terms of these deals in a safe and secure place, then it is unlikely that they will be tracking the terms of the deal, and how it is affecting the company. As a result of this, a virtual deal room is a key tool that any company that is regularly involved in deal making should be using. With that in mind, here’s how a virtual deal room can help with the deal management process.

It Houses Everything in One Place

Using a virtual deal room is a no-brainer for deal management. This is because it allows companies to keep all of their documents in one place. Additionally, once a deal is finalized, a virtual deal room allows for companies to download an archive of all of the files from the deal. This, in essence, allows companies to always be managing their deals and keep abreast of the parameters of the deal and how it affects their company’s bottom line.

Additionally, a virtual deal room can expedite the deal making process, and allows companies to have better access to their data to better define their long-term goals and assess any threats to their goals. This can be done by constantly reviewing the terms of deals that are created with the use of virtual deal rooms, and tracking their effectiveness to a company’s bottom line within the virtual deal room. By having access to all of this data, and analyzing all of this data properly, a company can create better deals for themselves and manage them more effectively.

It Allows For Seamless Data Storage

One of the more remarkable ways that a virtual deal room can help with deal management is in how easy it is to upload and store data. This data, which can include client information, previously negotiated contracts, and tracked KPIs for deals, can simply be dragged and dropped into the virtual deal room. This allows company dealmakers, such as sales development representatives, to have easy access to this data. It also allows those who would track these KPIs, such as marketing analytics managers, to be able to make profitability calculations within the virtual deal room so that the sales team is aware of what margins they need to be making deals with in mind.

Overall, a virtual deal room is a great tool for deal management. Along with other software as a service solutions, such as a CRM or a project management tool, a virtual deal room can help to expedite the deal making process and allow companies to track the profitability and viability of the deals they are creating to make data-driven decisions as to how they are going to make deals in the future.


Questions You Must Ask when Building a Global Brand

To craft a strong brand identity, do not simply rush into creating your site and logo. Yes, they are crucial, but building a strong brand will require more than that. Your brand needs to reflect your business strengths that you articulately interweave with what your target audience wants. To be sure that you are on the right branding track, here are the questions to ask and get the right answer according to Romain Chiaramonte.

  • What is Your Business Mission?

If your business does not have a clear mission, it will not be possible to sell it to the target audience. As Romain Chiaramonte aptly puts it, “a company’s goal should aim at creating emotional connection with the targeted clients.” This should be communicated consistently through your brand’s visual language.

The organization’s mission should be the driving force of why the company exists and where it is headed. Go on and connect the mission statement with the main objectives. At this point, your business leadership is very critical to guide the branding process.

  • What is My Business Competitive Advantage?

This is perhaps the most important question that you need to think about all the time. In most of the cases, the products you are offering are also being released by competitors. Therefore, what makes you different? What separates you from them? Take this example: why should a customer buy Samsung Galaxy S10 instead of iPhone 10?

Once you understand your competitive advantage, use it to catapult your brand ahead of others. For example, does your brand focus more on the environment? Does it have superior technology? And, when you brand it, do it in a big way to roar past competitors.

  • What do People Think about My Business?

You have worked hard to get the business to where it is, right? But you need to appreciate that the business is all about the target clients. Therefore, you need to carefully follow what the audience thinks. By establishing what people think about your brand, you will be establishing what they want and how they want it.

After determining what clients want, take the focus to the next level and rope them in. This will work well according to Romain Chiaramonte, especially when you are developing products for the target market. If the target clients tell you they want healthier foods, go ahead and get them. Then use it as a branding message. What a great way to build a strong brand and increase sales?

When you are building your brand, it is important to have a clear and flexible mind all the time. You should always focus on the mission, target audience, and operate creatively to outdo competitors.


Features to look for in a Fuel management system

Fuel prices are rising at an exponential rate, causing much panic among automobile industries and fleet owners. More than half the transport sector today is still heavily dependent on fuel sources like petrol and natural gas. And the rate at which these non-renewable sources are depleting is alarming. Fuel prices have a direct impact upon the commercial industries. Everything from manufacturing to service-based sectors are fundamentally based on the transportation system to transfer resources and finished goods in the market. In this scenario, where fuel is an indispensable and extremely valuable resource, even the slightest wastage or exploitation seems blasphemous.

Fleet management companies often had to face the problem of fuel wastage and vehicle breakdowns. There are a number of reasons why this might happen though. The vehicles might be old and in need of repair. The driver might be incompetent or dishonest enough to use the fuel for his personal use. In any case, earlier it was difficult to keep track of the fuel sources and levels. Today, thankfully we have fuel management system provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions in place that help companies keep an eye on the fuel tank;

The Credibility

First and foremost, you need to check if the fuel management system is registered and credible enough to provide these services or not. A quick Google search would give you a list of the top platforms that are trending in the industry. You can visit their websites, read through the customer reviews and browse through the ratings to get a better idea about the kind of services that they offer.

With effective fuel management systems, fleet owners get a flexible and versatile range of features to track vehicles, check on routes and even contact the driver if need be. Check if the platform offers you all these features and more.

Accuracy and Accessibility

Next, you need to check if the platform is easy to access or not. Most fuel management frameworks are based on cloud and can be optimized for various devices like laptops, phones and tabs. This means that you can customise the vehicle details and monitor their movements anytime anywhere. This doesn’t limit your surveillance to the office desk and gives you more flexibility and movability.

Also, consider how precise and accurate the platform is with its services. Can you pinpoint the exact location and condition of the vehicle? Can you access the route and look at the various obstacles and traffic conditions that lie ahead? Can you warn the driver about these issues and prevent any accident? These are some of the questions that you need satisfactory answers for.

Advanced Features and Facilities

The third point here is the list of advanced features and functionalities that the fleet management system gives you access to. Are you able to check, maintain and monitor the vehicles? Does it give you an accurate record of the number of times the fuel tank was refilled? Do you have insights about the kind of repairs and replacements that the vehicle needs to improve its performance? Can you track the vehicles while they are on the road and establish contact with it? A competent and effective fuel management system offers all that and more.

Cost Effectiveness and Timeliness

Last but not the least, check if the fuel management system is actually effective in saving you some money and cutting down on the losses. It should work towards saving your fuel, boosting the energy efficiency of the vehicle and even save the time on each trip for extra productivity and a boost in your overall reputation.

Business Loan

Unsecured loan Insurance policy

Your own bank loan is a superb possibility to offer the resources to be able to merge the debt, require a school training course, fix your car or truck, and even require a getaway. Signature loans may be attached or perhaps unguaranteed. Secured finance are usually significantly riskier since they entail offering the financial institution together with guarantee to make certain pay back with the bank loan. In the event you don’t satisfy in which pay back, the financial institution can legitimately very own your premises, car, or perhaps whichever property an individual utilized to protected the particular bank loan.

Personal loans online offer you a lot of chance for men and women to boost their particular total financial predicament in the event the resources are employed together with excellent funds supervision expertise. Nonetheless, everybody knows items happen inside living that individuals haven’t any handle above which includes dying of your income source for our family, shedding job, or perhaps health-related concerns. These kinds of situations can easily almost all have an effect on our own power to pay off your own bank loan. When in which bank loan will be attached, you then will miss the property linked with that at the same time. To guard oneself coming from these kinds of awful opportunities, take into account acquiring unsecured loan insurance policy.

Unsecured loan insurance policy is the better defense you’ll have regarding pay back if the program an individual defined to pay the particular bank loan grows unforeseen humps inside the path. The expense of these kinds of insurance policy may differ, which is typically dependent on the particular excellent equilibrium of one’s unsecured loan. The sort of unsecured loan insurance plan you decide on may also have an effect on the particular quality. Nonetheless, this kind of insurance policy can provide reassurance regarding consumers, specifically whoever has any attached unsecured loan.

You can find a few forms of unsecured loan insurance plan to pick from. The precise money numbers of insurance coverage depends on the particular regulations within your Express as well as the money level of the bank loan. You will need to go over unsecured loan insurance policy together with virtually any loan company you are looking for seeking your own bank loan together with.

Incapacity additionally unsecured loan insurance coverage could be the insurance coverage frequently obtained regarding unsecured loan defense. It’s going to pay out the month to month unsecured loan repayments up to specific money sum. Furthermore you may be given a funds transaction of your proportion of one’s bank loan sum monthly to assist you together with the expense of living expenses.