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Tips for Creating a Killer Short Business Plan

Do you have the perfect idea for a business, but you find you’re struggling to write a killer business plan to present to the bank and/or investors? The business plan is an absolute necessity not just to help secure funding, but it works as a blueprint for your company and lays out the steps you […]

Why Your Company Site Needs to Be Monitored

If you have a business website, one of the most important things that needs to happen is that it’s published and visible to your visitors. Many sites have a ton of downtime, which can be problematic because it prevents people from being able to quickly and effortlessly make use of your site. The best way […]

Smart hacks for multimedia marketing

A marketer is someone who takes responsibility for publicizing the client’s product or service in the most advanced ways of the time. That being said, if we talk about latest technology developments, then digital marketing is the most productive of all the multimedia marketing techniques that guarantee a positive outcome. Digital marketing has several other […]

Sending parcels from or to the United States

  Do you live in the United States, stay there or just travel for a few days? You have probably already needed to send a parcel to France, or to send some business. Laborious, expensive, sending a package to the United States or to France can quickly become a source of practical or financial problems. Yet, there […]

Ensuring Compliance with Oregon Cannabis Laws

More than half of the 50 states have now enacted some type of cannabis legalization statute. This caused a new economic revenue for these states and introduced new business opportunities. The new industry also produced a different type of entrepreneur who is more open to getting involved in cannabis production, processing, retail, and other related […]

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