Preparing to pitch your business plan to investors? Advice from Entrepreneurs

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to pitching your business? It’s common for all would-be entrepreneurs – How to make a pitch that get the business off the ground? Believe it or not, it matters! Whatever you communicate at the time of presenting your business idea or business model […]

Why Your Company Site Needs to Be Monitored

If you have a business website, one of the most important things that needs to happen is that it’s published and visible to your visitors. Many sites have a ton of downtime, which can be problematic because it prevents people from being able to quickly and effortlessly make use of your site. The best way […]

Smart hacks for multimedia marketing

A marketer is someone who takes responsibility for publicizing the client’s product or service in the most advanced ways of the time. That being said, if we talk about latest technology developments, then digital marketing is the most productive of all the multimedia marketing techniques that guarantee a positive outcome. Digital marketing has several other […]

Why You Should Give Your Employees Portable Whiteboards

When you think about using whiteboards in the office, you might think about hanging them up on the walls in meeting rooms, common areas and more. You may have never really thought about giving your employees portable ones to use, but you might find that doing so is a good idea. These are a few […]