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Marijuana legalization has led to full availability of cannabis in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia; and more than 20 states now have medicinal marijuana laws on the books that allow for people with prescriptions to legally use cannabis as medicine. Demand for marijuana is growing as a result.

In 2014, the cannabis industry, which also includes manufacturers of products like vaporizer pens used for inhaling cannabis, enjoyed more than $2.4 billion in sales. That marked a 74 percent increase in sales over 2013, and revenues are only predicted to increase every year for the foreseeable future with double-digit gains expected annually by industry experts.

With so much money to be made in the marijuana industry, it’s no surprise that many start-ups are being launched to try and rake in some of the money that there is to be made, from the relatively new medical and legal recreational cannabis industry. What may be surprising is how many of these companies have a Silicon Valley tech component to them, or are being backed by tech giants and large investment companies

Here are some of the start-ups that are gaining attention in the industry:

– HelloMD. HelloMD is a tech start-up that allows people who are suffering from medical problems to meet with a physician over the Internet to discuss their symptoms. Using video chat technology, doctors and patients can see each other throughout the consultation. The physician then determines whether or not a patient qualifies for medical marijuana. If they do, a prescription is provided and the marijuana and a vaporizer pen are delivered. The service is beneficial for people who are unable to visit a physician due to time constraints or medical problems.

VaporPlants. is a online vaporizer store, located in Brooklyn NY, that offers all of the top best brands when it comes to vape pens, wax pens and vaporizers for marijuana. The website not only sells vaporizers, but they also offers vaporizer reviews (see Vapor Plants).

– Weedmaps. WeedMaps is a website that can be compared to Yelp, only instead of providing reviews of businesses, it provides information about marijuana dispensaries. People can use the app and website to find the nearest dispensary, get contact information and hours, and read reviews from other users.

– Leafly. Leafly is a website that offers reviews of marijuana-related products. The company is owned by Privateer Holdings, a Seattle company.

– Meadow. Meadow is a business similar to HelloMD that provides diagnoses and prescriptions for medical marijuana and then delivers it to the patient’s home. The company plans to one day work with multiple dispensaries to expand operations into every market where medical marijuana is legal. This company has received funds from Y Combination, an investment incubator that funds tech companies.

– Tilray. Also owned by Privateer Holdings, Tilray is an agricultural company that legally grows marijuana and conducts research on cannabis in Canada. Privateer Holdings recently received a large investment from a venture capital firm, called Founders Fund, for Tilray, Leafly, and its other cannabis businesses.

– SpeedWeed. SpeedWeed is a small start-up that currently provides medical marijuana services in the Los Angeles area.

Despite the fact that there is ample opportunity in the marijuana industry because it is relatively new, there are some unique challenges to operating a company because of regulations and differences in laws . Many federal tax deductions are unavailable to marijuana companies because their industry is considered illegal at the federal level. There are also strict restrictions about how cannabis products and services can be marketed because of the nationwide prohibition of marijuana.

As legalization of recreational and medical cannabis continues to sweep through states, and more countries like Colombia and Canada fully legalize marijuana for medicinal use, cannabis start-ups are poised for success, provided that they are properly managed and marketed. Investors from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and abroad are sure to continue to look for promising investment opportunities in the cannabis industry.

Reference: NY Times
Business Loan

Avoid Making These Mistakes if You Are Looking for a Business Loan

As a small business owner, you might have been facing or might expect to face liquidity crunch in your business. This liquidity crisis is inevitable for every business owner, and no matter how much you plan to avoid it, it is almost certain to affect your business at some point in time. Surely it is something to be worried about, but it’s not as if you cannot be prepared for it.

During the regular course of business, every business owner puts in all efforts to keep the company growing. But sometimes it may happen that your financial resources have exhausted or inadequate for you to take advantage of opportunities available to you. In such situations you cannot sit idle and let your competitor take the advantage, you must try your best to fight these circumstances. If you do not have an emergency fund or personal funds to be infused into the business, you can certainly explore other options, of which is Applying for a Business Loan.

What is a Business Loan?

Business Loans are various types of secured and unsecured funding options that are available to business owners. These options are offered by various financial institutions for a wide range of purposes such as the purchase of machinery, purchase of material, purchase of land, payment to suppliers, and so on. Business Loans help you manage your immediate cash crisis or purchase new assets without putting a strain on your cash cycle as you only need to repay the amount through EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments).

Mistakes to Avoid While Looking for a Business Loan

Due to the recent disruptions that have affected the finance sector such as rising NPAs, instances of frauds and misappropriation of funds, financial institutions have become very stringent in terms of the eligibility criteria for a Business Loan. Any slight discrepancy from your side can jeopardise your prospects of getting the loan. Following are the major mistakes that you should avoid if you are looking for a Business Loan:

  • Not checking your credit score

Your credit score is a three-digit figure which represents your creditworthiness. In India, credit scores are provided by agencies like CIBIL, Experian and others out of 900. Lenders want you to have a good credit score, ideally more than 750 to be sure that you are financially disciplined and will repay your EMIs on time.

If you are thinking of applying for a Business Loan, ensure that you check your credit score to make sure it is above the required level. If not, it is better to wait for some time and seek professional help to rebuild your credit score.

  • Not having a collateral/guarantor

Most of the Business Loans are secured and required you to provide collateral to ensure the lender that you are financially sound, and if you default on the payment, lenders can sell the asset to recover their dues.

If you are a new business without any credit history or are looking for a Business Loan, you need to have collateral to be hypothecated with the lender such as land, gold, bonds, and so on. If not, then you should have a financially sound person as cars your guarantor to convince the bank to approve your application.

  • Not having a business plan

Business Loans are meant to be invested in the business only and most of the times lenders would ask you to furnish a plan regarding how you want to use the loan. So, if you do not have a business plan, do not even think about applying for a loan, it will most certainly be rejected.

Avail services of a professional consultant to prepare a comprehensive business plan and prepare detailed CMA (Credit Monitoring Arrangement) data for the future projections as well. If you have a comprehensive business plan to accompany your application for a loan, it will most likely be approved if you fulfil the essential eligibility criteria.

  • Not doing the necessary research

You should always conduct extensive research to identify the type of loan you need, lenders, their terms and conditions, interest rates and all other relevant details. It is indeed possible that a new lender would offer you better terms than your present banker. So, do not just blindly apply for the loan at one place, check out your options and if you feel so apply with multiple lenders.

  • Not having your financials audited

Almost all lenders are going to ask for your audited financial statements to assess your eligibility and liquidity. Unaudited financials are not accepted by most institutions, so even if you fall below the threshold of the audit, make it a point to get your financial audited and verified from an Independent Auditor. This lends credibility to your financials. Also keep your bank statements, income tax returns and other financial statements ready and up to date as they will be required by the banker.

Availing a Business Loan could be the best decision for your business, just exercise due to caution and only then avail a suitable loan.

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Essentials Of The Perfect Working Space

Most of us spend a large proportion of our lives at work, so naturally, it is very much important to have a good and healthy environment to work in. The effect of good work atmosphere plays a significant role in person’s  well being . It is the most crucial factors in employee satisfaction.

Conference hall

Multi-purpose Conference Hall in Goa is a perfect place for hosting meetings, conference, events, parties, and seminars.  These halls are required for business meets, conferences and corporate events. This space is also ideally suited for celebrations and theme parties.

Benefits  of shared working space

Workspace is meant to be designed such that it fosters a sense of serenity that can promote collaboration and creativity. It should be designed with a deeper understanding of productivity, and ways of enhancing them

Look for shared office space in Goa  that provides the best of best in terms of innovation and technology in working space They have air-conditioned rooms provide comfortable accommodation and other basic  requirements

  • It can be helpful for a startup businessman or an entrepreneur who has just set sail, to enter upon a shared working space. This will provide a much-needed disjunction between home and work.
  • With the increase in time, people are realizing quite speedily that there is a need for separation of work from home. Home can be too cozy and too distracting for work.
  • Shared office space in Goa provides people with the benefit of a place to go, a place to interact and engage in the discussion of innovative ideas.
  • This will not only lead to meeting new people but also will help to discover new customers, bringing you face to face with potential business collaborations, business advisors, and investors.
  • A shared office space tells the smaller of the smallest details and all overhead costs into a simple price that suits different needs. In this way, you can enhance your company in the most cost-efficient and space effective way. And saves a lot of money and at the same time not feel pushed into an unnecessarily larger working space.
  • Sharing office space can be good not only for enhancing business contacts or potential clients – but beyond that, can just be great people with whom to talk. Entrepreneurs and start-ups are a unique breed. It’s important to spend time with other people who know what you’re going through and can offer a word of encouragement or provide an outlet to let off steam.
  • Look for an office space that provides the tenants with all kinds of administrative provisions like printers, phone and mail services, copiers Wi-Fi and communication tools.


In the end, design and outlook of the workspace is a major capital investment for any organization that can directly affect a large number of business outcomes, including the productivity, employee satisfaction, engagement and  talent recruitment, and brand impact and it should be designed in a  very strategic way.


World’s Leading Pure Tin Ingots and Alloys Supplier

Advancement in material science and technology brought us advanced exotic materials with better characteristics and wider applications. But it doesn’t mean conventional metals and its alloys become forgotten. Tin is one of metal materials once was widely used for various purposes ranging from organ pipes to tin toys. Although tin is way less popular these days, it is still used for crafts making as well as different manufacturing process. Latest material technology created tin based alloys which is even more applicable for advanced manufacturing process.

Whether it is from crafts or for industrial process, high quality tin metal with high purity is very crucial. It will highly affect the process and the end product. This is the reason why it is very crucial to have a trusted supplier on tin metal material. There are many companies around the world able to supply tin ingots and alloys but not all of them can offer the same quality. It is also important to secure supply of pure tin ingot or tin based alloys with exact characteristics required for certain process or implementation.

French company, the METACONCEPT Group is the leading supplier of pure metal ingots and alloys. Its flagship product is tin ingot with wide selections of purity and characteristics. It guarantees tin ingot has 99% purity while also offers varieties of tin alloys ranging from Antimony, Bismuth, Indium, to Lead ingots.

Besides ingots, tin metal and alloys are also available in billets, bars, and flat bars. Visit its website for complete information of tin ingot and alloys characteristics and implementations.

METACONCEPT Group also supplies pewter alloy, the tin based alloy with low melting point. Pewter alloy is widely used in arts, crafts, and jewelry making as well as parts of various industries. Pewter alloy material from this company comes under brand name of CERRO®. Ranges of CERRO alloys are 100% lead free to make it a green alloy and suitable for wide ranges of applications. This company has been supplying CERRO alloys to customers throughout more than 50 countries worldwide to make it one of the leading pewter suppliers. More than just supplying pure ingots and alloy materials, this company also offers expert services for consultancy, technical supports, and training supports to those using its products. Don’t hesitate to contact this company and its technical support department will more than happy to help you find the right product perfectly fit for particular requirements of application.


The Smart Way To Market Your Business: SEO Technique

Today, doing business is much easier than the past decades. Perhaps due to the progress of the technology, it has been possible for many individuals to try doing business. However, there are still some difficulties and one of the significant problems is staying in the competition. Since the business industry has giants in different fields, it is harder for business startups to run the business for longterm, unless they are equipped with the right knowledge in doing the business.

What is The Smart Way of Marketing the Business?

One should not strive in succeeding to stay and even beat the competition. There are many ways to keep the business running and reach the target goal can grow the business. Many business startups do not know how other business owners were doing their deal. One of the primary keys to succeeding is the right marketing technique. Many entrepreneurs are utilizing internet marketing as they are smartly doing the marketing. However, business startups are still left behind when it comes to marketing. The main reason is lack of understanding regarding internet marketing, especially SEO or search engine optimization.

What To Do if You Are Not Knowledgeable with SEO?

To help business startups, internet marketing is a useful tool to manage the marketing of the business. There are many kinds of internet marketing such as SEO, social media, vlogging, etc. The most suitable for a business startup is SEO. While big names in the business industry are already into it, most business startups are intimidated. One of the things that a startup does is utilized SEO to be visible in the internet world and reach the prospects. There is an SEO marketing company New York that helps business to be established and to improve marketing techniques. Such company will help a business to grow and stay in the long run. The best way to know about internet marketing is to seek help from a company specialized in this field.

What are the Advantages of SEO Marketing?

Since it is one of the most useful internet marketing techniques today, many business owners have seen the opportunities. SEO is also in the trend due to its favourable results. To help you decide, here are the PROS of using it:

Visibility of your website- let your consumers find your business.

Reach target goal in lesser time- SEO can do marketing ten times faster than the traditional way of doing marketing.

Broader target market- SEO is global.

Competitive- stay on the competition as long as you want, you can even go all the way to the  top.

Cost-efficient- it is not costly compared to other marketing techniques.

Real-time solutions- SEO provides you real-time interaction and solutions for your consumer’s problems and demands.

Our Recommendation

Doing SEO marketing is just one of the greatest thing you can do for your business. There are also some internet marketing techniques that you can use, and one of them is social media marketing. Although some social media managers are also utilizing SEO content management in their implementations, you can mix up SEO marketing with social media marketing for better interaction with your consumers and the broader network of prospects.