Driver Shortages Lead to Competitive Wages Throughout the Trucking Industry

Over the past years, several factors have contributed to a major shortage of drivers in the trucking industry. This means that carriers are motivated to find new workers to compensate for the shortage and to keep their businesses running smoothly. For the job seeker searching for employment in the trucking industry, this translates to higher wages and more incentives to become a driver.

In 2014, the American Trucking Association reported to Business Insider that trucking carriers were short an estimated 30,000 drivers. At that time, over 90 percent of carriers were actively hiring, and the turn-over rate was as much as 92 percent. If you’ve searched the employment classifieds for truck driving jobs lately, you know that the shortage is still a major problem. There are more truck driver jobs listed than almost any other field.

The driver shortage doesn’t stem from one single cause but rather from a whole host of issues that the trucking industry has had to face. In recent economic down times, many carriers did not survive, and independent contractors lost much of their equipment. By the time the economy turned around, many drivers had switched to other careers or decided they enjoyed the time spent at home with their families on a day-to-day basis. In addition, young people are not considering truck driving careers; so, the amount of new applications has declined. This causes a problem as the median age of drivers increases and they begin to change jobs or retire altogether. Another factor contributing to the shortage of drivers are the new hours of service (HOS) laws put in effect in 2013. These laws put limits on the number of hours a driver can work without a break and adequate sleep time. Carriers are forced to hire additional employees to complete the same amount of work. 

The advantage of the driver shortage is that, for those who are seeking a career in the trucking industry, wages and work incentives have increased. According to CNN Money, in late 2016 the average truck driver’s pay increased by 7.8 percent from the year before. This is a significant amount that has the potential to go up even more as politicians consider minimum wage laws. The trucking industry is one of the highest paying fields across blue-collar professions. Part of this is because companies understand the skill and licenses that must be achieved to be successful as a driver, and they want to ensure that those they hire will have the incentive to meet the strict safety requirements of the carriers and the department of transportation. The trucking industry needs dedicated, conscientious workers who will become long-term employees, and they are willing to pay competitive wages to find them. 

If you are considering a career as a truck driver, the current trends suggest that now is a great time to apply. Although you will need to meet the carrier’s requirements, you may find that the benefits are worth it. By offering competitive wages and other incentives, trucking companies hope to combat the current shortages and keep the industry running smoothly. You can take advantage of this trend by looking into a career as a truck driver today.


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Resorts near Hyderabad Where Get Treated like Nizams

Urdu is the most poetic language in the world. It is one language where even profanities sound as if you are showering bouquets of flowers on you. Hyderabad is one city where you get to hear a fair sprinkling of Urdu wherever you go. This is because of the fact that it was once ruled by Nizams. The Nizams might have gone for good, but they have left their hospitality culture behind for people to enjoy. You get Nizam-like treatment at many resorts near Hyderabad. Let us look at some of them.

a)    Lahari Resorts

Hyderabadi Nizams have always been famous for the excellent hospitality they offer. Lahari Resorts continues this enchanting trend by offering 24 X 7 customer services. Located around 56 km from Hyderabad, it is worth the 90-minute drive from the city. Spread over 35 acres of land, you will find a lot of greenery at this resort as you run into lawns, water bodies and flower beds when you explore the entire sprawling area. Families would love the royal attention they get from the dedicated staff. This resort is ideal for corporate offices to hold their business conferences and meetings. 59 air-conditioned luxurious rooms loaded with the latest amenities are waiting to serve each customer. It is a wonderful Nizam-like experience.

b)    Celebrity Holiday Retreat

As the name suggests, this resort is frequented by celebrities such as film stars. Its proximity to the Ramoji Film City makes it their favourite. The presence of such celebrities ensures that all customers get Nizami treatment. Located in Shamirpet in Rangareddy district, the resort has calm surroundings. The architecture of the resort presents a regal look as it resembles the buildings of the Victorian Age. This resort has 70 fully air-conditioned comprising of executive rooms double-bed rooms, and so on. You have other amenities like Ayurveda massage, fitness centres, and swimming pool. The car rental facility allows you to visit the various tourist locations easily.

c)     Vivanta by Taj – Begumpet

The Taj Group has a tremendous reputation of providing the highest quality of customer service for decades. You can expect royal treatment from this group. Hyderabad is famous for its Biriyani. You get Nizami class Biriyani at the Taj Vivanta. The multi-cuisine facility is one of the biggest advantages of this resort. You get a royal feeling as you enter the resort. The wooden exterior along with the marble interiors make an excellent combination. The Murano crystal chandeliers provide the best setting as it adds amazing style and elegance to the surroundings. This resort can end up giving you a sense of great rejuvenation as they provide unmatched relaxation and all the possible luxury and comfort.

d)    Pragati Resort

The Nizams had their brand of luxury and comfort. The present generation knows a different definition of luxury. If a resort can provide a combination of both these types of luxury, it becomes popular beyond the imagination of anyone. Pragati Resort is one of such holiday resorts near Hyderabad. Spread over a sprawling area of 85 acres, you have lush green lawns, swimming pools, and a spacious water park. A walk around the area can rejuvenate you because of the enchanting aroma of 24 lakh aromatic plants. These medicinal herbs can have a great effect on the overall health of the individual. The Ayurveda massages provide the best rejuvenation. This resort has special clinics that practise flower remedy also known as Pushpa Ayurveda.These amenities make this resort one of the favourites of people having a fetish for fitness.

e)    Songs of Earth Resort

People who love to have a comfortable eco-friendly stay would prefer to patronize this resort, Songs of Earth Resort. This resort has a reputation of being a ‘Nature Lovers’ Resort’ as it offers a range of adventure activities for its visitors. Corporate entities frequent this resort to provide a much-needed break for their employees. The adventure activities include obstacle tours, jungle exploration, climbing walls and Burma bridges, and so on. You do not get such varied customized services anywhere else in Hyderabad. Hence, this is one of the best resorts near Hyderabad that people would love to flock to experience Nizami treatment.

We have seen five different kinds of resorts near Hyderabad that are capable of providing Nizam-like treatment to its customers. The idea of comfort and luxury has acquired a different meaning today with some of the resorts offering innovative amenities like Ayurveda massages, adventure sports, and water parks. Hence, people looking for a change from the ordinary would love to experience the hospitality of these holiday resorts. In fact, the Nizam of Hyderabad (had he been alive today) would have been happy with the kind of royal treatment these resorts provide to their customers.


5 Practices To Transform Your Warehouse Structure

Every manufacturing company requires a warehouse(s) for systematic, safe and effective material storage and retrieval. Warehouse structure and storage systems may vary from one company to another, basis their nature of the business and operations. A company can use racking systems for raw material, work in progress (WIP) goods and finished goods. It can also be used for spare parts storage. The type of storage system, racking and operational layout depends on lot of factors such as material characteristics, dimensions, turnover, capacity etc. With advancements in this sector, more and more companies are now embracing technology to transform their warehousing. Modern warehousing overpowers the simple storage solutions.

If you are looking to transform your warehouse structure, follow these 5 practices:

Evaluate your warehouse resources

As a result of the digital economy and the significant transformation that the segment is undergoing, it is only necessary to adapt to the newer ways of warehousing. The first step that one must take towards the transformation of their warehouse is by evaluating the available resources at the warehouse. Recheck the current rack capacity, pallet racking units installed etc. Forward-thinking businesses carry out evaluations at periodic intervals in order to optimize efficiency and deploy the latest technology.

Retrofit /install new storage systems

The storage systems must be tailor-made depending upon the nature of the product and business operations. This makes the warehousing processes simpler, leanier and faster. It’s essential to identify and understand the ever chaning market dynamics and trends and make necessary changes in the warehousing and storage systems to be ahead in the market. Lack of plan, resources, and strategies lead to inefficiencies in operations at the warehouse. By deploying new customized storage system or by upgrading the existing ones to improve work processes, companies can beat their own warehouse efficiency benchmarks. You may take consultative decision post discussion with warehouse rack manufacturers who can guide you with their expert opinion.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

If you want to handle your products efficiently, make a schedule for pickers and make sure that the products are ready before the picker comes. This schedule saves the time of the pickers. This can be done with the implementation of Warehouse Management System (WMS). If you already have the WMS, then, analyzing and making necessary modifications that could improve the performance of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) must be carried out at the earliest.

Assessment of the storage media and its evolution

Warehouses and storage systems are designed and made for storing certain types of products. At the same time, poor design can lead to system latency and therefore must be tackled as soon as it is identified. With businesses changing at a rapid pace, it’s key to reassess the storage media and infrastructure, and identify where the inefficacies lie to streamline the processes, systems and operations. There are various warehouse racking systems available to suit your business requirement.

Performance audits

Hiring trained and educated staff is essential for the operations of the warehouse. They should know the right way of handling products efficiently. Performance of the warehouse should be regularly tracked with the help of historical data that can be pulled from the warehouse management system. Few statistics to be considered are throughput rate, retrieval time, goods damage, goods replacement frequency, accidents/ casualties and warehouse storage capacity etc.


Make results happen with a compelling Business Plan

There’s only one way to win over investors – A good business idea presented in a professional, concise and compelling manner. A good business plan can help you take your business idea off the ground. Without a well thought out plan furnished in advance, many investors won’t even interview you. And the plan must be outstanding if you want to secure investment funds.

How do you earn the support of decisions makers in the room? How will you make things drive in the right direction by using this powerful tool called ‘Business Plan’. Let’s dive right in.

According to Nancy Duarte, the author of the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, “The idea may be great, but if it’s not communicated well, it won’t get any traction.”

To simply state, if you are not able to craft a memorable presentation to present your business idea/model, you might have to walk out the meeting room in despair. Many entrepreneurs are tempted to demonstrate facts and figures to do the persuading, but according to business leaders, the best way to hook an audience is through a storytelling experience. A “story” behind the foundation of the idea and how the product is going to change lives is key to connect with the panel in the room. The more emotions you can inject into your pitch, the better your case will be.

“Once you have their attention, content is key”, says Martin Zwilling, author of Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur? and Attracting an Angel. He is also a founder and CEO of Startup Professionals.

Once you are able to attract investors with your story, the next slide and all the other slides must elaborate lightweight visions of the future. Your investor wants to see the key data of your business model, which includes financial projections and revenue model. This helps them understand how quantifiable it would be to invest in your business. Avoid circling around cliched’ words like  “easy to use”, “affordable”, “disruptive”. Provide USPs that are unique and have the potential to make your business stand out amongst others. Research past presentations from your industry and the outcomes to make sure you have all your bases covered.

In order to make sound projections your Business Plan must cover the following:

  • Customer problem and how your product solves it
  • The size of your market
  • Who your competitors are
  • What’s your sustainable competitive advantage
  • Project revenues, costs, and investment expectations.
  • Investor return and payback processes

Always remember that well-presented projections can do wonders for persuading an investor. But an overwhelming number of slides with needless facts and figures with tired visuals will quickly lose you the favor.

In the end, the best person to write a business plan is you! But if you don’t know how and where to start, you can always take help of business plan templates to get started. Whatever you choose to do make sure you get everything out of the business that you want.


How Can Scrubber Drier Hire Benefit My Business?

For any business, minimising cost is vital to their success and survival. One area where such savings are often overlooked is in your cleaning equipment – while it may be necessary to have a scrubber drier, it is not necessary to pay through the nose for it! With scrubber drier hire from Factory Cat, you can fix the cost of your cleaning for the whole of your hire period and be sure that your scrubber drier won’t break the bank.

Choice of Short-Term or Long-Term Hire

At Factory Cat UK, we have a range of hire options to suit any business. Whether you need scrubber drier hire for five years or one day, we have hire packages that can meet your needs – so you don’t need to worry about a deep clean or a long-term maintenance plan. If you need scrubber drier hire, we can provide it on a timescale that suits your requirements.

Wide Range of Available Scrubber Driers

If you are considering scrubber drier hire, you have probably thought about the sort of scrubber drier that would benefit you. Whatever you need, Factory Cat can help you – we have a huge variety of scrubber driers and scrubber sweepers, including ride-on models and walk-behind models of all sizes. Every available model comes with the Factory Cat guarantee of excellence, so whether you’re in the market for a micro walk-behind scrubber drier for a small, busy environment or a huge ride-on scrubber sweeper to intensively clean vast spaces, or anything in between, we have what you need.

Support Included

One of the most attractive aspects of scrubber drier hire compared to outright purchase is Factory Cat’s inclusive support network. Instead of paying through the nose every time you need to service your machine or call out a technician, why not let Factory Cat cover the cost? When you hire a scrubber drier from Factory Cat, you can include the cost of servicing in your hire costs, which covers quarterly servicing, breakdowns and call-outs, any spare parts required, operator training where necessary and even replacement machine cover, so you are never left without the equipment you need to keep your premises clean!

Optional Consumable Cost Inclusion

If you’d like to roll the costs of consumables in with the cost of your scrubber drier hire, you can do so with Factory Cat. By including the price of brushes, squeegee blades, hoses, tires, filters and other components which will wear down and require replacement, you can know in advance the exact cost of your scrubber drier hire and operation!

Fix Your Costs

This advance knowledge of costs for your scrubber drier hire is perhaps the most important of all the advantages of renting instead of purchase. With servicing, repairs and maintenance already included, if you include the costs of consumables as well, you will have completely covered all possible costs incurred by your scrubber drier, making sure that you know the exact price of your cleaning equipment for that period. This makes it easy to factor your scrubber drier into your financial planning, giving you that bit more knowledge and power!

For more information, you can get in touch with Factory Cat at any time on 02380 617129 or visit their website, linked in this blog post!


Credit Cards

Things you can expect from Credit Cards in 2018

The new year has already started and time is moving forward. Each new year brings more innovation to the world for the development and advancement of mankind. The world of finance is no different. Credit cards have been enjoying immense popularity for some years now due to their convenience. They let the customer buy-in credit at the point of sale and charge an annual fee and interest on the credit received. A credit card can be issued to you as long as you have a stable source of income. In exchange, you can enjoy bonus, rewards and various perks that come with it. What can we expect from this convenient and lavish mode of payment in the future? Will credit card policies become lenient or more strict in the near future? Some of the top 2018 credit cards predictions are listed below according to some veteran finance bloggers on the internet.

Huge Rewards can be expected

Credit card companies give users rewards on various purchases. These bonuses vary from small to large depending on the issuer of a credit card. Some credit cards allow the customer to receive as high as a 5% reward per purchase of the original payment. We can expect an increase in cashback rewards in 2018 as credit card companies are looking forward to attracting new applicants with tempting offers.

Raise in interest rates

The interest rate on your debt has been predicted to be increased. If you have any previous debt you haven’t paid off, it is advisable to pay it as soon as you can. Otherwise, you will be in deep debt due to the rise in interest rates.

Checkout without the signature

More credit card companies are following the MasterCard’s lead to skipping signatures at physical checkout locations. This will lead to faster and more convenient checkout for your purchase in the near future. It is predicted that by the end of this year, pens will vanish from checkout points.

Facial Recognition for Payment

Instead of signatures, your identity will be verified with the help of facial recognition. This technology is already being used in China and soon it will reach other countries of the world as well. Alibaba, a name many will recognize in the world of e-commerce, has already initiated Smile-to-Pay service that lets a customer pay for the purchase by smiling.

Mobile Wallets will rise in Popularity

As observed in recent years, electronic payments have become more renowned like Samsung Pay and Chase pay. This feature let users pay with the convenience of their cell phone. We will see more promotions for this feature in 2018. And as a result, there are chances of more Mobile rewards being granted to users as well.

Changes to Southwest Companion Pass

The Champion pass is the most coveted credit card perk right now that will face some negative changes. When Southwest adds Hawaii to the service, the companion pass will become too precious. The chances for an increase in required points for sign up are pretty high.








Give Your Retail Store Sales a Boost with These Visual Merchandising Methods

How is your store performing? Whether you managed to hit the target or the performance is still below par, you need to change visual merchandising. Visual merchandising is the biggest force that will help to draw clients’ attention and create a special emotional connection. Here are great tips to help you to boost sales this year.

Make sure to highlight the clients’ wants

When clients walk into a store, they already have a need. They can walk from one store to another until they get the need. Therefore, you should focus on what they want. For example, do not display a standard hand mixer on the shelf when every wannabe wants a high-end KitchenAid.

Simply because a client wants an item does not mean that he/she will only go for the standard model. Most people want a special treat that guarantees them of value and sense of style.

Start the visual merchandising right at the door

The display for your store should start right at the door. The focus is ensuring that the most expensive items and newest pieces are easily visible to all the store visitors. You should also ensure to maintain several levels as well as height to place ample items on display (check with your pop display manufacturer).

Remember to use lighting to highlight these items so that clients can touch, develop a special connection, and buy.

Place a totally unrelated item on every display

The moment a client gets to the store; your visual merchandising should make it easy to explore every corner. The longer the client stays, the more he will discover and raise the chances of conversion. Therefore, placing a completely unrelated item on a shelf serves as a prop. For example, a stuffed monkey can be placed in a fashion section. You only want the client to ask himself; why is that item there? They will start exploring and discover all that is in that section.

Pop the merchandise with appropriate lighting

Lighting makes your merchandise to pop. It is a great way to bring out specific qualities of merchandise that can help to create the emotional connection and make the client pick an item. The overhead lighting should be adjusted to help bring out the strengths of an item.

While this is extra important for stores stocking jewelry and fashion products, we recommend application in every type of store. If it is impossible to highlight the item from the top, consider shifting to a different section or even lighting from below.


Simplify Your Office Processes To Pace Up Business Growth

Who likes to waste time? No one. Especially, a business owner never wastes time. But it is true that when you make a plan and try to run it as per your expectations. It hardly goes on like that. It hardly completes within the given timeframe. There are some reasons behind it. Some official processes hinder a project’s completion within the expected timeframe.

What is an Organized Office?

Well, this question can have multiple answers according to people’s perceptions. Your office should have staff for all key work. For example, a computer operator, an accountant, software engineer and content writer. The type of staff depends on the work you do. This kind of staff works for a company that produces software and runs blogs. When you have staff for all key work, things go smooth. Otherwise things get stuck. For example, a software engineer doesn’t know anything about content writing. Similarly a computer operator cannot handle your accounts. Office Depot Small Business Index surveyed small business. They report that 83% of those businesses are of the view that an organized office is key to success. 63% say that organized offices have directed connection with profitability.

Paper Files Should be Organized in the First Place

Your office should not have heaps of files stacked in cabinets. You should have storage boxes. Label each file and store them in a proper way. So that if, in future, you need them at some point, you will be able to retrieve them easily. Clear off this mess and your office will look smooth and clean.

Dispose of Unwanted Paper

Almost every office suffer from the extra load of unwanted papers. The world is going digital now. You should bring everything in the soft form so that your office has minimum paper load. You should incinerate unwanted papers as soon as possible. If you have saved copies of important papers on your hard drive, drop box, google drive or any other cloud service, you don’t need to keep them in hard form. It is extra-loading. Cloud services are the best. Of course no one likes to see their important data being wasted away in case of a crash of fire.

Email Inbox Should Be Clean

As everyone is going online now. Email inboxes of business owners are getting messy day by day with lots of emails from unwanted sources. Only a few of them from your partners, clients or customers have importance. The rest of them are trash. If you don’t clean up the trash, it is likely that you will end up losing your important emails. So  keep cleaning up your trash.

Use Professional Check Stub Maker

Another thing that can disorganize your office is payroll. You should select a professional Check Stub Generator. So that on the pay day, you will not get stressful. Professional stub makers handle this task very well. They are fast, have integrated calculator for calculating taxes, social security and other things and efficient.


Business ideas

Tips for Creating a Killer Short Business Plan

Do you have the perfect idea for a business, but you find you’re struggling to write a killer business plan to present to the bank and/or investors? The business plan is an absolute necessity not just to help secure funding, but it works as a blueprint for your company and lays out the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals. It needs to be well-researched, concise, realistic, and accurate in order to be effective.

Royalty Free Photo

So with that in mind here’s a look at tips you can use that will help you create a killer short business plan that hits all the right notes.

Start with a Template

If you’ve never written a business plan before, there’s a good chance you’re feeling confused about what it needs to contain. It can be very helpful to find a business plan template that you can follow along with and fill in. The main sections your short business plan should include are:

  • The type of business
  • The product or service you intend to sell/offer
  • Who your customers are
  • How you plan to reach out to your customers and find them
  • How you stand out from your competitors
  • List a couple of things you bring to the business that will help it to succeed (education, experience, passion, etc.)

Before filling out your business plan, it can also be helpful to look for sample business plans so you can see what other people are doing and how they go about it.

Look for a Mentor

A mentor can be extremely helpful when it comes to writing a business plan. They can offer you input and insight that you won’t find through typical means of research. It’s also a good idea to show them the business plan as you develop it so they can help steer you in the right direction.

Make Sure Your Estimates are Conservative

Much of your business plan will focus on finances and the budget. You want to be careful to use conservative estimates in your business plan so as not to get yourself into trouble later on. It will also help you to look more realistic and credible.

Don’t Fill the Plan with Fluff

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is include all kinds of “fluff” in the plan just to make it look bigger and fuller. Investors will see right through this fluff and it will end up reflecting poorly on you. It will make you appear unprepared, which is a sure-fire way to blow up your business plan. It goes back to being concise, short, and direct to the point.

You’re Ready to Begin

Each of these tips is meant to help you piece together a business plan that is not only short and to the point, but is also effective in getting you the results you want. A business plan isn’t just something to hand over to investors, it’s also your road map to your success.