ACH Check Processing for Merchants

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the US. ACH is developed to processa great number of credit/debit transactions in batches.Rules and regulations that govern the ACH network are established by NACHA (The Electronic Payments Association®)and the Federal Reserve. Automated Clearinghouse Payments are the preferred choice for many merchants since they don’t cost too much to process.

ACH Payment Processing

Electronic payments processed through the ACH Network in 2016 accounted for 25.6 billion transactions, according to NACHA. This is up 5.3% over 2015 volume, and it’s the 3rdconsecutive year in which volume increased by a billion transactions or more over the previous year. Moreover, $43.7 trillion was transferred over the ACH Network in 2016, which is up 5.1% compared to 2015.

Online bill payment, mortgage and loan repayment, and direct deposit of payroll are the most common uses of ACH. ACH payments can be described as anefficient and cost-effective alternative to paper checks and credit cards.On the Internet, ACH is mainly used for person-to-person (P2P), business-to-customer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) payments.

ACH payments are initiated when the customer gives an originating institution, corporation, or other customer (originator) authorization to debit directly from his/her checking or saving account for the purpose of bill payment. Authorization must observe the requirements of the ACH Operating Rules and must be either written and signed, or electronically displayed.

ACH transactions can be processed through:

  • Check scanner
  • Virtual terminal
  • Website payments

ACH payments have the following benefits:

  • Your customers get an alternative to credit cards and checks
  • Offer lower-cost payment as compared to checks or credit cards
  • Faster payments as compared to using checks

ACH Check Processing with EMB

To start processing ACH transactions, you should partner with a reputable merchant account provider like EMB, a reliable and experienced payment processor and business funding provider, offers ACH check processing to its clients at the most competitive rates and no setup fees. EMB, which is voted the nation’s #1 high risk processor, is rated A+ by the BBB and A by Card Payment Options. Moreover, is among Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies of 2016.

Thanks to ACH processing offered by, you can get paid faster, cut payment processing fees, and improve cash flow. Being able to offer flexible online payments, create reliable revenue, and build trust with a secure payment gateway, you get an opportunity to

earn and keep loyal customers.

Businesses, regardless of their size, can choose ACH as an option. Businesses that have higher volumes, will be required to pay less. According to NACHA, average costs are nearly 11 cents per transaction. Small businesses may be charged 3-5 times that much.Sometimes, they’ll be charged per-transaction, a monthly fee, or a percentage of each payment.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert, Blair Thomas, co-founded eMerchantBroker in 2011. His passions include writing/producing music, and travel. eMerchantBroker is America’s No. 1 ACH check processing company, serving both traditional and high-risk merchants.

Business Insurance

The Benefits of Critical Illness Cover

Should you find difficulty in the day-today management of general living expense, outstanding bills or keeping up with a mortgage, what would happen if a stroke or injury was sustained and changed life as you know it? The costs of medical care and impact of dread disease can quickly drain your pockets. If you can no longer work and have a family to provide for, what happens to them?

Critical illness is a form of insurance cover that has been created with sudden, lifelong disease management in mind. Heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s and degenerative conditions leaving you cognitively or physically impaired. These imbalances will compromise your quality of life, but the expense of therapy, prescription medication and general treatment, can become exorbitant.

If you cannot maintain employment owing to your condition, the lack of a salary can soon deplete private medical aid. The burden of coping with physical changes and providing for your family can become too much to bear. Fortunately, the purchase of critical illness protection helps provide a lump sum cash payment once a claim is made and approved. The funds can be used to support medical costs, settle bills or simply serve as a financial backup for future needs.

What is Considered Critical Illness?

Critical illness includes any long-term disease or chronic injuries sustained from accidents and traumatic events. The list of disorders deemed critical under insurance policies will vary between providers. Careful assessment of exclusions in every type of policy can help you learn which ailments are covered and which are not.

Conditions impeding healthy function, compromising mobility and affecting cognitive operations require lifetime care. Physical damages having caused brain injuries or mobile impairments are examples of critical illnesses. While certain types of cancers are included, terminal diseases are excluded.

By contacting the relevant insurance providers, you can learn which conditions are covered by the policy. Always read the fine print and avoid buying costly coverage that will not pay-out for a specific disease or injury upon making a claim.

Insurance providers will not cover current diseases. If you have suffered a stroke and presently receiving treatment or on prescription medication for cardiovascular conditions, these will not be protected. Only ailments that appear after a policy is purchased will qualify for a claim.

The Benefits of Critical Illness Policies

You need critical illness cover to mitigate the outstanding costs on your private medical insurance.

Lifelong care and treatment are expensive and will quickly diminish medical aid.

Additional finances can help address outstanding debts and general living expenses.

It serves as a superior means of support when receiving ineffective or insufficient assistance from the NHS.

Cash may be used for more advanced treatments not covered in a private medical fund.

Hearing the diagnosis of a chronic illness or lasting injury and its impact on your health and finances, is certainly devastating. Unfortunately, such occurrences do not only affect your life, but the lives of your loved ones, your children and family. You cannot control or predict the future, but you certainly can act to minimize the risk. Critical illness insurance is an effective and supportive policy created to ease the burden of financial difficulty and its limitations. When you have suffered the news of a critical diagnosis or managing the symptoms of chronic dysfunction, you do not wish to be stressed and impacted by limited funds.

Learn which Types of Cover Suit Your Healthcare Needs

Policies for critical illness includes comprehensive coverage. This means that all diseases and injuries as listed within the policy will be fully compensated.

Using an online insurance and quote comparison service helps your find policy options that are affordable and flexible. Remaining transparent of the costs and comparing quotes can deliver affordable solutions.

For your own peace of mind and the financial future of loved ones consider critical illness coverage.


Do you want to become an entrepreneur?  

Do you want to make good in business world? In our life, you can see that there are a few people who always want to be a businessman and they would never like to think about any service. It means that they do not like to become an employee of any organization rather they prefer to be a leader in the business world. Sometimes you may think that you are working with a small organization but your class mate is running such kind of organization or business and he is the owner.

Your consideration will change your career:

Now the question is why not you? And why is he able to perform this task? Well, it is no doubt that you have finally got a very good consideration within your mind. The answer is your thinking about your own life. You might be surprised to hear this quote as you have your logic that if I would not able to earn money how would I secure my family? Really, it is also true but that does not mean that to maintain the family; a person cannot take one time risk in his or her life.

Look, it is your dream; you must try once at least in your life.  The person who is running the business, he or she has different point of view in their life and definitely, it is not like your consideration. So, consideration is the hero to do something in our life. If you think that you can do it then you definitely can do this but if have a negative perception about the venture in life, you will never be able to achieve the goal. So, it is all about the thinking or consideration. Your point of view about the life will bring a change in your life. Otherwise it will make you lead a common life like other. Choice is yours.

You may go through about the life history of the successful entrepreneurs:

It is a suggestion for you and anyone can read these kinds of books. Even you will get lots of information about them on the internet. You can take assistance from gem mag. Here you can meet lots of people who are already running several businesses. Even you can share your point of view. You can match your mentality with them.

You will realize that one day they also took a risk and you would realize that their journey was not also so easy. You will get inspiration and of course you can get the way. Who can say that your life can take a new turn which might be suppressed within your mind for a long time but probably you could not get the way. Now you can move away with your idea to be a global entrepreneur.

So, when you have a choice to do something in your life according to your wish you must go ahead. Everything will be all right according to the time. Just you have to keep patience and have to be dedicated about the task. You will get success and one day your dream will be fulfilled. You will become a global entrepreneur and people will be inspired by your story.

Travel Business

The Benefits of Door to Door Luggage Shipping Services

Whether you’re planning a skiing trip to Switzerland, a hiking trip in France, a golf trip in Italy or heading out on the high seas on a cruise ship, you can have your luggage shipped to your destination by using a door to door luggage shipping service. When you go on vacation instead of taking your luggage and suitcases to the airport, have them delivered to your destination and hotel where they will be waiting for you upon arrival. This has many extended benefits and can free-up more time to deal with other important travel plans, not to mention, it’s easier on the wallet. 

Benefits of Door to Door Luggage Shipping 

Time Saved: Shipping your luggage forward will save a considerable amount of time and a few Excedrin’s for those headaches caused by stressful situations. Going on vacation is meant to be enjoyable and it only gets worse when you factor in the children and their luggage. Getting around on a mini-bus or taxi after your flight, means taking your luggage with you everywhere you go. This is such a major inconvenience, especially if you’re traveling with a family of four or more. 

Lost Luggage: How many times have people stood at airport carousels and waited for their luggage to show up. They stand there in anticipation, praying their luggage shows up, isn’t damaged or worst yet, stolen. Over 29 million people lose their luggage or have it stolen on a yearly basis, and this is where you can be guaranteed that you will not be a statistic in next year’s projections by using a door to door luggage shipping service. Not having your luggage while on vacation is a total nightmare and it’s not the kind of vacation you deserve. 

Baggage Fees: Domestic and international airlines companies are killing it with the constant increases in baggage fees and checked luggage. There used to be a day where you could simply buy a plane ticket, tag your luggage, take your carry-on luggage onboard, and be on your way. Well, that certainly isn’t the case in 2018, it is now a cash crop for airlines and the expense is carried over to the passengers. 

Now, let’s factor in weight restrictions that most airlines impose. A lot of travelers leave behind items they wish they could have taken with them. Have you ever paid to ship a set of golf clubs in the caddy or a mountain bike on an airline? The cost is ridiculous and there is a chance that it could get damaged. 

Erase the Stress From Your Vacation 

When you use a door to door luggage shipping company, all of these worries are washed away and you can enjoy your long-awaited vacation. Most reputable luggage shipping companies will guarantee on-time delivery and provide coverage for your package plus $500 as an added benefit if your luggage doesn’t show up at its destination on time. The bottom line is this, the cost of shipping your luggage on an airline is expensive and there’s no guarantee it will show up. Shipping your luggage with a door to door shipping company will save you money, time, and a ton of stress.


Do money transfer startups have a chance to gain a sizable market share?

When India witnessed demonetization in November 2016; Paytm registered 5 million new users in just two weeks. This number is more than the population of Canada! Mobiqwik, another money transfer app, witnessed 40% increment in app downloads post demonetization. These factors clearly indicate the shifting trend towards a cashless economy. Money transfer, a major financial process, will witness a significant impact in the near future.

Now, what money transfer startups can do to strengthen their presence in the market? Do they have a chance to gain a sizeable market share? Let us explore the possibilities.

Development in Financial Technology (FinTech)

Due to government initiatives, it is that financial technology is experiencing a tremendous development. In all the financial institutions like banks, FinTech will play a major role in the future. With the advancement in technology, a number of quick money transfer startups are coming into the limelight.

The technological revolution is helpful in creating user-friendly applications that facilitate easy money transfer operations. Moreover, it results in faster processing. This means the money will be transferred in a short span of time. Moreover, there is a transparency in the money transfer operation.

Growth in the number of Smartphone Users

According to Statistica, Smartphone users in India will be around 340.2 million. This is a whopping number which will keep on increasing every day. With such a huge number of Smartphone users, it becomes obvious to tap the potential of online money transfer. The money transfer startups have a lucrative opportunity in front of them.

Along with this, awareness about the benefits of online money transfer is also triggering the money transfer startup culture in the country.


Internet Access

According to the industry reports, internet users in India will be around 450 million by June 2017. Now, we haven’t talked about the 750 million potential customers in rural India. You can estimate the money transfer startup market size in the near future. With advancement in technology and people willing to accept it, traditional money transfer methods will decline over time. This is a perfect opportunity for money transfer startups to chalk out astrategy for market expansion.

Easy Operations

Money transfer operation via banks is a cumbersome process. If you get a better option, you would definitely opt for it. In this context, money transfer startups can tap the opportunity to provide hassle-free money transfer operations. Moreover, the customer need not visit the office or center. The money transfer procedure can be completed from the comfort of their homes. The startups can build their customer base by offering simplified procedures for money transfer.

Low Costs

The service charges can significantly impact a customer’s financial decision. A customer always opts for the cost-effective and reliable money transfer services. By incorporating these factors, money transfer startups can strengthen their presence in the money transfer market. The service costs are relatively low for online money transfer and hence, thecustomer is willing to adopt newer methods for money transfer.

As evident by the staggering facts in favor of money transfer market, there is a high potential for tapping the market share in the money transfer market. The startups should aim at providing user-friendly solutions for money transfer. The current market environment is favorable for making a wise and bold move.


Tips to Ensure Your Pharmaceutical Job Interview Goes Smoothly

When it comes to landing your dream job, having a smooth interview is imperative. Pharmaceutical positions are very similar to other medical recruitment interviews in the way you prepare and act. There are many factors you should consider pre-interview to prepare for a stellar presentation.

The first tip we have for you is an extremely important one. All of the below factors don’t matter if you trip up on this first matter of business when it comes to the actual interview portion. You should be prepared to answer a variety of interview questions. Preparation is key to giving a good answer to the person performing the interview. When you go in for your interview, you’re already going to be nervous. Trying to answer a question that you’re unprepared for in this nervous state is a recipe for disaster. Take the time to do some online research of the most common interview questions and diligently practice giving your answer for all of them.

The pharmaceutical industry is one that requires a professional attire. You need to remember this when applying for a particular job. When you go into the interview you should be dressed appropriately in professional attire so that you are taken seriously by the interviewer. The interviewer makes a decision about you before you even speak any words to them. If you show up in casual attire, it’s going to speak volumes in a negative manner about your unprofessionalism. Always shoot for being overdressed as opposed to risking being underdressed for a potential job interview.

Medhire pharmaceutical jobs require individuals who have the ability to promote themselves and their abilities. A potential employer wants to know that you have the skills and experience to fill in the role they desire. By ensuring your resume is up-to-date they will have an accurate assessment of your past roles. In addition, you should develop a personal pitch that sells yourself to the potential employer. This typically can be supplied when an employer says, “Tell me a little bit about yourself”. When this happens, it should be your cue to go into your personal pitch. Highlight your skills that will make you an asset to the specific company that you are interviewing for.

Before you ever walk into that interview room, you should have your own questions prepared for the employer. This will showcase your interest in the job and likely open up the representative to talk more about the position. This is also a great way to ensure that your style will mess with the values of the business itself and identify whether the position is a good fit for you or not. When you are thinking up questions, don’t prepare ones that will likely be covered during the normal interview process. Your questions should be insightful and well-prepared, as you don’t want to be reading them off of a piece of paper or your phone.

Getting the pharmaceutical job that you want doesn’t have to be a scary process. By taking the time to diligently prepare for your job interview you can ensure it goes smoothly. Remember that an interview is the first impression that a potential employer gets of you, so you want to make sure you do everything possible to be memorable and fit their needs.


What You Need to Know About Buying and Running a Franchise

If you’re interested in a franchise business, you’re already someone who doesn’t shy away from hard work. Starting a franchise can be a stressful and intense job, especially if you haven’t had a lot of experience in expanding businesses. However, there are also plenty of benefits. You’ll be able to travel, have a hand in building something lasting, and be a part of a business that’s already hugely successful. Investors will be more likely to back you than a startup with a similar idea, and your potential for growth will give you a competitive advantage over similar businesses. Still, as with any new venture, there are a lot of things to think about before taking on such a large scale project. Before deciding to throw your hat into the ring, take a minute to consider the following.

It Involves a Ton of Negotiation

Coming in on a franchise can certainly be exciting. However, as with any business partnership, you may find yourself butting heads with your franchisee over a few key details. For instance, do you and your franchisee align on crucial issues affecting the business? Do you have similar organizational styles and working methods? Outside of work, do you and your franchisee share similar views and ideals? If you’re looking for franchise opportunities in Denver, is your franchisee supportive of that choice? It’s good to get a sense of who you’ll be working with since you’re creating a relationship that will be at the center of your business venture for years. You may even find yourself having to pull back or negotiate more than you’d like. Before signing any paperwork, ask yourself if you’ll actually be able to deal with making compromises during your work on the project.

You’ll Need to Have a Hand in PR

The first thing to do before buying a franchise is to get prepared for everything and anything that might come your way. That means looking into the legal history of the company and assessing the weak spots. A past legal case, especially one that made the news, could come back up at any given time to cause trouble for your business. Try to develop some PR strategies to fight back against negative press or past issues related to the company. The best way to fight back against a PR nightmare is to be fully prepared with a statement and a plan. As a representative of a growing business, you need to know when to assume fault and when to be transparent. If you haven’t already hired trusted legal counsel, now would be the time to do so.

You Might Be Spending Time in Court

Once you’ve retained your lawyer, take a minute to go through all the paperwork for any potential holes or lurking problems. If your brand already has an online and/or social media presence, take the time to look through your streams as well. When you’re looking to build and expand, it’s important to stay ahead of any potential trouble. Building a strong team that will fight to defend your brand until the end will be one of the best defenses against any future issues that might come up.

The FTC Requires an Honest Initial Assessment

Before you sign anything or even get paid for your involvement, you’ll have to submit a bunch of paperwork to the Federal Trade Commission. In these documents, you’ll be asked to project an ROI, figure out the fee and cost structure for the business for the net operating income (NOI) and look carefully at the franchise’s success rate. All this will require a level of knowledge about your business and a high degree of honesty when talking about your business’s strengths and weaknesses. If you haven’t taken the time to crunch the numbers and seriously assess the risk of your ventures, this would be the time to do so.

You May Come Up Against Hidden Fees

While franchisors stand to make a good amount of money simply by helping to expand, they can also find themselves on the hook for hidden fees and costs created by the original business owners. Before signing on, it’s important to be informed about exactly where the business’s profit is coming from. If your franchisees are asking you to pay for specific equipment costs, you’ll need to do a bit of research to make sure they won’t be profiting off of your spending by using vendor rebates to get the money back. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust your franchisee, it simply means that you should always keep things transparent when it comes to purchases you make for the business.


Steve Silvers – On Painting the Walls With the Right Colors

There are people around the world who believe that they must take every step possible to give their home the personal touch. Yes, there are also people for whom this might not be such a big deal at all. Those who love to design their homes with their personal touch tend to do everything these days. Thankfully, there are solutions available online these days for those aiming to get their homes new paints and home improvement from the likes of Steve Silvers, the former CEO of Empire Today.

What makes Steve Silvers so popular?

As a professional with depth of know how in home improvement, he has been offering guidance to those who find it difficult to go ahead in renovating their homes. When it comes to a simple home painting job, it becomes difficult for them to pick the right color and this is where guidance becomes prerogative.

Many often people with bad color choices end up spending double the amount on colors. They may just pick a dark color for a room with low ventilation and end up regretting it. The dark color in a dark room might mean spending more on lighting even in daytime. This would cost a lot on power too and if there is low ventilation then it might also mean the room might require heating and all too in cold months. Such issues would not occur if the consultant gives the right choice of colors.

A few tips to pick the right colors:

While picking the paint of the home, do not be afraid to use flowing colors and bold solid colors. The use of a neutral color preferably pastel shade or white for the ceiling even in a room with a riot of colors would be great.

The style of picking one wall for accent color or for presenting your style choice is ideal and would immediately improve the look of the home.

Getting shades for different walls of a same room is old fashioned. People these days are trying to use totally contrast colors or different colors for each wall and they are equally stunning.

With painting of the walls, one may also try to texture the wall behind the mantelpiece or the fireplace for extra drama. Such a wall is usually the big draw in a living room where the visitors might visit or sit for a cup of coffee.

While picking up color, consulting the professionals for suggesting on the matching rugs and wall décor, or decals, and lighting would make a great step.

What would work better for a home is the presence of these elements in beautifying the home and bringing in a sense of warmth. A home with paints in the choice of the owner would make it a home worth coming back. If one does not find that warmth then the sense of belonging might not come at all.

This is exactly what consultants like Steve Silvers have to say while recommending people for painting their homes with the colors of their choice.

Business Service

Avoid Top Mistakes On Social Media In The Beginning

We understand how disappointed one feels in the starting month on social media. The social media can take your long hours. But it is annoying to have no positive results. Of course, there is something wrong with the marketing plan you have made to boost your social media presence. So it is the time to find out the reasons of not becoming successful on social media and avoiding these mistakes. So get ready to Buy Instagram Followers, Facebook ads and other social media services to increase your brand visibility on social media.

Social media mistakes:

Well, it is pretty obvious that on social media people make the connections. In fact, it is one of the efficient platforms to nurture personal or the business relationships. But one question that strikes in everyone’s mind while starting the marketing campaign on social media that why some businesses fail on social media. The answer is that they make mistakes that lead them towards failure. Following are some mistakes enterprises do on social media and ruin their whole marketing campaign:

  • Using all social platforms:

The most common mistake is creating a profile on all social media platforms. Though it can be useful if you do smartly, the most business fails to handle it. In the beginning, they create a profile on every social media site but fail to upload content. People who follow your page start thinking that what are they doing on your barren page where nothing is exciting at all. People Buy Instagram Followers, Facebook ads, and YouTube subscribers but they do not know how to handle them. So, choose a social platform that best suits your business goals and objectives.

  • Wrong way to target the audience:

You are on social media to get likes and comments on your posts to get more followers. The social media enables you to focus the audience. But if you start targeting the wrong audience then things may become worse. You have to find those people on social media who take an interest in what you produce.

  • Ignore the audience:

Another great mistake on social media is ignoring the audience. We have already discussed that you aim to get followers and likes on your posts. But if you do not reply the comments your audience feel neglected. And one day they will stop commenting and like your posts. So never ignore your audience.

  • Forced connection to favorite events:

Each event that is happening in the industry may not related to your business. So, do not forcibly make the links of your brand to that event. Only post the images of the events on your page that relate to your business.

  • Incomplete profile:

Your profile is your brand’s introduction on social media. It must be complete and informative. Complete your profile on social media and include an exciting image to grab the attention of the visitors. Upload a profile photo that allows people to identify your company. Never forget to add a link to your site in your profile.

  • Non-engaging Content:

The most prominent mistake on social media is posting boring and non-engaging content. People do not follow those who do not have something informative on their page. It is crucial for your survival to upload content that sparks engagement.


Unique Networking Ideas You’ve Probably Not Considered

For many professionals, networking is one of the main reasons why they regularly attend business events, conferences, and trade shows. If you are planning to host a networking event of your own, then finding new, novel methods of keeping your attendees entertained and help them to better connect with one another can give your event a competitive edge and ensure that it’s not forgotten in a hurry. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider, which could help make your networking event stand out from the crowd.

#1. Outdoor Activities

Who says that networking events always have to be indoors and attended by people wearing suits? Sometimes, the best way to meet other people in your industry is when you’re taking part in outdoor activities alongside them. Whether you decide to take your attendees on a wild boar hunting trip, sailing, or even camping, it can be a great way to break the ice and encourage people to get talking to each other without all the regular formalities that you find at most networking events. Paintballing, yoga, mountain biking, or even archery are all great outdoor activities that you could consider incorporating into a fun and adventurous outdoor networking event.

#2. Think Small

Hosting a huge networking event with hundreds of different attendees can often be daunting for individuals, especially for those who may be attending a networking event for the first time and are still getting to grips with the whole process. Breaking your networking event down into smaller groups is an innovative idea that is growing in popularity with some very effective results. Smaller groups can be taken out for dinner, for example, giving them a chance to mingle with and network with the people in their group. This provides an opportunity to build more meaningful relationships rather than fighting through crowds of people just to say hello.

#3. Speed Networking

You’ve heard of speed dating, but have you ever considered incorporating this concept into your networking event? Speed networking is a great way to ensure that everyone gets a chance to chat – give your attendees a few minutes to speak with someone new before giving a signal to move on to the next person. This is a very effective method that can be used at the beginning of an event to ensure that everybody gets introduced, before continuing the event with a dinner or another type of gathering where conversation can flow freely.

#4. Quizzes and Games

Incorporating some fun and games into your networking event can help everybody to lighten up a bit and make it easier to break the ice. For example, dividing your attendees into smaller, random teams and having them compete against each other in a quiz can be an excellent way of helping people get to know each other and encourage the conversations to get started.

These are just some fun and innovative ideas to help you put together a unique, fun, and interesting networking event. Would you like to add any ideas of your own? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.