Harnessing the Power of MWBE

Ever wondered how you can make it big in an increasingly growing business world, but don’t know where to start? If you happen to be a woman and/or a member of a minority, consider applying for Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) certification to reap countless benefits.

The 1998-established MWBE certification is geared towards legally-authorized, for-profit Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation businesses in the US that are at least 51% independently owned and managed daily by women and/or members of minority groups.

Publicly-owned company stockholders or owners can also apply for a certification, provided that 51% of the shares are owned by women or individuals of 25% Hispanic, Asian, African, or Native American descent. The businesses must also continuously contribute to strengthening the US economy through payment of taxes, production and distribution of products in the market, and creating more jobs.

The MWBE offers various opportunities for eligible entrepreneurs. The basic requirements include important documents such as business licenses, company identification, employees’ profiles, financial information, and other legal documents. Other eligibility criteria will depend on the state in which you are applying. In some areas, MWBE certification requires the owners to be US citizens or legal residents of the country. Other states require one to two years business history for approval.

The MWBE also needs to be renewed annually or every three years from the issuance of the certification, depending again on the state of application. The application process may range from 60-90 days.

Many other requirements are needed, and it’s best to check with experts for in-depth eligibility analyses of your business. Obtaining certification is just the first step to achieving optimal revenue growth.

Business owners who have MWBE certification can get perks such as the following:

  • An increased access to contracts from private and public sectors.
  • Gain a wealth of information through conferences, seminars, and workshops which aren’t available to non-MWBE certification holders.
  • Secure loans and other financial aids to kick-start your business’ dreams and goals.
  • Access to large databases to search for potential customers and partners who can help in expanding your business.
  • Develop stronger relationships with clients and fellow MWBE certification holders.
  • Promote fairness and equality.

Having an MWBE certification has its perks, but one must also know its potential disadvantages. Recertification is needed yearly in most states, and it’s important to make a list of all up-to-date information regarding your business.

Some state governments insist you transact with their agencies without third-party certifications for strict compliance with certain regulations. Another drawback is that being certified doesn’t automatically guarantee contractual opportunities. As the business owner, you also have to work hard to market your products and services to the general public, and not solely depend on your MWBE certification.

Still, a certification is vital if you want to take your company to the next level. Thanks to the MWBE certification and its many possibilities, everyone, regardless of race or gender, is given more chances to become highly competitive leaders and business owners in this rapidly-changing economy of today.

For more information on MWBE, read this article. You’re on your way to success.


Running a Shopify Business? Here’s How CRM Can Help

Shopify has cemented a name as one of the most user-friendly ecommerce shopping cart services available.

Store owners benefit from visually beautiful storefronts that require no coding with a variety of premium upgrades available that range from premium themes to integrated apps that add more functionality and features. The service takes things a step further with robust analytics in the backend, built-in marketing features, and even the ability to publish a Facebook store.

No wonder it’s one of the leading ecommerce platforms. If you sell on Shopify, there’s a good chance you are also increasing revenue streams by listing your products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, too. A variety of marketing tools are at your fingertips that can help you make the most of the customer journey, and one of those is a Shopify CRM.

How can CRM help you get more Shopify sales? Here are three powerful reasons.

Making Your Newsletters Produce Revenue

Crafting a newsletter takes time and effort. So why not maximize the potential of such endeavors to pay off with a stronger return?

A CRM can help you identify trends and customer behavior that you can use to create stronger newsletters and flash sales that drive healthier conversions.

Knowing why customers buy, what they are buying the most of and their preferred shipping methods as well as returns habits helps you engage them better, reduce returns and earmark more profits.

Eliminating Serial Returners

Returns are just part of selling online. Studies find that as much as 35% of all products ordered online result in a return.

While it’s natural for some shoppers to return the occasional item, there’s also the issue of serial returners; people who return more than they keep.

A CRM can help you flag people who are abusing your return policy, so you can reduce the rate of returns, improve your bottom line and market promotions to customers you know are likelier to hold on to the products they’ve purchased.

Better Relationships Mean More Sales

To sum it up, a Shopify CRM helps you get more sales by enabling you to improve the customer relationship and journey.

By helping to identify the seasonality of your top selling products, while delivering insights into each customer’s individual shopping experience, shipping and returns habits, a CRM gives you the data you need to make improvements that benefit your bottom line.

The right CRM also gives you true cross-channel data—so you can follow customers across all your sales channels. Having this information at your fingertips lets you craft better newsletters, create more intriguing flash sales and improve your overall promotions altogether. It’s these little things that combine to help improve profits across the board.

When choosing between improving customer relationships and getting more sales or just sticking with the status quo, the choice is simple. If a CRM can help you get there, it’s a no-brainer.



It’s a Daily Trader’s Mistake You Should Know

Humans do not escape mistakes. This term often we hear when someone makes mistakes, whether in terms of work or other daily activities. Like any other job, a trader in forex trading also often make mistakes in determining trading. This error often happens to the daily trader.

Why is that?

A daily trader will usually close and open a daily trading position on the same day. Then, they will also tend to open multiple positions on various currency pairs by relying on trading signals from some tech indices, such as price action, as well as fundamental news releases. Time frame trading that was used did not have a long term, i.e. between 15 minutes to one hour only. trading tools like this will certainly feel easy for experienced traders, but it will be difficult for if applied by beginner traders who have not had much experience. In the fact, not in frequently, beginner trader who apply this way a lot of mistakes and cause losses.

Here are some common mistakes that traders often make daily, namely:

Averaging Down

Averaging down is a condition that traders often experience daily. They are often stuck on this condition, open the same position with the previous position, which even experienced loss. Conditions like this are often not planned, but given the daily profit targets have been determined inevitably traders still do it.

For beginner traders, things like this really should be considered beforehand. Especially averaging down the unplanned can cause losses. The trader must take into account the costs used to cover the losses that will occur. To avoid this error, make sure you work based on the agreed risk management.

Trapping Position Ahead of Release Fundamental News

Trapping position is usually done simultaneously with pending buy stop order, sell stop, ahead of time of fundamental news release which is expected to cause high volatility. To avoid this estimate (high volatility), traders will usually start to set profit targets in each position.

Initially, such a strategy is quite successful, but lately often fail because the expected volatility value is too high. If the daily trader continues to believe in this strategy, then it could lead to a slippage (price spike). If this happens, the trader will get a much higher price than the pending buy order or lower than the pending order sell, as well as the increased spread if the volatility continues to increase.

Immediate Opening Position After Fundamental Release News

Continuing from the previous pattern (failed trapping), in fact many traders who do entry at the time of high volatility. It should be understood that entry when high volatility is very dangerous, because it could lead to a second slippage. It would be better if traders wait for about 30 minutes after the news release, just do entry.

Estimating Risk of Trade is Too Big

Keep in mind if setting a big trade risk will not give big profit as well. Many traders assume this, when in fact the assumption is wrong. It would be better if the risk determination per day is at a value no more than 2% of trading account.


Tradesman Insurance: Keeping You Safe

Tradesman aren’t always held in the same esteem as university graduates, but it’s certainly something that should be. Becoming a tradesman means that you have the skills, and the training, to be able to repair or create in a way that most homeowners simply cannot. Inntoday’s DIY-happy world, being able to repair things that homeowners started but were unable to complete or having the skills to deal with massive mistakes is certainly admirable and very marketable.

It simply doesn’t get any better than this. You own your own company; you set your own hours. Unfortunately, like most business owners, you also have to deal with the hassles and headaches of owning your company as well. Fortunately, tradesman insurance can help to keep you safe and covered in a variety of situations.


One of the things that you have to worry about when you’re a tradesman is accidents. The simple nature of your business means you are far more prone to accidents than the average worker. Manual labour and working with dangerous tools makes it much more likely that you could be injured somehow, and tradesman insurance can help. This insurance can cover you in the case of an accident. It can help to pay for your hospital bills and may, depending on the policy that you select, also be able to help cover any time away from the job you may have to deal with as a result of your accident.

You will also want to make sure that you’re covered in the off chance that someone gets injured at your jobsite. If the homeowner happens to trip and injure themselves on one of your tools, or something doesn’t quite go according to plan, having the right insurance can protect your wallet and your business.


One thing that most tradesman spend a lot of money on is their tools. Having the right tools for the job makes it ten times quicker and easier to complete. But these tools can cost a lot of money, largely due to the fact that they’re designed to last almost a lifetime. Some of today’s carpenters and roofing experts still use the same tools that their fathers before them used. When one of these tools breaks, it can be a huge blow to the wallet to have to replace it. With tradesman insurance, however, you may not have to worry about the cost. With the right choices in your insurance making your more expensive tools could be partially, or fully, covered in the event that something happens to them which causes them to be unusable again.

There are a lot of benefits that come from being a tradesman. No matter whether you’re a plumber, electrician, carpenter, handyman or anything in between, tradesmen have one of the most important jobs you can find. If you’re a tradesman, be proud of your profession and make sure that you’re covered in the event that anything untoward occurs. Begin comparing insurance quotes today.

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Profitable Business Ventures for Entrepreneurs – Sustainability Is the Key

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s the fact that natural resources used for energy today are finite. Whether you are looking at a profitable business venture or simply for ways to focus on green living at home, sustainability is the key. Today’s consumer is more aware than ever before just how limited a supply there is in everything we use for the manufacturing of goods we consume.

Royalty Free Photo

This applies to wood, ore, oil, and even water. If we continue using and wasting as much as we currently do, there will come a time in the not so distant future where we simply run out of the building blocks of life as we know it. Are you looking for a profitable business venture? Perhaps waste handling and management would be a good industry to explore.

Capturing the Market on Waste

According to the website, entrepreneurs looking to start a waste management company should first research the needs of the market areas they intend to serve. Each area is niche driven, so if you are in an area with a high concentration of manufacturing plants, you would focus on capturing that portion of the market. It would then be imperative to seek waste handling and management solutions from companies like Lundbergtech so that you could handle the type of waste these plants will contract you to remove. However, don’t stop at seeking a niche. From there, look at ways to increase profitability for your waste management enterprise.

Sorting with a Focus on Recycling

The right waste handling equipment can also increase your company’s profits beyond what you earn by carting their waste away. Instead of sorting with the intention of sending waste to the appropriate landfills, for example, you can utilize separate sorting and handling machinery so that you, in turn, can recycle waste you’ve collected. From industrial shredders for paper to compacting machines that ready metals for distribution to recycling plants, there is a solution for every end of your operations.

How to Use the Sustainability Key to Your Advantage

Once you have determined the type of waste you intend to handle, it’s time to start using marketing strategies that focus on sustainability. This is a huge focus for today’s businesses since consumers are now focused on eco-friendly products and services. By showing them how your company is able to reduce the impact waste has on the environment, they, too, can begin using that as a marketing approach to their own customer base.

However, it should go without saying that if your focus on sustainability is just a marketing ploy, customers will see right through it. It is in your best interest to do the research so that you are also focused on saving the planet on which we all live for future generations. Your main goal right now may be to start a lucrative business, but if you are going to promote sustainability, you should be living it as well. Remember, the more you learn, the easier it will be to really do something of value. As the old saying goes, you reap what you sow – so let it count for something and you will be the reaper today’s world needs.


When is best time to post on Facebook?

Do you want to know about the best time to post on Facebook to the generate leads or increase engagement? Being an online entrepreneur, you have to keep on trying new social media business strategies to reach out to your audience.  You will find the answer to your question as you read this post.

The right time to post on Facebook is when your target audience is online you get some traction out of it in the form of likes, shares, and comments.

Hootsuite says, in general, the best time of posting content on Facebook is between 12 PM and 3 PM from Monday to Friday (Tuesday excluded). Then it’s between 12 PM and 1 PM on the weekend.  Tuesday is the day when user engagement is a bit sluggish.

You will find plenty of more studies that reveal their own best times to post on Facebook. All of these studies can be useful for marketers but in reality, the best time to post on Facebook or any other social media platform depends on a number of factors specific to the type of your business. You need to first figure out your target audience, where they are located and when they are online. According to Brain Boland, the VP of advertising technology of Facebook, on average 1500 stories can appear in the news feed of a person each time they log into their Facebook account. If a person has lots of friends and they have liked lots of pages too, their news feed can be flooded as many as 15,000 posts at a time.

The competition in the news feed is hence increasing. As per this information, if you are posting on Facebook, you will have to compete with almost 1500 other posts and timing is only one of the many factors that determine which content is going to appear first.

There is a possibility that the universal best time mentioned above could be the worst time to post for your business.  Also, if all brands start posting during the peak time, then there will be more competition among them.

So when should you actually post on Facebook?

Well, since you are using Facebook as an integral part of your marketing campaign, you must decide when you to share content on Facebook.  This can be done by logging into ‘Facebook insights’ and see how your posts are performing. Click on ‘Insights’ at the top of your Facebook page. This will take you to a dashboard where you can find a lot of data. Select ‘Posts’ from the menu on your left-hand side. This will show you a breakdown of the days and times your fans are active on Facebook.

You will also get to see a chart displaying the average times across the week.  Let’s suppose you find that your audience is active between 9 AM to 5 PM. Now to see find out the best time to post, test a different times between those hours and go back to the insights to see which time worked for you.

Great content matters too

Instead of just focusing on the best time to post on Facebook, you also must share valuable content. Because let’s face it if the content is not worth liking, sharing or commenting, then even if you put all the effort to find the best time to post on Facebook, it is not going to bring you much user engagement or leads. So, in short, if you really want to succeed on Facebook, your content should be as important as the time of posting it.


How to Prepare Your iPhone for the IOS Upgrade?

The people who are using iPhone they can update the latest version of the mobile operating system for your device. Before you upgrade your device you need to backup your device. Here below you can get how to prepare your iPhone for the iOS upgrade. The first you need to check is your phone compatible with latest iOS version. With the help of CompareRaja, you can compare the price of mobiles. In July 2012 this site was established and it is leading price comparison site in India.

Delete apps and clean up photos

The iOS is the best to update on your device to perform well. It not only free up some storage space but also used to remove some unwanted apps which have been on your screen. To upgrade iOS to the device you need to delete apps. After deleting unwanted apps then go through the photos app and deleted the photos and videos. Or else you can save your photos and videos on the computer or laptop.

Update your apps

Then you need to update the apps on your device to run iOS version without any problem. You can open the App Store app, and then in the right corner click on the Updates button and tap the entire Update All button. If you need to turn on automatic app updates, go to the settings > iTunes and App store and tap the Updates in the Automatic Downloads section

Back it up

Backing up on your device is a most important step before you perform a major iOS update. You have two options to back up i.e. iCloud or iTunes. So below you can get a guide to backing up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud. After back up your device newly backed up with unwanted your photos and videos documents and apps removed. After this, your device is upgraded to iOS. You are able to update to iOS directly from your device through

Settings > General > Software Update or iTunes.

Update your device using iTunes

On your iOS device, if you can’t update wirelessly, you can update yourself by using iTunes on a phone which you trust. If your phone is using Personal Hotspot on the iOS device which you’re updating, connect your phone to a different Ethernet network or Wi-Fi before you update your device. If you want to upgrade your device CompareRaja is the best place.

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A guide to affiliate marketing method

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing which is based over the performance in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. It is commonly known as the hierarchy system in which the earning are spend among a certain hierarchy. In order to get it done, you need to have four core players:

The merchant known as the retailer or brand, the network that contains offers for the affiliate to choose upon, as well as to be in control of the payments, the publisher known as the affiliate and the customer at the end. Or when simplified, you will need an advertiser, publisher and a consumer. The first component in this relationship is made by a separated advertiser or a company selling a product. The publisher is in charge of promoting the products or services, which is leading him to earning cash. And the final component completing the triangle is the consumer which is the person looking at the advertisement, making an action which takes him from the publisher’s website to the advertiser’s to complete the action.

On many ways it is similar with other methods of internet marketing because when doing the affiliate marketing regular advertising methods are often used. In order to do it, you will need a good SEO as search engine optimization made on the organic way, a paid, non-organic engine marketing commonly known as Pay Per click, an email marketing, content marketing and somehow a display advertising.

The whole story has started almost as soon as the World Wide Web was spread to the world, but the big difference is that nowadays, the bigger part of the population has a stable internet connection and is able to search for content and use the social media platforms.

However, there is a great debate over the internet today, including the pro and contra arguments about using this method of marketing. If you want to stay well informed, it is important to use unbiased information and consider the examples of people approaching towards this kind of marketing method as the most useful one, which will lead you to the answer you are looking for.

One of the best things considering this type of marketing is that you won’t need to be in charge of creating a product to sell. You can start selling something as an affiliate once you have a platform to sell it on.

When following other people’s experiences, we can easily conclude that there are people which made a success in this field, but the right method is to be well informed as well as to form the best strategy which will be the winning one, guaranteeing you success.

Before you start it, you must consider some very important rules which are used when promoting products which are not your own.

You must recommend products with which you are familiar with, preferably the ones which you’ve used before and have helped you. And the other one is to never tell anyone to buy a product, but to recommend it to the customers based on your previous experience.

So far, you are probably aware that this type of marketing will ask from you to be already familiar with certain marketing strategies in order to achieve your goals. Many people think that it is an easy thing to do without involving themselves too much inside the background of their work, but once you will start doing it on this way, you will see that there are several rules and tricks which must be accomplished.

Is there an easier method?

Also, this have escalated so far that now, there are tools helping you do this process without a certain effort given in. One of them is the rookie profit system. If you don’t want to spend your time over combining knowledge in many branches before you go into this field, you can simply let the algorithms teach you on how all of the above works. Also, there are many people which have already made millions of dollars when using it, so the only thing you need to do is to follow the steps to make it work for you as well.

If you want to put aside all the things previously mentioned, you will need to gain knowledge in many other fields, such as psychology, marketing itself, economy and many others. This process will take you a lot of time, and you will need to invest even more money in only achieving these certain skills. While on the other hand, there is a program that can do all the job acquired for you. The complexity of this kind of work is much bigger than one person can handle and that’s why most of the people that try to do affiliate marketing are giving up after a while, but considering this, you won’t need to take care about half of the things you should consider when using the first method itself. There are many sites pointing towards the failure of the affiliate marketing itself, on how and why it is hard to achieve.

The only things you need to do is to gain a certain knowledge over how to get online leads and send them to offers that are having high profit margins. The training combined with the program itself will help you learn how to follow this step and it will tell you what to promote and how to do it.


Affiliate marketing is an advertising method which asks from you more attention and work than you can usually deliver in, as well a certain amount of money invested before you start earning the minimum. When on the other hand, the Rookie Profit System is used as a shortcut to achieving your dreams, taking the lead of the great number of people that started to earn way more than any of us can imagine.


Importance of Right Booth Display Size and Expo Booth location

For the success of your booth show at a trade exhibition, it is vital to consider the basic factors like booth size and expo booth location.

Booth size matters

Many believe bigger is always better, but it is not true always. Key to success is how you use this exhibit space effectively. If you are starting new then modular display system is good. It can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate in booths of different configurations and size at any show you decide to participate. The exhibit size will depend heavily on the kind of product you promote as well as on your marketing objectives and goals.

Therefore, first determine what your company needs to accomplish. You can take help from trade show booth manufacturers. The experts will help you choose a booth, which allows enough space without making the surrounding look crowded or cluttered.

In case, you appoint 3 to 4 experts for offering demo then make sure the booth preferred is big enough. Difficulties of any kind for the show attendees are the last thing you want.

Use space wisely. If 10’ x 8’ booth space meets your needs than why do you want to waste money in buying a large one. Being fiscally irresponsible is bad for the budget. Booth size is just a single element of an equation for successful booth show.

Booth location needs consideration

Booth location is another element, which defines trade show success.

Define requirements clearly

Define requirements before delving into selection of booth location. It will depend on your goals, objectives, and budget. Major changes get noted by competitors and not the attendees, especially if space is reduced. Therefore, be prepared for their criticism on your diminished presence. It can be cited as lack of commitment or compromised financial status.

Look at the floor plans

Floor layouts differ from one show to another. Your decision will need to consider many factors like –

  • Registration
  • Conference sessions
  • Major traffic flow
  • Location and number of hall entrances
  • Attractions like theaters on show floor

Obstacles to on-site success

  • Booth close to halls freight door mean delayed setup and instant disassemble because freight gets loaded and unloaded by other exhibitors.
  • Hall entrances and exits, registration area, conference rooms, show floor theaters, elevators, escalators, and food stations are elements, which draw abundant foot traffic.

Employ booth psychology

Booth psychology also counts because attendees cover show in specific patterns. These patterns are called –

  • The triangle
  • The wide isle
  • The rule of right turn
  • The zoom-zone
  • The bull’s eye

You can map these scenarios on the floor layout. Highlight non-desired areas and choose from what is left. From the show manager you will find which booths are not available and which booths your competitors selected. This helps to avoid direct competition.

Selecting booth is just like home selection. Exhibitors need to decide their own criteria to select booth size and space. Being creative in grabbing attention is also in the control of the exhibitor, so change your marketing mantra, and add attention along with location.



Does Your Business Have What It Takes To Become A Franchise?

In the world of franchising, it can be difficult to tell what ideas are going to strike gold and which are going to end up going under. While starting a franchise is always going to involve some level of risk, there are ways to tell whether or not your business is ready before you start to consider expanding to multiple locations. To start a franchise business, your company has to be organized to a fault. You have to have strong leadership, a great team, and a marketing strategy that’s going to be able to catapult you to the next level. You also need to be the kind of leader that isn’t afraid of taking risks and trying new things in the interest of business growth. If this sounds like you, you just might be ready to take the next step. Before you consider franchising, here are a few essential ways to help your business get ready to expand.

Create a Plan for Expansion

You may have had wild dreams of expansion for a long time now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to take the plunge. Before taking the first step toward making your dream a reality, try to plot down the logistics of opening up a franchise on paper. See how much overhead you have and how long you could feasibly go without turning a profit. Think about which locations you’d choose and what you’d do to keep the business consistent without losing quality. Consult as much as you can with other franchisors and franchisees and ask them questions. Once you feel like everything is mapped out and all your lingering questions are answered, you can get ready to spring into action.

Strengthen Management

Building a strong franchise doesn’t just take strong leadership. You need to know that your staff is strong at the management level in order to have the confidence to branch out. When it comes to day-to-day organization tactics, you won’t always be there to make sure everything is running smoothly, especially when you open multiple stores. In your absence, you’ll need to have devoted managers at each location to make sure everything is staying consistent and on-brand at all times.

Brand Better

If you haven’t spent any time on branding, now is the time to do it. Your flagship store may have been successful because of its location, its customer service, or a signature item or service. However, to make that original success translate to a bunch of new locations, you need to find a quick, punchy, visual way to summarize it. Your business needs to appear instantly familiar to current customers while looking inviting to new customers. Above anything else, your branding needs to create a sense of your business as trustworthy, consistent, and here to stay.

Find the Perfect Location

Your second store is all about location. While you’re getting everything streamlined at the operational level, you’ll need to choose a second location that will expose you to a steady stream of new customers who will stay loyal. Scout out areas where there’s a distinct lack of what you’re selling, and try to get a sense of the neighborhood before opening.